The Bloodline System - Chapter 829 - Finding A Problematic Higher Ground

Chapter 829 - Finding A Problematic Higher Ground

Chapter 829 - Finding A Problematic Higher Ground

("It's better to find an higher ground first,") The system added.

"Well, judging by the size of the planet from the information you gave me, that is going to take some time," Gustav voiced out as he looked up ahead.

"I guess it's time to fly; I need a better outlook on the surroundings," Gustav voiced out.

He would have just activated Sprint and zoomed off, but due to the bad visibility of the surroundings, flying would be better for him so he could see from a higher point of view.

Gustav activated Hover and began to float in mid-air. Right now. Hover granted him flight ability for thirty seconds.

Initially, he could just float and move around a bit in mid-air. He couldn't really call it flying because he could not move as fast as he would like to when it was activated.

However now...


After reaching a particular height in the sky, he zoomed off across the air.

With G.o.d Eyes Activated, he could see everywhere on a larger scale while he flew across the vicinity. The pinkish fog was literally everywhere, and Gustav had noticed at this point that he was in an area of the planet where the sands were pink.

Since flying made him defy gravity, he was unbothered by the weird gravitational force of the environment.

He flew speedily across the air for around twenty seconds before he finally noticed something in his line of sight.

Thousands of meters away in the northeast area, he could see a ma.s.sive pointy green shard protruding from the ground.

It looked like a spear shooting straight into the sky due to its length. It had rough-looking surfaces and small round holes within.

Gustav flew in that direction, and the closer he got to it, the more he realized just how big it was.

("Are you sure you wanna go there?") The system asked.

Gustav already knew what the system was referring to, and it was the fact that places like these were considered breeding houses for a type of insect-like species that survive on this planet.

"Yeah I didn't forget the information you just gave. Hover is about to run out of time and deactivate. High ground is needed and this is the only one available so far," Gustav voiced out in response.

Not only was he using G.o.d Eyes to scan the area as well as his perception, but he knew well that they wouldn't find any other high ground for hundreds of miles.

Hover had a time lock whenever it ran out of time and was deactivated. Gustav wouldn't be able to use it again for about ten minutes, so the plan now was to land atop that ma.s.sive greenish-looking shard protruding from the ground.


Gustav ascended further in the air for about another thousand feet before he arrived at the top area of the greenish shard.

The top was a bit pointy and sloppy, but Gustav managed to find his balance as he landed on it.

The top was big enough to cover around a twenty feet wide radius, and holes could be seen all over that faintly displayed the inside of the ma.s.sive shard.

Each hole was around the size of a palm, so Gustav couldn't fall through even if he stood above any of them.

Gustav held onto one side of the top of the shard and stood in place, looking around. There was nothing to be seen for miles, just as expected. He had decided he would wait till the time lock for Hover was over.

He didn't want to make use of the Ultimate Combination Form for flight purposes because that depleted a lot of energy, and he wanted to make sure he had enough to last him this twenty-four hours since he didn't really know what to expect.

The system had given him some information on this planet, but even the system had limited information about this place, so he could only make do with what he had.

Anything unexpected could happen at any time.

Just as Gustav was having some random thoughts while waiting, he sensed something and looked down.

s.h.i.+fting his left foot a little, he looked through the hole and could see hundreds of feet below was a greenish cotton-like figure.

"Is that how they look?" Gustav asked with a slight look of astonishment.

("That's...") The system had barely answered when this greenish cotton-like figure began to separate.

Gustav's eyes widened slightly as the cotton-like figure separated into thousands of smaller cotton-like fragments and began to crawl upwards. It was almost like every part of their body was made out of tiny cotton-like legs.

"There's a whole lot of them," Gustav voiced out as these things began to crawl upwards speedily.

At this point, he could tell they were most likely coming for him.

"I really don't want to find out what they can do so..." Gustav's hands lit up in flames in the next moment.


Blueish flames blasted out of his hands towards the holes beneath. The tongue of flames collided with these cotton-like creatures and set them ablaze.

Some of them began to rapidly drop like moths that had been lit up.

After a few seconds, Gustav eased up on the flames and looked through the holes again. The ma.s.sive ball of the cotton-like figure had cleared up as well as the many of them crawling up the walls within the shard.


Gustav heaved a sigh of relief after he saw this, but in the next instant, he sensed movement once more.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

His eyes glowed up as he looked through the top of the ma.s.sive shard-like structure.

Gustav's eyes slightly widened as he spotted these same greenish cotton-like figures far beneath the shard-like structure. They were cl.u.s.tered together and pulsating like a heart so much that it gave one the creeps.

Unlike the small numbers Gustav saw them in earlier, this time, they were way more numerous.