The Bloodline System - Chapter 812 - The System's Suspicion

Chapter 812 - The System's Suspicion

Chapter 812 - The System's Suspicion

Just as he wanted to take a step forward again, the system spoke.

("Okay, I'll tell you why the quest was issued,") The system finally caved in.

Gustav finally paused all initial thoughts of leaving and stood in place before responding, 'I'm listening,'

("I issued that quest because I sensed a strange and mystical presence from Endric,") The system revealed.

("I have never sensed such a presence before... It gives off a complex aura and hard to read energy... It also was definitely absent the last time you saw Endric before leaving camp almost a year back,") The system added.

'What? You're sensing a strange presence from him and you didn't even think to let me know?' Gustav said with a tone of disappointment internally.

("I wanted to scan and properly investigate this presence before saying anything,") The system answered.

'And you have to do that while I'm staying away from him?' Gustav asked.

("I feel it's safer for you to stay away as we don't know what he's up to this time,") The system responded.

'Its impossible for him to harm me. It's better to even be in closer proximity so inspection can be done better,' Gustav stated internally.

("Have you forgotten what happened with Vera? Do you wish for something similar to happen again?") The system said with a reminiscing tone.

Vera had managed to input her parasitic strains in Gustav without his knowledge, and he would have turned into a puppet had the system not figured it out way later, or Vera didn't confess and freed him herself.

The system was trying to tell Gustav that what if something similar to that happened again.

("That's why I need you to stay away till I can figure out what exactly is going on,") The system added.

'I ask again, can you scan and investigate Endric from anywhere within camp?' Gustav asked.

("Yes, you don't need to be in close proximity with him,") The system responded.

'Still... I doubt he can do anything to me if I don't make contact with him,' Gustav still had a dubious look on his face as he responded.

("Just stay away for now... When I figure something out I'll let you in on it,") The system stated once more.

Gustav finally decided to give in even though he still felt suspicious, like the system was hiding something from him.

"Gustav?" E.E voiced out from behind after seeing that he had been standing in place for several seconds.

"I changed my mind," Gustav stated before turning around to go sit.

"Why?" Aildris asked.

"I just don't wanna see him," Gustav shrugged like it was no big deal as he voiced out.

"You just said..." E.E was about to remind him about a while ago.

"I know what I said E.E, just leave it be," Gustav cut him off before he could complete his sentence.

E.E and Aidris had suspicious expressions after hearing that, but they decided to let it slide. They felt maybe Gustav was up to something again, or he had figured something out.

They could only hope that he would give his little brother a chance one of these days, but then they were also suspicious about Endric asking to discuss something important out of the blue.

This made them believe the discussion might not be related to their present inexistent relations.h.i.+p.

The trio later had lunch and headed for their next drill.

Since E.E and Aildris were just returning, Gustav had to take them to the new locations where they trained. He was practically their tour guide for the day, taking them to the different locations where the training were now situated.


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Just like that, a few more days went by, and all through this time, Gustav had been avoiding Endric just as the system said he should.

It wasn't stated how long this quest was going to be, but Gustav was hoping it wouldn't take too long since he was interested in hearing what Endric had to say.

He also didn't like getting kept in the dark about something that had caught his interest, but for now, he decided to leave it up to the system even though he was still feeling suspicious.

During this time, Elevora, Falco, Ria, and Teemee had returned to camp.

Their return as well had caused waves of rumors to be spread across camp as cadets made different kinds of speculations that they had probably received accolades and would spend lesser time in camp.

It was no secret at this time that Gustav was already a full-fledged officer even though he was still in training. Some even knew that Gustav had been promoted in rank several times.

Gustav was even promoted in rank twice after the Burning Sands city ordeal, so he was currently nearing the rank of even the instructors in camp and was currently above some of the normal MBO guards here.

Everyone felt something similar might have happened with the others as well.

Elevora's return especially caused waves across camp as everyone figured out that she was at the peak of Falcon rank already.

Only her speed of improvement came close to Gustav's. She was the only one besides Gustav who had achieved the same level of strength as some of the final years.

Even Gustav considered her speed of improvement as monstrous, considering he had the system and multiple other bloodlines, C - A rank at his disposal. Elevora didn't have such a boost, yet she was not completely lagging behind.

From the moment she returned, Elevora already challenged Gustav. She was interested in sparring with him to measure her improvement and see if she was coming close or Gustav was leaving a higher gap in power between both of them.

"Why hasn't Angy returned?" Gustav asked Falco, who was currently in his room with the others.

"They said there was a minute delay to take care of. Don't worry, give it one or two days they'll arrive soon," Falco a.s.sured.

"They?" Gustav voiced out while raising one eyebrow.

"She's returning together with Matilda, Vera and Glade," Falco revealed.

"Oh, I see," Gustav responded with a nod.