The Bloodline System - Chapter 818 - You Are Indeed A Fated One

Chapter 818 - You Are Indeed A Fated One

Chapter 818 - You Are Indeed A Fated One

"Nah, since you won't say anything, I'll find out everything I need to know from Endric," Gustav voiced out as he began to walk towards Endric, who was approaching him from up ahead.

The timer began to count again, but Gustav ignored it this time. Now that he had found out that the system was purposely keeping information from him and using this quest to keep him from finding out certain truths, Gustav didn't care about the consequences anymore.

He had decided he was going to listen.



He arrived in front of Endric, and both of them stared at each other for some time while the timer was still counting down.



[Emergency Quest Failed: Stay Away From Endric]

[Punishment Shall Now Be Revealed]

Gustav totally ignored the notifications and spoke to Endric.

"Tell me what all this is about," He voiced out.

"I think he might be able to explain better," Endric responded.

"He? Who?" Gustav voiced out with a confused tone.

Endric raised his left palm slightly, and a glowing green gemstone appeared above it.

"Greetings... Outworldly," A deep voice laced with mysticism was heard coming from the green gemstone.

"What is that?" Gustav asked with a slight look of bewilderment.

"Not what but whom," The voice corrected.

"You can call me Husarius... I am a collective knowledge and power of the people of the forgotten city of Abedum...

We existed numerous centuries ago, but my people sacrificed themselves for the preservation of the earth, leaving me with power, knowledge, and premonitions all relating to the future state of the universe and how to prevent the havoc that shall reign upon this place hundreds of years to come.

This knowledge also included the one who will be at the epicenter of it all... The outworldly... A being whose origin is not of the earth, neither is it of any other planet in the universe... A being destined to either enforce the what is to come, resulting in either paramount destruction of all or prevention of the world's destruction. The outworldly is you!" The voice coming from the gemstone stopped at this point, letting Gustav process everything he had just said.

"Origin is not of earth? You can't be talking about me since I was born here. You're clearly mistaken," Gustav voiced out, but internally he felt this Husaruis could be referring to the system.

"It is impossible for me to be mistaken! I have seen it, and I can sense the energy of the outworldly within you. While you may have been born here, it doesn't mean your origin is of earth. The cosmos works in ways that no one understands," Husaruis stated.

"What exactly is this thing that you're talking about that is coming?" Gustav was more interested in this.

"That is..." Just as Husaruis was about to speak, Gustav's eyes glowed red immensely.


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Rays of light burst forth from his eyes.

"Quiet old man!" A girly voice was heard as the rays of light shooting out of Gustav's eyes transformed into the figure of a beautiful young girl.

It was a pet.i.te twelve-year-old-looking girl with an extremely cute face and big bangs on her head. She was clad in a red gown, and her eyes looked quite mean as she appeared in place.

It was a physical simulation of the system that looked no different from a human standing in place.

"Hey, when did you learn how to do that? And why did you come out?" Gustav asked with a surprised look.

Endric, too had an astonished look as he stared at this cute-looking girl, wondering who she was.

"You were not listening to me, so I had to appear... And this thing was about to spill things it isn't supposed to say," The system voiced out while reaching to grab the gem.

Endric moved it away and stared at her with a suspicious look, "What are you doing?"

"Stop, since you clearly don't want to tell me anything, Husaruis will bring me up to speed about what you are," Gustav voiced out as well before turning to face the gem.

"Well, as you can see I'm not the outworldly, you were probably talking about her because she is not from earth and she has been traveling for over five hundred years across s.p.a.ce before getting here," Gustav finally decided to reveal this to clear things up as he already felt the Husaruis was referring to the system.

"No," Husaruis voiced out.

"No?" Gustav said with a confused tone.

"This creature here is a helper... It will a.s.sist you in protecting the universe in the future but it has its own goals as well... I can see that it has been tainted with the energy of the outworldly. A good plot to achieving its own goals as well," Husaruis voiced out.

"Shut up," The system stated.

"What is Husaruis talking about?" Gustav questioned.

"You are the outworldly, Gustav... This being is not, but it is helpful to a certain extent while also being a leech.

Your brother has told me tales of your past which frankly is something I cannot understand as you should have been immensely powerful from birth being the outworldly... A strange force that I currently cannot comprehend has tampered with your existence, leading to you living half of your life pathetic and weak..." Husaruis voiced out.

"What do you mean?" Gustav was finding it hard to believe everything he was hearing right now.

"...The boon... the force of the cosmos within you was tampered with and even right now it doesn't seem to have restored itself, but I can sense from the energy you give off, it will be restored soon enough. The only problem is, it has to be restored before the impending doom arrives or the odds of coming out victorious would be greatly reduced," Husaruis explained.

"So you're saying... I was supposed to be powerful from the very beginning but someone or something tampered with that which made me need the system..." Gustav voiced out with a look of disbelief.

"Yes... You are the outworldly... You may not believe in fate but you are indeed a fated one..." Husaruis added.