The Bloodline System - Chapter 814 - Special Training Begins

Chapter 814 - Special Training Begins

Chapter 814 - Special Training Begins

The next day arrived, and Gustav didn't join the others in the morning routine.

He headed towards the training location within the MBO camp called isshur mountains.

After a few minutes of racing across campgrounds, Gustav arrived at a desolate mountain area.

These mountain regions were quite different from normal mountain regions. It was thousands of feet high up and surrounded by a body of water. Not only was the mountain region moving, but occasional weather occurrences would also trouble the area.

Getting to this location was c.u.mbersome for normal cadets, so it was a test for Gustav to get here without any a.s.sistance.

To their surprise, it didn't even take him minutes to arrive here.

The mountainous area covered a radius of more than four hundred thousand feet.

It was practically like an island, but then it extended high up into the clouds, so scaling it was an issue for most. The mountainous area and solid part from top to bottom was a shade of black.

Although it was a little dark up since it was very high in the clouds, this wasn't the reason for its blackness. This mountainous area was just different from the usual mountains, and it was obvious that this was also man-made.

Gustav had run across the body of water surrounding the ma.s.sive mountainous area. Then he sped up from the bottom to the top, managing to avoid all the complex weather situations trying to hinder him from rising.

The moment he arrived on the western side of the area, he met one of the instructors.

"Instructor Kora," Gustav voiced out as he saw the bulky instructor with brown braids up ahead.

This was the same instructor who taught Angy how to properly make use of her speed and deal with the highest forms of damage.

"Follow me," He said to Gustav and turned around.

Gustav walked with him. They pa.s.sed through the middle of several mountains that were side by side and tried to avoid areas where lightning would occasionally come cras.h.i.+ng down.

In some areas, heavy tornados with lightning swimming in between could be seen, and some areas just had intense wind. The Isshur mountains were so large that they even had a small stream located in the southern part.

No vegetative area could be seen, but some places had growing out, and even large mountains had some form of caves.

Gustav and instructor Kora arrived somewhere at the epicenter of this ma.s.sive training area.

Four other training officers could be seen standing in place, waiting for their arrival.

Officer Mag, the instructor in charge of damage control, the main instructor in charge of Mech usage, and lastly, the instructor in charge of technological weapons usage.

It would seem these five were going to be in charge of this special training for Gustav.

"Before anything, your first task is to run around Isshur mountains seven times not missing any region," Officer Mag voiced out upon arrival.


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The instructor in charge of damage control who had a bear head and human figure, Officer Cole, stabbed a rod into the ground which had some readings on them.

"This will calculate your speed and let us know each time you complete a lap," Officer Cole voiced out.

"Time limit?" Gustav asked.

"There is no time limit, just move at your highest speed," He said.

"My highest speed?" Gustav voiced out while holding his jaw.

"Yes, we need to calculate your current speed with the difficulties of having to scale through some areas," He added.

Gustav was reluctant to use his full speed in any situation because he didn't want people to know how fast he really was.

Besides, making use of his fastest speed would be when he took the Ultimate Combination Form because then he'd be able to fly.

"Oh wait, you can fly, right?" Officer Mag asked while recalling Gustav's most recent battle.

No one knew Gustav had any flight-related ability before this until after the destruction of the whole battle area where he was seen floating in mid-air.

"Not really... My flight ability is limited so I'd rather run," Gustav answered rather truthfully.

Although, he knew the whole task would end very quickly if he was to make use of the ultimate combination and fly now. Considering combination was now way stronger than before, and he had more energy points to spare now.

Gustav decided he would just combine Dash and Sprint instead.

"Are you ready?" Officer Mag asked.

"Hnm," Gustav responded with a nod.

[Combination Has Been Activated]

[Sprint + Dash]

He could feel his body getting extremely light as he activated this.


The moment Officer Mag gave the go-ahead, Gustav charged forward with immense speed.


A white streak cut through the air as he disappeared into the distance in an instant.


The officers covered their eyes as dust and wind were stirred across the place due to the immense speed.

A reading appeared on the pole displaying Gustav's current speed as he ran across the Isshur mountains.

"He moving at a speed a thousand times faster than sound," Officer Cole voiced out with a surprised look.

The other officers, too, were awe-stricken, considering this was a speed that even some Kilo ranked Mixedbloods were unable to currently attain.

Before they had even recovered from their astonished state, Gustav had managed to complete a lap in a manner of a few seconds.

Currently, Gustav was running across another mountain region where lightning bolts were slamming against the ground at every given second.

Gustav, already knowing the pattern after running past here, just once managed to evade the lightning bolts despite not being as fast.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

An electric field created from the multiple lightning bolts began to pull Gustav from every direction, but before this could even faze him...


He had already raced past this region, traveling at a speed that was nearly ripping the ground open as he left after images in his wake.

"Three... It's only been twenty seconds," The instructors were shocked as the readings depicted that Gustav had already completed three laps.