The Bloodline System - Chapter 825 - It's Time To End This

Chapter 825 - It's Time To End This

Chapter 825 - It's Time To End This

The second-year cadets thought this was going to be the end for him but then...


The lightning bolt was distributed all across Von's draconic-looking figure. Gustav could feel Von getting energized from this lightning bolt, but before he could react...

Thrrrrhhh~ Bang!

A lightning blast radiated from Von's body, slamming heavily into Gustav and sending him flying backward.

The upper part of Gustav's cadet uniform turned into ash. He traveled across the air and slammed into the left side of the canyon.


A loud growl was heard from Von as he stood tall with lightning arcs swimming around him.

Lightning bolts of different colors could be seen in the darkened clouds in the area.

Thrrhhhh~ Thrrrhhh~ Thrrrhhh~

His voice was like a calling for them as lightning bolts began to strike down vigorously in different colors.

They all slammed into Von as he stood there, receiving their las.h.i.+ng. Just like before, his power kept increasing the more they slammed down. At this point, the gravitational state of the environment was immensely disrupted as rocks and small stones could be seen floating in mid-air.

Von suddenly opened his mouth, shooting out ma.s.sive lightning bolts joined together towards Gustav's direction before he could get out of the hole.


The entire mountain area by the side exploded as it came cras.h.i.+ng down from the intensity of the lightning strikes. The bolts were so powerful that even the spectator area had begun to quake from the ma.s.sive force.

The second years were awed seeing what had just happened and stared at the battle area seeing the immense destruction that had occurred. Compared to Rufai, who Gustav had defeated last time, Von seemed significantly stronger.

The final years were not in any way surprised to see this happen. They had thought Gustav would be able to do better than this but seeing this, some of them were disappointed.

At this point, everyone thought this was the end, and Gustav must have been buried in the pile of rubble.

However, just a few moments later...


A loud blast reverberated across the surroundings as a figure phased out of the pile of rubble, flying into the sky.

"That's an interesting bloodline," Gustav voiced out as he stared at Von in his draconic form down below.

His upper body was bare and blackened from the lightning bolts, but otherwise, he seemed fine.

The spectators were once again left speechless as they saw Gustav ascending across the air like he was uninjured.

Von's eyes widened as he saw Gustav flying, "Unbelievable... Even if that didn't kill him, it would have come close, but he seems fine,' Von gritted his teeth as his wings spread out and flapped.


The flapping of his wings sent wind flying across the vicinity as he ascended straight into the air, arriving in front of Gustav.


Von screamed out, causing lightning bolts to gather in his mouth as they blasted out towards Gustav once more.

Swerving towards the side in mid-air, Gustav flew forward with speed arriving beside Von as he sent his fist flying towards Von's side.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]


His fist slammed into the draconic figure causing big waves to radiate across the surroundings as Von was sent hurtling across the air, to his surprise.

'Did his power increase again?' He wondered as he managed to stabilize himself after some time and follow Gustav's speed as he dashed across the air.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Multiple blows were traded between them in mid-air as they flew about the place with immense speed. A lot of second years cadets were unable to follow their speed completely, which made it look like black and white streaks das.h.i.+ng across the air.

One second they were on the east, and the next, they had appeared over three thousand feet away from their initial position in mid-air.

This continued for close to thirty seconds till Gustav finally pulled away, seeing as it had gotten to the time limit for Hover.

All this time, it looked like they were both on the same level of strength, but in reality, the final years had noticed that Gustav was pus.h.i.+ng Von back bit by bit and inflicting little damage on his silver scales.

"It's been nice doing this, but it's finally time to end this," Gustav voiced out as he floated several hundred feet away with a smirk on his face.

"What do you mean by that?" Von asked as he suddenly felt a sense of foreboding.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Mutatated Bull + Demonic Bunny + Blood wolf + Savrina Serpent + Solar...]

"You'll find out in a few," Gustav responded to Von as his body began transforming.

Von saw this and hurriedly flew forward to attack.



He slammed into an invisible barrier the moment he arrived a few feet away from making contact with Gustav.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

He began slamming on this barrier repeatedly as Gustav transformed.

In the next few moments, Gustav had transformed into a menacing-looking creature with glowing white eyes, purplish and golden colored scales covering some parts of his body, and a muscular-looking ten-foot-tall physique.

He had made use of the ultimate combination form. Unlike before, Gustav could add one more Mixedbreed to this, so he was even more powerful.

"It's over," Gustav voiced out as his eyes radiated with bright white color.


Pus.h.i.+ng his palm forward, Von suddenly lost control of his body and found himself flying towards Gustav.

Gustav grabbed him by the neck even in this ma.s.sive form he had taken and blasted forward with immense speed.


It sounded like the air was being torn apart as he slammed Von into the side of a mountain, blasting straight through.

Von's ma.s.sive body was used as a plowing tool as Gustav pushed forward into the mountain with him in front.


They arrived out the other side and slammed into the barrier, preventing their battle from affecting the spectators. Luckily they had made this one stronger compared to the last, so it was able to hold.

Gustav turned around and flung him forward again.

Von found himself unable to fight against Gustav's newfound strength and immense speed.