The Bloodline System - Chapter 805 - Special Training?

Chapter 805 - Special Training?

Chapter 805 - Special Training?

"Gustav-sama, I wish to be pounded but in a different way," She said with a sneaky smile as she arrived beside him.

"Uh? What are you talking about?" Gustav voiced out in response with a confused look.

"Are you sure you ain't a virgin?" Ada said with a burst of light laughter.

"I'm not," Gustav responded, but with this, he knew Ada was talking about something s.e.xually related based on her question, so she scoffed and stormed off.

"Hey where are you..." Before Ada could completely say anything, Gustav had disappeared from the scene.

In a blink of an eye, a few hours had gone by, and Gustav had spent his time training as expected.

He drifted through s.p.a.ce within an intergalactic s.p.a.ce simulation with a kind of metallic cord attached to his back, connected to a s.p.a.cecraft.

The s.p.a.ce armor on his body was completely black with a black helmet as well.

Gustav was currently holding onto a ma.s.sive rocket launcher-like weapon on his shoulder as he aimed it at another s.p.a.cecraft on the other side.

'Bloodline energy, eh... Interestingly, it can be used like this too,' Gustav thought as he channeled Bloodline energy into the weapon on his shoulder.


The weapon glowed a blinding red light across this dark s.p.a.ce causing the cadets on the other s.p.a.cecraft to feel a sense of impending doom as they felt the energy building up.

Gustav fired the weapon after a few more seconds, causing a ma.s.sive red pillar-like blast to shoot toward the s.p.a.cecraft.


A side of the s.p.a.cecraft blasted open due to the immense energy of destruction the blast carried.

After that action was completed, Gustav moved towards the hole he had created and flew in before disconnecting the metallic cord attached to the back of his armor. Then a battle ensued between him and the cadets on this s.p.a.cecraft.

Minutes later, the simulation ended, and everywhere returned to a normal dark s.p.a.ce with all the cadets scattered across the place.

Some had injuries that were being taken care of at the moment.

Gustav had taken his black helmet off at this moment but was still clad in his s.p.a.cecraft armor like the others.

As usual, he had a lot of attention on him as the others gave him stares of astonishment.

'Just what kind of monster is he that he can channel so much bloodline energy without getting weak?' Thoughts similar to this were running through their minds.

No other cadet could channel so much bloodline energy into biological weapons that needed bloodline energy to work.

They didn't know Gustav had so many bloodlines, so doing this came easy to him. He wasn't just making use of one bloodline energy but multiple others.

They had been taught a lot about how to channel their bloodline energy in the past few months and use them for several purposes, one of which included this.

Gustav liked the concept of using bloodline energy for different functions due to one interesting thing he found out.

Whenever he sparred with other cadets or anyone who specifically tried to use one of the functions of bloodline energy, the moment their bloodline energy managed to make contact with him, a notification about how he had met the requirements for Bloodline Acquisition would appear in his line of sight.

This made it easier for Gustav to steal a person's bloodline without having to touch them, but the downside was that if the Mixedblood was to stop making use of their bloodline energy during extraction, the extraction would fail.

Officer Mag began to give the cadets tips and point out where they had made mistakes one after the other.

"Gustav you really need to take it easy on your peers," She suddenly voiced out as well.

"Hmm?" Gustav was a bit taken aback as he voiced out.

"You're beyond their level, which was why I put less teammates in your group," She added.

Even with this action, Gustav had completed dominated the other team and injured more than half of them all by himself.

The aim was to take over the other s.p.a.cecraft after all, and he didn't play a villain in a nice way at all, not sparing any of them.

"It's not my fault they're weak," Gustav shrugged.

The other cadets in the vicinity had their eyebrows furrowed as they heard this. Some of them felt he was being too with his speech, but they knew better than to argue back since he wasn't really wrong.

It wasn't that they were weak; his progress was just way faster than theirs.

"Well you're not wrong," Officer Mag voiced out as she looked up at everyone with her short frame.

"You lots really need to try better or maybe you're satisfied with this bloke's insult," Officer Mag also shrugged as she voiced out.

The cadets had looks of annoyance as they heard this. This was obviously the effect Officer Mag was looking for, which would make them put in more effort.

"We're having s.p.a.ce exploration with a real s.p.a.cecraft in the next drill," Officer Mag announced.

The cadets had looks of excitement as they heard this. They had done this just once, and it was brief, but from the looks of things, Officer Mag had made it look like it would be a proper s.p.a.ce exploration this time.

"You should be doing this with the final year cadets instead," Officer Mag had a thoughtful gaze on her face as she said to Gustav before dismissing the cadets.

Now that Gustav thought of it, he was literally in his final year as well, even though he was a second-year cadet. If he was to complete his next few missions, he might never have to come back to the MBO camp again.

Walking out of the simulation room, Officer Mag reached out t Gustav.

"What's up, Officer Mag?" Gustav asked.

"From the beginning till the end of next month you will be doing a special training with just the training officers alone," She voiced out.

"Hmm a special training?" Gustav questioned in response.