The Bloodline System - Chapter 817 - Endric Uses A Space Disruption Ability

Chapter 817 - Endric Uses A Space Disruption Ability

Chapter 817 - Endric Uses A s.p.a.ce Disruption Ability

"I only ask for five minutes of your time, I promise I will not waste it," Endric yelled out in response from far behind as he flew speedily.

He didn't blink at the moment since it cost a lot of energy, but he was hoping Gustav would listen to him now.

"No, stop pursuing," Gustav yelled out.

"I can't do that. This is a matter of grave important and..." Before he could finish his sentence, Gustav made use of combination.

[Sprint + Dash]

His speed suddenly increased multiple times as he blasted forward across a mountain region with immense speed.

The rest of Endric's words got lost in the wind since Gustav had left a great deal of distance between them to the point where even from Endric's current height in the sky, Gustav had almost completely disappeared from sight in an instant.

"I apologize in advance for this brother," Endric had finally had enough as he decided to make use of one of his powerful bloodline abilities.

Waving his hand in a circular format as he flew across the air, a blueish circle appeared in front of him.

's.p.a.ce Disruption... Worlds merge...' He said Internally as his eyes glowed a bright blue color.

Zhoooooommmmm~ Trrroooiinnnn~

A burst of blue light suddenly blasted outwards like shockwaves from his figure, spreading across the vicinity.

Gustav, who had already disappeared from view, felt powerful energy from behind and turned to the side while still running forward.

The instant he looked behind, his eyes widened as the blue energy coming from behind made contact with him and everything in the vicinity.

Despite his speed, he was unable to outrun this.

Before Gustav knew what was happening, he found himself in an unknown s.p.a.ce.

"Uh?" He was genuinely astonished as he found himself standing in this s.p.a.ce atop an invisible plane amidst galaxies of stars and constellations.

Planets could be seen in the distance as well. This unknown s.p.a.ce was nothing short of beautiful.

However, he could also see plants, trees, and stones floating around the vicinity, which seemed weird because Gustav recognized some of these trees to be from camp since he pa.s.sed them while speeding away from Endric.

At the other end of the invisible plane, Endric could be seen standing in place with his eyes closed.

He suddenly opened his eyes and stared in Gustav's direction.

"What is this?" Gustav asked.

"Sorry big brother, I forcefully dragged you into a s.p.a.ce that exists in between reality and illusion... I created this world," Endric voiced out.

"What? You created this?" Gustav asked with a surprised tone.

"Yes I did... I can not only control the movement of things but also tamper with s.p.a.ce..." Endric explained.

'Oh s.h.i.+t, the timer,' Gustav thought as he stared at the notification in front of him.

To his surprise, he noticed that the timer was not counting down.


It had been at ten the whole time.

"What is going on? Does this place exist in something like a different dimension of s.p.a.ce and time?" Gustav asked with a suspicious look.

"Yes, the concept of the normal world s.p.a.ce and time is irrelevant here... This world belongs to me, so I make the rules," Endric voiced out.

Gustav now understood why the timer couldn't count down. So he couldn't even fail the quest even though he was in close proximity with Endric right now.

He was astonished that Endric could use such an ability, and he could drag anyone or anything he wanted into this place. It was way too powerful for someone who was only Falcon-ranked Mixedblood.

("Get away from here now Gustav, break out of his little world,") The System voiced in his head.

It would seem that even though time was irrelevant, the System still worked perfectly.

'How do you expect me to get out of here... I mean I could if I tried hard enough but... I don't want to,' Gustav responded.

("What? What do you mean by you don't want to?")

Gustav ignored the System and stared at Endric.

"What do you want?" Gustav asked.

"I just need to tell you about something important," Endric responded.

"I can't explain in details here because I can't keep this world in transition with the real world for long but... This concerns the fate of the earth as well as the universe itself and you're right in the middle of it," Endric stated.

"The fate of the world?" Gustav voiced out with a tone of disbelief.

"Yes the fate of the world," Endric responded.

"There are many powerful people that can prevent anything bad from happening, I'm sure it doesn't have to be me," Gustav responded.

"The existence of everything is at stake in the future because... something is coming... And you're at the epicenter of it all," Endric voiced out once more.

"Something that puts all of existence at stake is coming..." Gustav was about to argue more on this when he recalled a past conversation.


("Besides... If you cannot complete these quests, you have no hope of taking on what is to come which will eventually lead to death, so failure leads to death either way,")


'Is it related to what the system has been preparing me for?' Gustav wondered internally.

He recalled the System's statement when the five-year quests were revealed.

"I will tell you more in detail in the real world... I can't keep this up any longer," Endric voiced out before waving his hand in a circular motion.


A burst of blue light flashed across the place, and Gustav found himself back in camp in the next instant.

'Hey. system what aren't you telling me?' Gustav asked internally.


There was no response from the System.

'If this is related to what you've been preparing me for, why did you make me stay away from Endric?' Gustav asked once more.

("...It is not time for you to know the full details yet,") The System responded.

'So it is related, and you decided to trick me, so I wouldn't get any information,' Gustav was finally coming to this realization.

("Stay away from Endric,") The System demanded.

"Nah, since you won't say anything I'll find out everything I need to know from Endric," Gustav voiced out as he began to walk towards Endric, who was approaching him from up ahead.