The Bloodline System - Chapter 826 - Collecting Winnings

Chapter 826 - Collecting Winnings

Chapter 826 - Collecting Winnings

He wanted to open his mouth and blast out lightning bolts again,n but Gustav suddenly arrived behind his body that was flying across the air and punched him to the ground.


He slammed into the ground several thousand feet below, causing shockwaves to spread across the place as the ground caved in from the impact.

Gustav stood in mid-air and pushed his hands downwards again. A red solar-like wave jetted out from his palm, slamming straight into Von down below and pus.h.i.+ng him further into the ground.

At this point, the ground had caved in way more, and a ma.s.sive crater had been formed.

Von could feel the intense red solar-like wave tearing open his scales and penetrating through as his body kept getting pushed deeper and deeper into the ground.

He screamed in pain as he found himself unable to fight against this power in any way.


Gustav suddenly descended with speed, falling faster than a shooting star.


He landed right on top of Von, causing a loud bone-cracking sound to ring out across the vicinity. At this point, Von's silver-colored scales were soaked in blood in some parts, while in other parts, they had completely been torn off his body.

Gustav looked down at Von's face as he stood with one leg atop Von's head and the other on the ground. Von was still conscious, but Gustav had stomped his face into the dirt.

"Will you forfeit yourself or do you still want more?" Gustav asked with an aloof expression displayed on his face.

"Ghhhrrhh ge-t off m-e," Von's m.u.f.fled voice could be heard coming from underneath.

"Hmm, I guess I've been too lenient," Gustav stated as he took his foot off Von's face.

He jumped slightly and landed on Von's back. Gustav proceeded to squat slightly and grab hold of Von's pair of wings with both his hands.

Von's eyes widened as he felt Gustav's firm grasp on his wings. He tried to shake Gustav off, but unfortunately, he was too weak to do so.

"W-wha-at ar-e y-ou..." He was about to question Gustav when he was cut short.

"This will give you enough motivation to give up," Gustav said before pulling both wings fiercely.

A loud ripping sound reverberated across the environment as the wings were torn off Von's body.


Von screamed loudly in pain as blood jetted out of his back.


Sounds of shocked gasps reverberated across the place as the spectating cadets stared with frightful looks. They couldn't believe what had just happened.

They couldn't fathom how badly that would hurt and wondered how this would affect Von when he transformed back into a human form.

Gustav held onto both wings that were as large as his current size for a brief moment and threw them to the sides.

Not only was Von writhing and screaming due to pain, but also because he knew this would affect him physically. Damage like this would affect his lineage bloodline, and even using high-grade recovery pills will be unable to heal him for a very long time.

"I for-feit!" He screamed out in pain as his body began to transform back into human form.

Gustav climbed off him at this point without a shred of remorse on his face. The instructors quickly deactivated the barrier and moved into the battle area to cater to the injured Von.

Gustav deactivated the Ultimate Combination Form and leaped out of the canyon.

Fwwwhiii! Bam!

He landed several thousand feet ahead of where the spectators were situated. They cleared the way for him as he walked forward with an expressionless look.

Gustav could see the look of fright in some of their eyes, and he just happened to spot the final year cadet he would be battling in the next two days somewhere among the crowd.


A smirk appeared on Gustav's face as he stared at him for a moment while still walking away. The cadet, who happened to be the friend of Von, who had just gotten defeated, gulped down saliva while trying to hide his troubled expression.

"Yes! Hahaha you did it, man!" E.E suddenly jumped forward out of nowhere and latched onto Gustav's back.

Aildris, Falco, Angy, Matilda, and the others also phased out of the crowd and moved toward Gustav to cheer for him.

"Now I'm gonna be stinking rich," E.E screamed out again while still latching onto Gustav's back and waving his right hand around.

"What are you doing man?" Teemee nearly facepalmed as he saw E.E actions.

"Rich? How?" Gustav asked.

E.E got off Gustav's back at this point and laughed lightly.

"Y'all pay up," He voiced out as he began moving towards different spots in the crowd.

The final-year cadets who had bet with him had looks of disappointment as their faces squeezed up.

"Don't forget my share," Ada appeared out of nowhere and voiced out as well.

She had bet on Gustav winning just like E.E.

E.E went about collecting his and Ada's winnings while the others stared at them with dropped eyes.

"He's really conducting illegal activities on camp grounds happily," Aildris shook his head as he voiced out.

In a flash, another day had gone by, and Gustav had spent all this time training as expected. He would occasionally spend time with the others and Angy when he was less busy.

The hype of Gustav winning the second final year cadet still hadn't died down, and at this point, the final year cadets knew his first win wasn't by luck.

This was a top hundred cadet that had been defeated. No one still knew how powerful the form Gustav took was, but they knew for sure that the moment Gustav took that form, it became impossible for Von to contend anymore.

They had witnessed Gustav use other abilities in the fight against Rufai, so they knew he still had other options at his disposal. This thought alone made them see Gustav as not just the strongest second-year cadet but also one of the strongest in the entire camp.

Von still hadn't recovered from the injury Gustav inflicted on him despite getting treatments from the finest medical pract.i.tioners in camp.