The Bloodline System - Chapter 816 - The Pursuit

Chapter 816 - The Pursuit

Chapter 816 - The Pursuit

Endric decided to use this as an opportunity to head to Gustav's room and tell him that Angy had arrived before anyone else would.

He began moving towards the residential area.

He had initially tried to see Gustav by going directly to his room, but whenever he knocked on Gustav's room door, Gustav would act like he wasn't in, and sometimes he actually wasn't in due to the new special training that had just begun.

Endric was hoping to find him indoors this time, and if knocking didn't attract Gustav's attention, he would mention Angy's return.

In a few minutes, he arrived at their residential building and moved straight to the floor where all of their rooms were situated.

The instant he arrived on that particular floor, Gustav, E.E, Aildris, and Falco could be seen heading towards the elevator area.

"You sure?"

"Haha, of course, I crossed level thirty-four today,"

They were engaged in a conversation as they walked across the corridor area.

The instant Endric's figure was spotted, Gustav had begun getting notifications from the system.

[Close proximity between Host and Endric will result in quest failure]

[Host is required to maintain distance in...]



A countdown started in his line of sight as Endric was spotted walking towards them.

"Alright guys I gotta go," Gustav suddenly voiced out as he prepared to dash away.

The others were confused after they heard this. Gustav was supposed to follow them to a training center, but now he suddenly voiced out that he had to go.

Now they truly believed that Gustav was avoiding Endri, seeing as he just decided to suddenly cancel on them the moment Endric's presence was spotted.

Just as Gustav dashed forward, Endric spoke.

"Angy is back," He voiced out with a loud tone.

Gustav, who had already arrived in front of the elevator, paused in his steps the moment he heard that.

"What?" He voiced out while turning around to face Endric, disregarding the timer of the system.

"I just saw her and what are the others names..." Endric said while holding his chin.

"...Ma... Matilda, Vera and Glade..." He added.

"Where?" Gustav asked.

("Hey Gustav, you have to get away from him now, or you'll fail the quest,") The system voiced out in his head, but Gustav ignored it.



"Follow me, I'll show you," Endric said while turning around.

At this point, Gustav remembered the countdown and, at the last second, zoomed towards the railing area of the corridor before jumping off.



His body traveled across mid-air, crossing over a thousand feet in nearly an instant.

At this point, the timer stopped since he had given Endric a lot of distance.

Everyone stood in place with confounded looks on their faces, wondering why Gustav just did that. They had thought he would at least follow Endric to find out where Angy was.

Females could not go into males residences without permits, so it made sense that Angy wouldn't be able to come here unless she saw one of them, which might not be till the next day since it was currently late in the evening.

It didn't make sense that Gustav would not follow Endric to look for her unless he didn't want to see her till the next day.

They began walking towards Endric to ask him to take them to where he had spotted Angy, but Endric suddenly leaped across the air while pus.h.i.+ng his palms forward.


He began flying in the direction Gustav headed in.

After landing several thousand feet away, Gustav saw that the quest was still on and frowned his face in inconvenience.

"This isn't..." Just as he was about to say something, a figure could be seen traveling in mid-air in his direction.

"I know you're avoiding me big brother... At least listen to what I have to say," Endric voiced out with a loud tone as he flew across the air with speed towards Gustav's position.


Seeing the timer began again, Gustav sped forward with speed, giving Endric a lot of gaps.

Endric, seeing as Gustav wouldn't give him a chance, decided to start a pursuit.

The invisible board made of will he was currently standing on suddenly blitzed forward immensely, instantly putting him on Gustav's tail once more.

Gustav was surprised as he saw Endric catching up to him and flying across the air like a phantom.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

Gustav suddenly increased in speed as he charged through one of the forest areas in the MBO camp, causing winds to spread across the vicinity from his figure.

Dust and leaves were blown across the place as the trees in the area bent backward from the heavy wind caused by Gustav's figure.

Even with this, Endric was also moving across the air at a fast speed. From above the forest area, he watched the trail of afterimages Gustav left in his path, which was slowly giving him a wider gap than before.

Endric squinted his eyes and blinked...


His figure suddenly disappeared and reappeared several hundred feet ahead of his initial position in mid-air.

He blinked two more times, and the same action repeated itself, bringing him closer to Gustav even though Gustav's speed had increased by a whole lot.

Gustav was once again astonished as he felt Endric's figure closing upon him from mid-air. He was unable to believe that Endric could catch up to him while he was moving at such a speed.

"Gustav, please it's important let's just talk for a few minutes," Endric yelled out again while he gave chase from above.

"I do not wish to speak to you," Gustav answered and quickened his speed once more.

Running across a waterfall area, he leaped across the descending waterfall.

Endric didn't have to go through the trouble since he was currently flying; he just followed Gustav through from above.

Gustav had kept a safe distance between himself and Endric at the moment, so the countdown had stopped once more.

"Are you going to keep following me?" Gustav's voice echoed across the vicinity as he voiced out.