The Bloodline System - Chapter 823 - The Devil's Canyon

Chapter 823 - The Devil's Canyon

Chapter 823 - The Devil's Canyon

Gustav was not even bothered by this. He still wasn't satisfied with how his match ended with Rufai. He and Rufai had become cool with each other and would share greetings whenever they b.u.mped into each other due to how their match went.

However, Gustav wasn't satisfied since he didn't get to use more of his abilities. Now that he would be battling cadets who had some grudge against him, Gustav was sure the match wouldn't be forfeited so quickly.

He would get the opportunity to use more. Also, these two were considerably higher in the final year rankings, so Gustav was sure the battle would be more interesting.

After four hours of training with the instructors, the time of the battle arrived, and Gustav was given permission to leave the Isshur mountains to attend to his duel.

The battle location this time was somewhere Gustav had trained before. It wasn't new to the final year and second-year cadets.

-"The Devil Canyon,"

-"They decided to use such a crazy location as the venue of their battle,"

-"Someone could get struck by lightning at any given moment,"

-"Even we have to stay far away or we'll might get caught up in one of the blasts,"

Some of the cadets chatted on their way to the venue. Having challenges was a normal occurrence in camp, but it was rare to see final year cadets issue challenges.

It made the cadets even more interested when Gustav was involved. In the last duel, only a few final year cadets were present at the venue to watch the battle, but after hearing how Gustav totally decimated the place and won, a lot of them had decided to be present and witness a battle between him and a final year cadet in person.

The surroundings of the Devil's Canyon were filled with tons of cadets at least twice compared to the last time Gustav battled with a final year.

E.E secretly hosted a bet amongst the cadets using points. He was planning to spend a lot of points to purchase something in one of the shops, so he wanted to use this as an opportunity to replenish.

Of course, betting wasn't allowed, so he had to do this covertly.

-"You really believe Gustav Crimson would win against Von Tridistle? Hahaha he's ranked seventy eight for a reason,"

-"Count me in, I'm putting 10,000 points on Von,"

-"Haha you second years are delusional. Gustav may be good but he's going against a higher rank this time. Even I can't beat Von so I'm putting 7,000 points on him,"

E.E grinned from ear to ear as he moved about the place, arguing with the conceited seniors about the match and placing bets.

Gustav arrived on the scene a few moments later, attracting all the attention to himself.

"Yo yo Gus my man, make sure you take care of this hehe," E.E gave Gustav pats on his shoulder as he voiced out.

"...Okay..." Gustav wondered why E.E was speaking weirdly, but he still answered.

Aildris shook his head from the side, "You sly fox," He laughed lightly as he voiced out.

"Hey come on now, I'll share some of it with everyone. Gus, just make sure you take care of that Von properly or I'll be doomed," E.E said with a look of enthusiasm.

"Crook," Falco also voiced from the side.

"It's just business hehe, why is the MBO so stuck up," E.E responded with a light chuckle.

"See you guys in a few," Gustav didn't know what E.E was up to, but he wasn't bothered.

He stared at his opponent, who was thousands of feet below in between the canyon up ahead.

Dark clouds hung above this area, and occasionally lightning bolts struck down. The lightning bolts were not only random but were of different colors as well.

Some of them had different effects on the environment. Based on the color, it might affect the gravitational state of the environment and could cause sound disruption or spatial phenomenons.

It was completely random how things could go. Some of the phenomena might even be disadvantageous to an opponent and may be a boon to the other.

Gustav leaped across the air, traveling several hundred meters in an instant.


He landed right in the middle of the dimly lit canyon, causing wind and waves of water to blast across the surroundings.

The person several ten feet away had white shoulder-length hair and almost completely slit eyes. It was barely noticeable, but his eyes could be seen cackling with white light.

He stared intently at Gustav the moment he arrived on the scene.

"I hope you're ready to lose woefully?" Von voiced out.

"I could ask you the same," Gustav answered with an unbothered tone.

"From the moment you decided to show up, it was already your loss," Von's tone of speaking had subtle hints within, which made Gustav feel something was up.

However, even with that, Gustav was even more interested in seeing what the opponent was up to.

After a barrier had been constructed all around the Devil's Canyon, the instructor supervising the duel gave the go-ahead for the battle to begin.


A bolt of lightning descended from the sky, slamming straight onto the ground in the middle of the two.


The moment ma.s.sive waves of water blasted across the surroundings from lightning making contact with the stream, Gustav and Von charged forward.

Swwooooshhhhh~ Swwwoooovv~


Electric arcs could be seen phasing out of Von's back as he sped forward, moving even faster than Gustav.


Gustav and Von's fists collided with each other sending everything within a radius of up to five hundred meters flying due to the shockwaves generated from their clash.

The stream parted ways, and the grounds quaked immensely as Von slid a few feet backward, leaving lines of cracks on the ground due to that.

Gustav still stood firm even though his feet had sunk into the ground a little, but he could feel his arm was a little numb from the electric currents that ran through his body when he collided with Von.