The Bloodline System - Chapter 820 - Code IR

Chapter 820 - Code IR

Chapter 820 - Code IR

A moment after this happened, a loud voice was heard from behind.

"Gustav!" It was a familiar feminine voice.

Endric eyes widened slightly as he turned around, while the human-looking simulation of the system disappeared back into Gustav.

'It's Angy,' He said internally the moment he spotted the feminine figure coming from up ahead.

Angy wasn't the only one approaching. Matilda, Vera, E.E, Aildris, and practically the whole gang were headed in this direction.

Angy looked excited as she moved forward. On her beautiful face, a newfound maturity that was initially absent months before leaving camp could be seen. Besides that, it looked like Angy had grown taller and bustier, and her legs, especially her calves and thighs, were now looking thicker.

Matilda had a silvery-colored dot on her forehead, a feature that wasn't present initially, and Glade was looking a bit more muscular than before. Vera was the only person without a noticeable change.

She still had a clueless and innocent look, but Gustav knew well that she was far from being like this, and her other side would come out the moment it was time to get into action.

"Huh? Endric," Angy voiced out as she came closer. She was unable to tell that Endric was the person standing besides Gustav initially.

"Why is Gustav in this state?" She asked the moment she arrived in front of them.

Gustav was still standing in place with a green glow in his eyes.

Everyone else arrived in front of them, too, with the same question in mind.

"He's... Uhm... It's kinda hard to explain; you all will just have to wait," Endric couldn't think of a good reason to give them, and he obviously couldn't tell them anything about what had happened here.

"What did you do to him?" Angy's voice smile suddenly switched to a cold glare as she asked.

"I didn't do anything to him. We were just having a civil discussion. He'll explain to you guys when he's finished," Endric said while raising his hands up in resignation.

Angy turned to the side to stare at Gustav again and called out his name twice, but upon seeing no response, she turned to face Endric again.

"What did you do?" She said while moving toward him with a murderous glare.

"Yo yo yo chill Angy," E.E. voiced out as he quickly stepped in the middle of both of them.

"You know very well it's impossible for Gustav to be defeated by anyone here. Let's just wait for a bit," E.E. added as quick as he could, trying to quell Angy's irritation.

"Hmm you're right. Let's just wait then... For your sake I hope you haven't harmed him in anyway," She voiced out with a threatening tone while still glaring at Endric.

Endric sighed as he folded his arms, 'It will take forever to get them to trust me,' He said internally.

He wasn't really complaining since he felt it was his fault, but he was hoping Angy would at least give him the benefit of the doubt without jumping at his throat at every given opportunity.

'Hmm... Where did all that nice character go?' He wondered internally.

In the next two minutes, Gustav's eyes regained clarity, and he looked around to see everyone standing around.

He had already sensed their presence earlier, but due to his brain getting flooded by tons of information for the past three minutes, he was unable to engage in any physical activity.

It was like the gem could also sense the arrival of new people, so it didn't phase out of Gustav the moment it was done.

"Gustav," Angy yelled out as she jumped into his embrace, wrapping her arms around his neck.

Gustav grabbed her, holding her perky b.u.t.t up as they embraced each other. Angy feeling the gaze of everyone around, quickly jumped off Gustav as she realized what she had just done.

Her face turned red as she looked down.

"Guys... why are y'all looking at us like that?" Gustav asked.

"Get a room you two," E.E. voiced out.

Gustav welcomed the girls that were just arriving as they moved towards a secluded training booth within the MBO to chat as a group.

Besides Elevora, everyone else was here, Endric included. He initially wanted to leave and come back, but he got pulled by E.E. and the other guys to follow them.

Gustav didn't mind, knowing he and Endric still had unfinished business.

"What exactly was going on over there?" Angy asked about what she had witnessed the moment she arrived with the others.

"Endric was pa.s.sing some private information to me. It was a lot of information so yes I needed time to process them," Gustav responded with part of the truth while leaving out the rest.

"What information?" Falco asked.

"I'll let you guys in on it when the time is right," Gustav responded.

"I myself don't have a lot to go on right now," He added with a serious look.

The others could tell that whatever the situation was, Gustav was also trying to figure it out due to his serious expression. They knew it was impossible to pry information out of Gustav unless he wanted to tell them, so they had to stop asking here.

"I hope you figure it out," Glade voiced out, causing everyone to stare at her.

She froze in place as she saw all the eyes on her.

"Why is she even here?" Matilda voiced out with an irritated expression.

"Yeah I also want to know what's happening," Angy voiced out while staring at Vera and Gustav.

"Oh yeah about this. You guys will have to take Glade as a part of our circle like before," Gustav responded.



Angy, Matilda, and Falco asked at the same time.

"Simply because. ..She is now an ally incapable of betraying me anymore," Gustav stated.

All of them had confused looks as they heard this and were about to retort in various ways when Gustav spoke once more.

"Code I.R.,"

The instant Gustav voiced this out, Glade's eyes suddenly turned listless.