The Bloodline System - Chapter 804 - I Wish To Be Pounded

Chapter 804 - I Wish To Be Pounded

Chapter 804 - I Wish To Be Pounded

The family was escorted toward one of the aircraft, and the other officers in the vicinity also moved toward one of the aircraft.

Some of them had rumpled looks, and one of them especially stood out with the back of her outfit being torn.

She had three purple pigtails and a purple head-tie wrapped around her forehead.

There were small injuries on her beautiful face, but she seemed fine. Her expression didn't display any form of pain as she walked toward the aircraft as well.

"Good job, officer Elevora," The man who had called on the aircraft to show up voiced out to her as she arrived at the entrance of one of the aircraft.

"I was just doing my job, Officer Ahmed," She responded with a respectful but serious look before moving in.


In another Unknown city, a ma.s.sive sky train with up to twenty carriages could be seen moving extremely fast as it rode on the rails floating in the sky.

It was moving rather too quickly and headed towards an intersection point in the sky.


Before it could make any turn, the speed caused it to fly off the railings, and it began to fall towards one of the skysc.r.a.pers in the city.


Screams could be heard across the place as the people in the skysc.r.a.per began to run towards the exits as quickly as their legs could take them. With the size of the train and the speed at which it was falling, it would most likely blast through the skysc.r.a.per, causing it to collapse.


A figure suddenly blasted across the air from the ground ascending several thousand feet in the blink of an eye. The entire train suddenly lost, color turning black and white.

The figure with beautiful glowing eyes filled with a myriad of colors landed on the train in the next moment, and the train paused in mid-air.

"I just stopped it, you can continue with the chase, I'll handle things on this end," He voiced out through a communication device as he stood on the top of the first carriage.


All across different parts of the world, Angy, Aildris, E.E, and the others were finis.h.i.+ng the missions they were sent on.

They had also made considerable progress with their bloodlines and would be returning to camp much sooner than Gustav thought.

Right now, Gustav was on his own, and it had been this way for over five months now.

This was also how he came to know Ada, a final-year cadet who forcefully befriended him upon his return to camp.

Ada's bloodline abilities were related to Size Manipulation, but unlike Gustav's Size Manipulation ability, she could manipulate the size of anything, herself and people included.

It was a very powerful bloodline, but even with that, Gustav had defeated her multiple times.

Right now, if Gustav willed it, he could take out almost everyone in camp, the training officers included, but he'd have to use his Yarki for that to be possible.

The exceptions were people like Officer Mag, who was on the same level or close to being on the same level of strength as Miss Aimee while she was sealed.

Gustav also suspected Ada had a crush on him since she would randomly appear in places where he was. He was trying to wave her off most of the time because of this and for the fact that she couldn't stop talking.

She reminded him of Ria.

On this day, both of them were sparring again in a training ground area.


A loud sound of collision rang out as a gigantic palm descended from the sky and landed on Gustav's figure.

"Hehe I got you now," A feminine laughter could be heard from above as Ada's small frame could be seen hundreds of feet above with her ma.s.sive arm extending from her body.


The ground trembled immensely as the ma.s.sive palm was forcefully raised.

Her eyes widened as Gustav pushed her palm up with a single hand and casually flung her towards the left.



She slammed onto the ground on the other side and ricocheted across the place.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

She slammed severally onto the ground bouncing from place to place.

Meanwhile, Gustav's figure had already moved.


He sped towards her direction, arriving in front of her in nearly an instant as her body bounced from the ground towards the air again.

He raised his right palm as he arrived in front of her causing her eyes to widen slightly.

"Gustav... You wouldn't slap a girl ri..." She hadn't even managed to complete her sentence when Gustav's palm came cras.h.i.+ng onto her left cheek.


A thunderous slap reverberated across the place as Ada was sent flying towards the side with her figure reducing back to its original size.


She landed on the ground and slid several feet away before stopping.

"Hey, what was that for?" She voiced out while standing to her feet.

"It's a spar, and I decided not to go easy on you like the last times," Gustav said while walking toward her.

"Come on, let's continue there are still other abilities I wish to test out," He added.

"You were going easy on me those other times?" Ada had a look of disbelief as she voiced out.

"Alright, I forfeit," She added before Gustav could get any closer.

"Hey, come on it was just starting to get fun. You put in more effort the other times," Gustav voiced out with a look of dissatisfaction.

"I do not wish to be tossed about like a ragdoll today," She voiced with a chuckle.

"Tch, you were asking to spar since and now you're running," Gustav said before turning around to leave.

"Hehe looks like little Gustav is looking for who to pound," She voiced out as she ran after him.

"Gustav-sama, I wish to be pounded but in a different way," She said with a sneaky smile as she arrived beside him.

"Uh? What are you talking about?"