The Bloodline System - Chapter 80 - Uproar

Chapter 80 - Uproar

Chapter 80 - Uproar

Gustav had been studying both of them for the past week.

He knew Gordon's feeding timetable so he was sure about the meal he was gonna get today.

Of course, when Gordon and Charles came to buy their lunch together, they didn't forget to throw snide remarks at Gustav when they saw him selling food at the counter.

Gustav knew that they would come to his side of the counter once they saw him which was one of the reasons why he decided to help the chefs serve food today.

This was what led to Gordon getting the special meal.

Since then he had been having a runny stomach and had to visit the bathroom countless times.

Gustav who everyone thought would never attend the sparring sessions again was always close by whenever it was going on.

He had been watching them since after break.

His plan paid off when Gordon ran to the toilet after the day ended.

That was where his plan truly kicked off.

The other time when he sparred with Charles and Gordon, he was inspecting their bloodline abilities on a closer scale.

Charles especially since Gustav wanted to find out if he could break through the gravity barrier that always surrounded him after he activated his bloodline.

From when Gustav made contact with the gravity field that always surrounded Charles, he calculated the amount of force that would be needed to break through it and he realized that palm strike skill could achieve that.

Gustav was glad that everything worked out as planned and he had already put several things in place to make sure these deeds were not traced back to him.

After contemplating about a few more things Gustav opened the system interface to check his stats.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav

-Level: 8

-Class: ?

-Exp: 69,500/150,000

-Hp: 1250/1250

-Energy: 900/1000


»Strength: 37

»Perception: 37

»Mental Fortitude: 37

»Agility: 37

»Speed: 52

»Bravery: 37

»Intelligence: 37

»Charm: 37

»Defence: 5

{Attributes points: 19}


Gustav stared at the new stat with a contemplative look, "Defense? I'm guessing it has to do with strengthening my body or something related to that," he analyzed.

"It's too bad I spent most of my attributes points on the race with Angy," Gustav sighed in dissatisfaction.

"Add five points to defense!" Gustav commanded.

[+5 points have been added to defense]

He only had nineteen attributes points to spare at this moment. He always liked to save some in case of emergency so he didn't add more to defense after this.

He decided that he would use the daily stats to increase defense until it up to par with the rest.

"I wonder if my body is sturdier now," Unlike the other stats, he could hardly feel any difference when he increased his defense stats.

He decided he would try it out later.

It was evening already so it was time for his patrols.

He suspected that a mixed-breed would show up today so he decided for Angy to skip today's patrol so he would do it alone.


The next day Gustav woke up by his usual time and went to school.

Last night just as he expected a mixed-breed showed up and it was a level 1 this time.

It didn't take Gustav longer than a few minutes to kill it and add it to beast transformation.

This happened to be a mutated Ape mixed-breed. It looked like a monkey with white furs but it was as big as a gorilla.

Its features were in its ability to corrode any object it touched.

Gustav felt it wasn't needed since he already had atomic disintegration but on second thought he decided to extract it.

He decided that the next mixed-breed he considered useless would be sold to a lab without any extraction being performed on it.

From the information, he gathered earlier mixed-breed corpses would sell for good prices in laboratories but he never for once tried to do that.

If the laboratory researches the corpses and found out that their Bloodline was missing it would arouse suspicions.

Now that he could transform into anyone he willed, he could use a different character and form to do business with laboratories.

Not a lot of facilities around this part of the city had see-through technology security protocols that could scan a person's internals which could potentially put shapeshifting to shame.

This was why Gustav wasn't worried about them noticing that he wasn't in his original form.

Gustav walked to school after getting to the usual stopping point for him and Angy.

-School Cafeteria

During the break period, Gustav was sitting on the second floor taking his lunch.

He always stays behind so no one usually noticed that was there most of the time.

Sometimes some of them would see him and not even recognize him.

Chatter! Chatter! Chatter!

The hall was noisier than usual today with discussions coming from different angles.

Just as Gustav expected the news about what happened to Gordon and Charles had circulated.

-"Hey did you hear? Gordon and Charles lost their bloodlines?"

-"What? How did that happen?"

-"No one knows but Charles said Gordon was responsible for the incident while Gordon said it was an unknown man,"

-"That doesn't make any sense, it can't be Gordon if he also lost his bloodline,"

-"Have you heard that something similar happened two months ago to Ben,"

-"What? Ben also lost his Bloodline?"

-"Yes, the person said to be responsible was a terrorist mixed-blood who was also accused of being the one responsible for putting Hung Jo in his current state,"

-"Ovalid is the only terrorist suspected in the meantime but he never had any means of taking any mixed-blood's bloodline before so no one knows if it's all just a cover up so the government can have someone to blame,"

-"Damn though, what is really happening, is the city not safe anymore?"

-"More like what's happening in this school since such unfortunate events has only happened to students that attend this school,"

Gustav listened from the side with a barely noticeable smile on his face.

'There's more to come,'