The Bloodline System - Chapter 815 - Angy's Return

Chapter 815 - Angy's Return

Chapter 815 - Angy's Return

It was like these areas with different effects were unable to suppress Gustav's speed.

Gustav arrived at another region where tornadoes moved about the place.

The speed of the tornado looked a bit slow from his point of view. Leaping towards one of the tornadoes, Gustav arched his arm backwards to the limit.

His muscles bulged immensely as he traveled across the air towards the fifty-five thousand feet tall tornado. His figure was like an ant compared to this ma.s.sive tornado, but Gustav was unbothered as he threw his fist forward with force.

[Power Boost Has Been Activated]


His fist thrust forward with an insane amount of power, sending a strong force that cleared out the entire tornado in the blink of an eye.

The tornado was ripped open as he blasted through, clearing this part of the mountainous area.

Clarity instantly returned to this area, but the moment Gustav landed back on the ground, his figure had disappeared from the scene.

The more laps he covered, the faster he was because he had cleared the situations in some of these areas giving him easier access.

"Eight," Officer Cole voiced out as Gustav arrived back in the same spot he started.


A burst of wind spread across the vicinity as he suddenly paused and slid a few feet forward.

"Forty seven seconds," Officer Cole voiced out with a tone of astonishment.

'How is it that he got even faster with each lap completed?' The instructors seemed to have noticed this too.

Officer Mag, who had her sense spread across the entire Isshur mountains, could sense that some areas had fewer irregularities than before, which had her wondering how Gustav was able to clear some of them.

"Good, this is your current data. At the end of this training session you will retake this test and you must beat this score," Officer Mag stated.

Gustav now understood what this was about. Unfortunately, they didn't know that he could beat this score right now if he wanted to, but Gustav decided that since this was how he started it, this was how he was going to end it.

"Right... Noted," Gustav answered.

Officer Mag made it known that there would be other tests besides this for today to access different stats about him, and he would have to beat all these stats at the end of the training.

The special training would run till he had his next mission, which would be by the end of this new month.

They stated that this place was more strong enough to handle Gustav going all out without getting destroyed.

The last battle Gustav engaged in had been taken into account since it was known that if he decided to unleash some types of abilities, it would take a toll on the surroundings.

The Isshur mountains would be able to handle the damage from his abilities.


In a flash, a few more days went by, and Gustav had spent this time in isolated training with the five instructors. They would capitalize on the usage of his strength and how he could compress the way he unleased abilities sometimes to suit certain situations.

Officer Mag was mostly in charge of that aspect.

The weapons training inspector focused on teaching Gustav how to use a technological weapon to the best of its capacity.

Gustav showed him the Jiko Hakai Katana he owned, and the instructor taught him a trick to wielding it at high input without having to suffer a severe backlash from it.

Of course, this had to cost Gustav an arm several times, but his healing factor kicked in, and he would regain his entire arm in a manner of minutes. He would only have to use recovery medicines if he wanted to recover in a few seconds.

The training officer that dealt with mech thought Gustav how to channel his bloodline energy in the smallest quant.i.ty and use it as fuel to power a mech without running out of power fast.

Instructor Kora focused on teaching Gustav combat tricks he had picked up over the years. Gustav was amongst the best in combat training originally, so he didn't have to stress in teaching Gustav what he knew.

He also realized that there was nothing much to teach Gustav, considering he already knew a whole lot - courtesy of Miss Aimee.

The special training did not hinder Gustav from having free time, but his free time was a little more limited than before. Through this, he was mostly able to avoid Endric.

However, Endric seemed to have noticed Gustav was avoiding him. After all, up to a week had gone by since he told Gustav he had something important to discuss with him.

Anytime he came close to Gustav anywhere, Gustav would suddenly vanish from his line of sight.

This was becoming troubling as he didn't know the step to take so he'd be able to talk to his brother.

'Do you think he's aware of what is coming?' Endric asked internally.

'There is a chance that he does... If he doesn't, we have to bring him up to speed,' The voice of the gem replied in his head.

'Now how do we do that? He won't even let me see him,' Endric said internally with a sigh.

'Use the people close to him to get to him,' The gem suggested.

Endric was about to say something again when he spotted some figures in the distance.

He was currently walking around camp, but he could see these figures coming from the area that led to the MBO camp hall of arrival and departure.

"Angy?" He muttered as he spotted Angy amongst the group of four girls in the distance.

He could see they were dressed in actual MBO uniforms instead of the cadet outfits, which meant they were just returning to camp.

These four figures were Angy, Matilda, Vera, and Glade.

They were currently headed in the direction that led to the special residential area.

Endric decided to use this as an opportunity to head to Gustav's room and tell him that Angy had arrived before anyone else would.