The Bloodline System - Chapter 81 - Boss Danzo's Advice

Chapter 81 - Boss Danzo's Advice

Chapter 81 - Boss Danzo's Advice

'There's more to come but I should be cautious and keep it on the low for now,'

Gustav thought process was like this because, before did this no one was wary and everyone practically let their guards down.

Now that it had become a hot topic, everyone was cautious now.

No one wanted to be the next Gordon or Charles so everyone was watching their backs.

Gustav could tell that it wasn't going to be easy when next he decided to steal a student's bloodline now that things had developed to this state.

He wasn't too bothered though because aside from Hung Jo, Ben, Paul, Charles, and Gordon, there were only about two persons left that bullied him.

Hung Jo was top of the list while the rest of these two left were at the bottom.

The rest of his classmates only talked down on him and called him trash so he wasn't really planning anything for them but he had decided to face slap a lot of them in the MBO entrance test.

Either way, he decided not to try anything intense like what he did the day before.

Gustav finished his meal later and left the hall after exchanging greetings with some of the chefs.

The latter half of the day was spent

training class three students again.

The instructor was a little bit bothered about Gordon and Charles's situation but it didn't affect his plans overall since there were way more students that were better than both of them in class 3.

The students showed more of their prowess and potential so they could fill in the spot that Charles and Gordon occupied.

Class 3 had over a hundred students.

Although everyone would be attending everyone couldn't represent the school in duels.

Charles happened to be picked as part of the duel team members while Gordon was picked as a substitute which was why students were showing their prowess today.

They wanted the two empty slots that were currently available.

Also, those that planned to be picked as the captain of the team had to always show their prowess.

It would still take some time before the instructor would pick a captain.


The school practically ended noisily before everyone went to their houses.

Another three days passed by and it was Monday again.

His weekend with Angy was a pretty interesting one since he was helping her push her speed to the limit by giving her some tasks during the night observation.

Angy was starting to wonder if mixed-breeds were avoiding her presence.

She was always so happy when no mixed-breed showed up.

Gustav realized that she didn't want the neighborhood and him to be in any form of danger but she had no idea that he was purposely making her come out to patrol with him on days when he was sure they'll be no mixed-breed appearing.

Gustav headed for school once again with her and arrived at school several minutes later.


He was inside the kitchen cooking some meals when Boss Danzo asked to speak with him.

Both of them went to the corridor to exchange conversation.


"Hey lad, how have you been doing lately?" Boss Danzo asked with a worried tone.

"I'm fine boss, why do you ask?" Gustav was a bit dumbfounded by the sudden question.

"Hmm, I'm just concerned for your well-being is all," Boss Danzo replied.

"Hmm, I understand boss, so why did you want to see me?" Gustav asked with an intrigued look.

"I just want to give you a piece of advice, it's up to you to listen," Boss Danzo spoke.

"I know you've been wronged by lots of people, your family, your peers, and practically the society but son... I've noticed you're getting more colder and colder by the day I don't want you to become like the people you hate!" Boss Danzo added.

"Now I'm not telling you to like them or forgive them, I'm just saying don't be like them, be better... If you plan to take revenge on them in the future or anything don't involve the innocent," Boss Danzo stated.

Gustav nodded with a look of understanding.

"Of course boss Danzo, I won't become like those rotten people... I have my own way of doing things is all," Gustav replied.

"Good very good... Gustav, do you know who a true man is?" Boss Danzo asked.

Gustav had an intrigued look on his face after hearing that question. He didn't want to end up saying something dumb so he asked, "Who is a true man?"

"A true man is one with principles that forbid him from turning a blind eye to someone being inflicted with the pain he has gone through," Boss Danzo stated.

Gustav had a contemplative look on his face after hearing that explanation.

"Gustav, are you a true man? Do you have such principles or a similar principle?" Boss Danzo asked with a profound gaze.

Gustav stood there speechless. He didn't know how to reply.

"Now mind you, my boy, I'm not asking you to become a hero... Becoming a hero in this vast world is not only useless but will also bring about your death... I'm only telling you not to turn a blind eye to something you know you can truly change... If you see a person is being inflicted with the same pain you went through and you have the ability to put an end to it, don't turn a blind eye! You don't have to be a hero but being numb to wicked deeds and the likes of those who are a nuisance to the community makes you no different from the people you hate," Boss Danzo patted Gustav's shoulder after speaking and turned around to leave.

As boss Danzo walked two steps forward Gustav spoke, causing him to pause.

"Boss Danzo... why should I care about being a monster when no one gives a damn about turning me into one? Why won't I turn my back on the world when it turned its back on me? Why would I bother trying to save people that I believe, if were in my shoes today wouldn't bother trying to save me when I'm in trouble? Why would a selfish world such as this deserve even an iota of my mercy?" Gustav asked in successions while staring at the floor. In his eyes, only sorrow could be seen.