The Bloodline System - Chapter 819 - The System And Husaruis Debate

Chapter 819 - The System And Husaruis Debate

Chapter 819 - The System And Husaruis Debate

"Hey, old man you've said enough," The system voiced out as it finally spread out a wave of energy it had been acc.u.mulating this whole time.

The red waves that spread about the place covered up the gem preventing it from giving off light.

"Stop it," Gustav voiced out.

"It is not time for you to learn of everything yet... This thing will ruin everything," The system stated.

"Unfortunately, I cannot trust you anymore... You seem to already know of all these, but you kept it from me. Stop what you're doing right now," Gustav voiced out with a commanding tone.

"I am not here to harm you Gustav. If I wanted to do that, I already would. I live inside you remember? Besides if I harm you, I'll also harm myself so think, why would I want to do that?" The system said with a logical tone.

"Then tell me your goals," Gustav demanded.

"I can't reveal them yet," The system responded.

"Not because I don't want to, but because of programing protocols installed into my core." The system added before Gustav could misunderstand.

"A lot of things that I have kept hidden, protocols are keeping me from revealing unless you complete some tasks firsts or grow to a particular level," The system explained even more.

"Alright, since you can't do the revelation then let Husaruis do it. He's not bound by any protocol, set him free," Gustav stated.

Just as the system was about to respond to that, a bright light burst forth from the gemstone.


It pushed back the red energy that had surrounded everywhere.

"I am the combination of hundred of thousands of souls sacrificed for the greater good of the universe... Your power may be great but sealing me is impossible!" Husaruis voiced out the moment it freed itself from the system's hold.

"You..." The system looked annoyed as it noticed it couldn't seal Husaruis anymore.

"Gustav deserves to know and understand what he is up against. So let me take the role of revealing the rest to him since you are not allowed to do so," Husaruis voiced out.

"But let me clear something up... Gustav, there is no reason to mistrust this being. It truly doesn't harbor any negative plans against you, but I believe chosing to withold information might affect the odds, so I have chosen to impart you with knowledge on what is coming," Husaruis stated.

"You have revealed enough... Anymore will have cause and effect, it is not really a sensible choice," The system said to Husaruis.

"He needs to be capable before the time arrives and this will help," Husaruis voiced out.

"I am already putting him on that path and he will be capable enough when the time comes if he follows my plans," The system stated.

"How will that even happen if he is not well equipped with information right now?" Husaruis kept disagreeing with the system's method of doing things.

"You claim to be have a plethora of knowledge and yet you can't see that this is the better choice. I know who you are now... Consult the fates and see what I'm talking about. You will ruin things if everything gets revealed to him right now... There is just too much at stake," The system voiced out.

"You know about the fates..? Very well... I shall consult them once more..." Husaruis voiced out before he stopped talking.

"You two seem to have forgotten that I'm right here. Who gave you two the right to make decisions for me?" Gustav voiced out while furrowing his eyebrows.

"I want to know everything..." He voiced out.

"Not yet Gustav... It will tamper with what is to come," The system voiced out.

"Husaruis revealed a lot to me. I don't think letting Gustav know is a bad idea especially when he's the Outworldly," Endric finally chipped in after staying quiet all this time.

"It is precisely because he is the Outworldly that he needs to know less for now... You are not directly involved so it's fine if you do," The system responded to Endric.

"How does that even make any sense?" Gustav voiced out with a look of annoyance.

"I am a time candidate. I am directly involved too," Endric stated.

"What is that?" Gustav was looking even more confused the more this situation lingered on.

"I know what you are Endric... You're just a helper like me. You're still not directly involved." The system replied.

Just as Gustav wanted to speak again, the green gem glowed in a rhythmic manner like a beating heart.

"I will have to agree with this being... The wheels of fate will be affected if everything was to be revealed to the outworldly right now... How did I miss this?" Husaruis spoke with a worried tone.

"Why exactly does information for me need to be kept from me?" Gustav asked with an irritated tone.

"Two reasons... One, you're connected to it... The more you know, the faster it brings about what is coming.

Two... The strange force that tampered with your existence will show up the moment you find out about it. You're not powerful enough to fight it off as you are now, so you will get devoured, which would spell the end of everything," Husaruis explained.

"Right now some information has to be delayed till you reach certain levels of strength..." Husaruis added.

"If you already know about these two reasons why didn't you just tell me this before?" Gustav asked the system.

"I couldn't... The protocols keep me from revealing even those," The system responded.

"But not to worry Gustav... Some parts can still be revealed without causing any of these problems," Husaruis voiced out as it began floating towards Gustav's head.

"You deserve to know at least this much," The instant it finished this sentence...


It flew into Gustav's forehead, phasing right through.

Endric and the system watched as Gustav entered into a trance-like state while his eyes also glowed green light.

A moment after this happened, a loud voice was heard from behind.

"Gustav!" It was a familiar feminine voice.