The Bloodline System - Chapter 813 - I Am Not Ready To Be A Father

Chapter 813 - I Am Not Ready To Be A Father

Chapter 813 - I Am Not Ready To Be A Father

"Why is Glade still a part of our circle? She betrayed you," Falco finally asked the question that had been bugging him.

"I have plans for her. Don't worry, you guys will understand soon enough," Gustav responded dismissively.

Falco was about to speak again when his eyes darkened, and black tattoos appeared on his face.

"This one is a big softie, I would have sliced her into pieces myself!" Dark Falco voiced out.

"That's why you lost against me in the past even though I was weakened. You're all brawns and no brains," Gustav responded with a snicker.

"You... I demand a rematch!" Dark Falco voiced out with a tone of anguish.

"Shut it, Gustav knows what he's doing," Falco suddenly regained control and voiced out.

The dark tattoos on his face disappeared as well.

He could feel Dark Falco struggling to regain control back out of dissatisfaction with what Gustav had said, but Falco knew well enough that the battle would end in a manner of seconds if he gave Dark Falco the chance to battle with Gustav.

"Sorry about that," Falco said to Gustav due to the sudden outburst of Dark Falco.

"It's fine," Gustav replied with an unbothered look.

"You seem to be missing Angy," Aildris voiced out from the side.

"Hmm? I... guess," Gustav said with an indecisive tone.

"It's to be expected hehe you guys are new couples after all," E.E stated with a light chuckle.

"Hey now don't forget to always use protection unless you want to have a little Gustav," Teemee added.

"A little Gustav?" Gustav raised one of his eyebrows as he voiced out.

"He means you should make sure to use protection if you don't wanna get Angy pregnant," Aildris explained.

"What...? Pregnant? No, I am not ready to be a father," Gustav stated with a tone of disagreement.

"Then make sure you use protection when you two are doing the do or better still you could inject yourself with a wiper so your sperm cells remain inactive for twenty four hours which will prevent pregnancy," Teemee voiced out once more.

Gustav had a contemplative look, recalling that he didn't make use of protection last time he and Angy had s*x.

'What if I impregnated her?' Gustav wondered internally.

("Don't worry you didn't... I took care of it,") The system replied.

'You did?' Gustav questioned internally with a confounded look.

("Yes, it's fine,") The system confirmed.

'How exactly did you take care of it?' Gustav said with an intrigued tone.

("The details are not important... But you could say I made you impotent for a brief period of time,") The system chuckled as it spoke.

Gustav; "..." 'It made me impotent?'

Gustav had forgotten that the system lived inside him and witnessed every one of his experiences. He now realized just how creepy it was to have a third party watching when he and Angy were busy engaging in bedroom activities.

But on the bright side, he wouldn't need to use any protection since the system could always take care of it.

He felt relieved knowing he didn't have to worry about whether Angy was currently pregnant or not. It would be a disaster to become a father at such a young age.

The others kept advising Gustav on this topic, and Teemee was especially knowledgeable on this aspect as he kept giving Gustav different methods to make use of.

"You seem to have too much knowledge on this," Falco voiced out from the side with a suspicious look.

"Yeah, you know way too much," E.E added.

"Speaking from experience?" Aildris chipped in as well.

"*Cough cough* what are you guys talking about I'm still a virgin," Teemee voiced out while trying to adopt an innocent look.


"I call bulls.h.i.+t,"

"That didn't sound very convincing,"

E.E, Falco, and Aildris voiced out at the same time.

"Teemee is speaking from experience," Ria voiced out from the side.

"Hey, idiot what are you saying?" Teemee yelled out, trying to get Ria to shut up.

"Looks like he is," E.E nodded as he spoke.

Falco and Aildris also nodded as they gave Teemee a knowing look.

"Why are y'all looking at me like that?" Teemee voiced out.

"You should teach us your ways, we barely have any girls. Well, I and Falco don't but Aildris is literally a chick magnet, he just doesn't want to capitalize on that," E.E voiced out while rubbing his palms together.

E.E was saying this, not knowing that he was seen as one of the most attractive males in camp. The reason he didn't notice this was he only had eyes for one girl, and the girl didn't seem to have eyes for anyone.

"What ways? I'm a virgin, y'all should be asking Gustav, he's the one with an harem," Teemee said while pa.s.sing the mantle over to Gustav.

"Yes Lord Gustav teach us your ways," Falco voiced out jokingly while bowing on the floor.

E.E held onto Teemee while Falco held onto Gustav, asking them to give tips.

"You guys..."

Later during the night, everyone was headed back to their rooms.

"Oh before I forget, Gustav, you're having another duel in the next few days right?" Falco asked.

"Yeah, and another one just two days after this upcoming one," Gustav answered.

Falco, Ria, and Teemee had missed the first battle Gustav heard, and they had heard cadets speaking about it all across camp.

From the way it was being spoken about, they were sure they had missed an interesting scene.

They didn't want to miss the next one since everyone in their circle was looking up to Gustav as their leader. They always wanted to know just how far he had gone and use him as a beacon of motivation to train better and push themselves to grow even stronger, faster.

After all, was said and done, everyone headed to their rooms.

'The special training starts tomorrow,' Gustav recalled as he sat on his bed.

He decided to spend the entire night channeling his bloodline.