The Bloodline System - Chapter 828 - Survival Punishment

Chapter 828 - Survival Punishment

Chapter 828 - Survival Punishment


What sounded like a sonic boom reverberated across s.p.a.ce in the next instant.


Days went by within the MBO camp, and Gustav resumed his training as expected.

The quest to stay away from Endric had a particular punishment for failure that hadn't taken effect yet.

Other failure punishments like taking ten points off Gustav's attributes and others had already taken effect, but this particular one still hadn't.

It had been counting down all this time, and on this particular day, only a few hours were left.

'Why can't you just cancel it?' Gustav asked.

("I don't have control. The moment you decided to fail the quests, there was no way to escape the punishments that would come with it,") The System voiced out in his head.

'This is annoying. You shouldn't have issued the quest in the first place,' Gustav responded to the System.

("...I needed to keep the truth away from you... Don't worry, I'll provide you with a.s.sistance when you get teleported away,") The System said with an apologetic tone.

'Its a good thing I already told the instructors I will be unavailable today. It would have been difficult to explain my dissapearance had this punishment not been on a timer,' Gustav said once more.

It was around five am in the morning, and Gustav had been awake all night, channeling his bloodline.

In front of him was a notification that displayed a timer for one of the System's punishments.

[Punishment: Survive in an unknown part of the Shardis.h.i.+ planet for twenty-four hours]

< punishment will begin in 02:34 hrs>

Gustav wanted to facepalm, knowing there was no information on this planet anywhere within the MBO camp, so he was just going in blindly.

He didn't know that the System had already scanned the MBO camp beforehand to pick a place unknown beforE it added this to the list of punishments.

Right now, Gustav was just waiting till the appointed time. He didn't know what he would be facing there, so he had prepared himself for the unexpected.

Gustav filled even his storage device with different items ranging from survival tools to small technological items.

In a flash, hours went by, and the set time finally arrived.




Gustav looked around at the last second before...


A bright flash of light encapsulated his figure, and he disappeared the next instant.

At the same time he disappeared, drills had started for the day in camp.

Fortunately, Gustav had also told his friends he would be unavailable, so no one would be coming to knock on his door in the next twenty-four hours.

Everyone believed he was probably reaching a breakthrough point in his bloodline channeling.

Gustav found himself standing under a starry sky in the next few moments. The stars in the sky were cl.u.s.tered together in various formats, taking different shapes with some forming weird imageries due to that.

Some of them were large to the point where they looked like miniature moons.

The entire environment was covered in transparent pinkish fog and floating flickers of white light. The visibility of the environment was greatly lowered due to this, and the white lights within this world of pinkish fog looked dense.

Gustav looked down and could barely see his foot. The pinkish fog was denser closer to the ground, and lighter the higher one looked.

On the western part of the skies, two gigantic blade-shaped moons could be seen positioned right beside each other. Four smaller spherical-shaped moons could be seen by their sides, and every small moon was of the color indigo, while the bigger ones were lighter with a shade of blue.

There was no doubt that Gustav was currently in another world.

"No oxygen," Gustav voiced out.

The air felt murky and stagnant when he tried breathing earlier.

Fortunately, Gustav had already pictured a scenario where this was a probability, so he took a shot of a drug that provided the lungs with enough oxygen to last him twelve hours.

When the twelve hours were up, he would take another shot of the drug, which would make it possible for him to stay here without breathing for the next twelve hours he was supposed to be here.

Another thing Gustav considered was the gravitational force of the planet, so at the moment, he had a custom-made backpack that would a.s.sist him in staying on the ground if the gravitational force was similar to that of Earth's moon.

After looking around and seeing nothing else in the distance, Gustav decided to start walking.

With every step he took, pinkish dust would scatter underneath his feet, causing the pinkish fog in the surroundings to increase.

Gustav could sense that the gravitational force was a little different compared to Earth, but it wasn't like the Earth's moon either.

[G.o.d Eyes Has Been Activated]

Gustav's vision traveled very far as he looked up ahead to observe the surroundings. Right now, he could see as far as sixty miles, and there was nothing noticeable in the environment.

He looked east and west as well, but still, there was nothing.

After walking for some time, Gustav stood in place.

"I only have to survive, who says I have to move around for that? I could just stand still in one place," Gustav voiced out.

("You can't do that,") The System stated.

"Why not? The punishment just asked me to survive," Gustav questioned with a look of confusion.

("Remember I said I would help... I will pa.s.s on some information about this planet to you right now,") The System said.

In the next moment, Gustav's eyes turned listless as information began to flow into his mind.

After a few seconds, he returned to normal.

"Oh so that is why I can't stay in one position," Gustav voiced out while looking at the ground. Below his kneecaps area was densely covered in this pinkish fog that he could barely make out the ground.

("It's better to find an higher ground first,") The System added.