The Bloodline System - Chapter 824 - A Lineage Type Bloodline

Chapter 824 - A Lineage Type Bloodline

Chapter 824 - A Lineage Type Bloodline

Gustav still stood firm even though his feet had sunk into the ground a little, but he could feel his arm was a little numb from the electric currents that ran through his body when he collided with Von.

'How did it not have any effect on him? That would have paralysed a level thirty mixedbreed for at least a few seconds,' Von wondered as his eyes squinted even more.

Both of them charged toward each other again, throwing hands.

Unlike the last time, more visible electric arcs could be seen swarming across Von's body as he moved forward like a lightning bolt.

Boom! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Both parties clashed multiple times, blasting waves of destruction across the place.

Gustav swerved slightly towards him as he dodged an immensely quick fist attack and reached out to grab Von's arm before swinging him towards the side.


Von slammed onto the ground, causing loud quakes to travel across the area.

Gustav raised his leg and stomped down towards Von's chest area, but Von quickly rolled to the side with speed and dashed quickly to Gustav's back.

Electric arcs coated his arm as he chopped towards Gustav's right shoulder area.

Without turning around, Gustav raised his right hand and grabbed onto Von's wrist just before his palm could make contact.


A strong force blasted across the place as the ground parted ways, and Gustav sunk into it by two feet due to the immense strength behind the attack.

Von groaned as he found out he couldn't pull his arm backward and tried using his second arm to attack Gustav from behind. The same action repeated itself as Gustav grabbed onto the arm, sinking a little bit deeper into the ground.

Von opened his eyes wider at this point, and lightning arcs could be seen traveling within them.

His body conducted a wave of electricity that ran across his arms towards Gustav.



He yelled as he sent electric currents running through Gustav's body so he could get him to release his arms.

Gustav's body transformed at this point as reddish-brown scales appeared all over his arms and his legs turned even bulkier.

The ma.s.sive electric charge that had just been unleashed could barely faze him as Gustav proceeded to drag Von and flung him forward.


The intensity of the pull shocked Von greatly as he found his body spiraling across the air.


He slammed into a mountain by the side, causing debris to blast across the place. Gustav jumped out of the hole he had sunk into at the this and dashed forward.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]


His figure darted and appeared instantly in front of the same place he had sent Von cras.h.i.+ng in as his fist swung forward.

Von reacted by pus.h.i.+ng himself out of the hole as quickly as he could to dodge Gustav's attack. His speed was still able to contend with Gustav's, even with Sprint activated.


Gustav's fist slammed into the mountain, causing cobwebs like arcs to spread across it as chunks and boulders came cras.h.i.+ng down.

Gustav moved quickly to the side and pushed both hands forward to grab Von before he could get away.

Von gritted his teeth and pushed his hands forward as well, causing both of their palms to get locked in a power grip.

Gustav pushed forward, causing Von to start sliding backward. Just this action alone had proven Gustav to be superior in strength, but Von kept releasing electric currents to numb Gustav.

Gustav pushed him down, causing Von's knees to buckle as he slowly descended with his knees close to kissing the ground while still trying to push Gustav back.

The ground cracked from the sheer intensity of the power brawl between both of them.

'How can he be this strong... I am among the highest in terms of brute strength among the final year cadets,' Von could not believe his eyes as he saw Gustav easily overpower him.

He could see the glint in Gustav's eyes,s which depicted that this wasn't difficult in any way, and he was enjoying this moment.

"I will not accept such humialition!" Von shouted out before his knees could touch the ground.

All of a sudden, he began transforming. Silver-colored scales appeared all over his body as a sixteen inches long horn green out of his forehead, and his body increased ma.s.sively in size.


He growled loudly as a pair of wings grew out of his back, and his arms transformed into that of a beast with claws.

He looked down at Gustav while still growing in size as he kept holding onto his palm.

At this point, he had grown up to twenty feet tall even with Gustav's height had reached eight feet looked like a dog standing before an elephant.

Gasps could be heard from the spectators' area as the cadets stared with looks of amazement. This was nothing new to the final year cadets, but the second years had never witnessed such transformation before.

-"Isn't that a rare lineage type bloodline?"

Some of them seemed to have recognized Von's form even though they had never witnessed it because, at the moment, Von looked like a silver-scaled dragon.

Electric arcs swum around his body as he pushed down on Gustav's palm with intensity, causing the ground to blast further open from the force.

Gustav, too hadn't expected this, but he held his own despite the ma.s.siveness of the form Von had taken.

His legs buckled a little, but then he managed to adapt to the change in strength and held the ma.s.sive paws upwards.

'How is this possible?' Even after taking my lineage form... He is still able to contend with me in terms of strength?' Von's mind was spiraling from the shock and humiliation he felt.

He initially thought he wouldn't have to use all of his strength to battle Gustav, but now that he had even transformed, he couldn't believe Gustav was still able to hold on.


A lightning bolt suddenly descended from the sky and landed right on Von.

The second-years thought this was going to be the end for him but then...