The Bloodline System - Chapter 827 - No Show

Chapter 827 - No Show

Chapter 827 - No Show

According to them, Von would take three months to fully recover.

Gustav had heard about this, but he wasn't bothered. Instead, he researched Von's type of bloodline and discovered it came from a family called the Vertigons.

They all had this lineage bloodline with the ability to take a kind of draconic form and use different abilities.

Just like the fairy tales of old, some could spew fire from their mouths, some could breathe frost, and Von's side of the family was able to release lightning bolts.

Gustav was really intrigued about this type of bloodline and disappointed about being unable to acquire it. If Von suddenly lost his bloodline, everything would point to him.

It wasn't sensible to try acquiring the bloodline of anyone in camp just because they offended him. However, he had decided that if they met up and Von tried to get on his nerves in the real world, he would take his bloodline.

'What a waste,' Gustav said internally as he sat on his bed after putting away a book he got from one of the MBO libraries.

This bloodline would have been useful because lightning could amp up the strength of the owner, and even the speed was contending against Sprint.

Gustav reckoned that one could even get faster the more they were charged up, and there was also flight ability.

Tomorrow was the day Gustav would be battling the third final year cadet, and this one was two ranks higher than Von. They were also best friends since they were always seen moving about camp together.

At this point, most people believed this final year cadet would most likely lose to Gustav, too, so they were not really skeptical it would go differently. Rank seventy-two wasn't too far from seventy-four.

They were mostly looking forward to Gustav's fourth duel, which would be with a top fifty final year cadet next week.

In a flash, the night went by, and the next morning arrived.

The morning routines went by quickly, and the time for the duel arrived.

"Thompson Batch. Explosive bloodline, interesting..." Gustav recalled the information on this particular final year cadet as he moved towards the location.

In a few minutes, he had arrived and began to wait for his opponent while cadets had arrived at the venue to spectate once more.

"Maybe I should have asked both of them to battle me together," Gustav thought aloud as he waited in the venue.

Ten minutes turned into twenty, and before everyone knew it, thirty minutes had gone by, yet the opponent hadn't arrived.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The spectating cadets could be heard discussing the opponent's failure to show up in the background.

-"Looks like he won't be showing up,"

-' Wow, what a final year disgrace,"

-"I mean, can you really blame him? I wouldn't show up after witnessing the battle two days ago either,"

-"I had hopes, but..."

After forty minutes of waiting, a person could be seen walking toward the instructor in charge of supervising the duel.

He whispered something to him, and the instructor moved towards the middle of the battle area after a few moments.

"Thompson Batch will not be showing up today due to processing a sudden breakthrough that came at the last minute," The instructor voiced out.

"The date of the duel will be moved indefinitely till both parties are fully prepared to duel again," He added with a loud tone.

The loud chattering sounds became even louder as some of them voiced their disappointments.

Gustav wasted no time in leaving the scene after this was announced. He wasn't necessarily bothered by this outcome or anything. Both cadets that intended to humiliate him had been paid by in kind.

Von was severely injured, while Thompson would be unable to show his face anywhere in camp without hearing excessive degrading discussions about him in the background.

Although the instructor had said he was undergoing a breakthrough, no one believed this information. They believed it was just a cover-up, and Thompson had chickened out at the last minute.

No one could really blame him after seeing the state he put Von in, but they still felt it was cowardly for a final year to chicken out at the end.

But it was still better than receiving an injury that would last months before it could be recovered.

Gustav decided to go back to training after this. Even though this was an unexpected development, he didn't think the number thirty-sixth cadet on the final year rankings would be a no-show.

This was the person he would be facing next week, so in the meantime, he decided to focus on his training.

At this point, only two weeks were left before he would be a.s.signed his next mission.


In the intergalactic s.p.a.ce, a figure floated above a spherical blue ma.s.s that could be seen in the distance.

"Yeah, I'm back,"

-"I thought you were joking,"

"It's been a while. It won't be bad to stop by for a while and also check out that case,"

-"Well the what are you waiting for, come straight to me,"

"Sure but hmm... I think I see something,"

The figure floating in s.p.a.ce seemed to be communicating with someone through a communication device.

-"What is that?"

"Nah it's nothing... Must be my eyes,"

-"Do you have your disarming amulet with you?"

"Yeah, why do you ask?"

-"I thought you lost it again. You're fond of that,"

"Hey now it only happened once... I wouldn't want to be stuck outside,"

He voiced out as he flew downwards while bringing out a rhombus-shaped tool.


A blue formation appeared all around the bluish-colored planet he was flying towards.

A small hole appeared in the part he was flying towards, and he flew straight through the hole, which closed back in the next instant.

The blue formation surrounding the planet disappeared in the next instant, as did this figure.


What sounded like a sonic boom reverberated across s.p.a.ce in the next instant.