The Bloodline System - Chapter 822 - I'm Willing To Give This A Try

Chapter 822 - I'm Willing To Give This A Try

Chapter 822 - I'm Willing To Give This A Try

Gustav was still in disbelief as to everything that had been revealed so far, but he knew well enough that everything was true because even the system had confirmed it.

Just as Husaruis had said, there were reasons why all could not be revealed to him, so he only got a little knowledge about what an outworldly was supposed to be and a small peak as to how it was related to what was to come.

So far, he knew, some unknown calamity had been predestined to bring chaos and destruction all across the universe. He was in the epicenter of it all because he was supposed to be equipped with the strength to stop it or, better still, whether or not he had the strength to, without his input, it could spell the end of everything.

Endric happened to have been chosen as a time candidate who is going to retrieve four items scattered all across different galaxies, which will provide a.s.sistance to Gustav.

Apparently, his friends were also included as it was also revealed that everyone close to Gustav would have to join him in the final days of the happenings.

Gustav only caught a small glimpse into whatever was supposed to be responsible for all this, and he felt the very depths of his soul tremble.

Husaruis had revealed to him that he even handled it better than Endric, adding that Endric pa.s.sed out for over twenty-four hours after getting doused with some information.

"This is bigger than I thought," Gustav mumbled.

("That is why I have all these goals and quests for you... Everything is connected,") The system stated.

"You held information from me... But I understand... Although it's still a bit confusing, I feel the powerful beings of this age should be able to put up some type of fight so why does it have to be me?" Gustav voiced out.

("It's just how it has to be Gustav... You clearly do not believe in fate, but just because you don't believe in something doesn't make it inexistent. It's either you or everything ends...") The system added.

"I am no savior..." Gustav voiced out, but then he recalled all of his friends.

One by one, images of their faces began to appear in his mind, and then came Angy's and then Miss Aimee. These were people he didn't want gone.

Lastly, Gustav pictured Boss Danzo's face and how he'd have said something along the lines of, 'I'm not asking you to be a hero. You'd die a quick death if you decided to try and carry all of the world's problems on your back, but If you have the power to prevent pain and suffering, don't hold back your hand because if you do you're no different from the of the earth. Help according to your capacity but don't turn a blind eye if you know you can prevent bad things from occuring,'

He could really hear Boss Danzo's voice clearly in his head, like he was still alive and sitting right next to him.

"...I'm willing to give this a try..." Gustav said with a newfound zeal. The system had already given a hint in the past about this, so it wasn't all new to him, but he never expected the situation's intensity to be on this scale.

"According to Husaruis, there's still around four to five years left before anything happens, but if I uncover more about what is to come, the duration will be shortened... And I might not get the chance to reach full potential before then. Does this mean I have to proceed in darkness for now, not having any information about the enemy?" Gustav voiced out in a worried tone.

Gustav considered knowledge to be power. He felt most of his wins came from the simple fact that he was knowledgeable enough, which gave him the opportunity to come up with the best solutions to certain situations.

Not knowing what he needed to know about this felt extremely disadvantageous. After all, a person with all the intelligence in the world will not be able to apply such intelligence when there is lack of knowledge.

("Your brother Endric knows more about it... He will have your back,") The system stated.

"Even with all this I still can't bring myself to fully trust him... Whether or not he has changed, I will still keep an eye out for him," Gustav voiced out.

("You have no choice but to trust him here. I and Husaruis linked conscious for a few and I came to understand what a time candidate is. He is incapable of betraying you, so there's nothing to worry about,") The system a.s.sured Gustav once more.

"I'll focus on finis.h.i.+ng the five-year quests you issued first... You both have made it clear that I have better chances when I become the most powerful Mixedblood on earth. I have three more years to complete that," Gustav said while holding onto his jaw area.

"...And planet Humbad must have some kind of connection with this since I have to find it," Gustav just knew that things would be revealed step by step, and he had to complete these five-year quests first, which were in accordance with what is to come.

What worried him the most at the moment was that the closer he got to uncovering all this, the closer the approach of the predestined date of doom.


In a flash, the night went by, and Gustav was having his second challenge battle with one of the final years today.

Two days after, he would be having the third, and the fourth came a week after that.

The two who had set the battle dates to be just two days away from each other were also the two who had approached Gustav's room over a week prior.

Gustav felt they were close friends and could tell this was planned to humiliate him. It would seem the third match was planned just two days after, so the humiliation from the second match would not have died down before the next loss arrived.