The Bloodline System - Chapter 806 - The Return

Chapter 806 - The Return

Chapter 806 - The Return

"Yes, we got an instruction from the higherups recently to give you some vigorous personal training exercises in preparation for your next mission," Officer Mag stated.

"Oh I see," Gustav said with a look of understanding.

"It will also include tests in which we'd pa.s.s information of your performance to the higher ups later on," Officer Mag explained to him.

"The Isshur mountains area is the location we have picked... It may still be changed depending on the types of training you'll get," Officer Mag stated.


Later in the evening, Gustav was seated in his room, reminiscing about all the training he had undergone today.

Since it's been over five months already, Gustav really couldn't find any challenge in any of the different training courses. It was like, he had risen beyond everything, and the only thing he needed right now was to leave camp and complete his goals.

Nothing here was really a challenge for him anymore, but he was hoping the personal training exercises he would be having with the training officers would be something.

Gustav also recalled the duels he had coming up.

"The number one hundred and twenty seventh on the final year ranking board, Rufai Adams... Tomorrow," Gustav muttered as he recalled information on the first final year cadet he would be dueling.

He also recalled that this particular cadet's bloodline was related to light.

Gustav didn't really source for information on the final year cadets he would be battling, but he had heard a thing or two about the cadets at the top two hundred on the rankings.

Gustav's memory was so good that he would never forget anything even though he had heard that only once.

At this point, the information about Gustav having upcoming battles with final year cadets had spread all across the camp. Some felt he was too accepting these challenges and hoped he lost, while others were genuinely interested in seeing how it would play out.

Gustav was, after all, known as the fastest rising MBO cadet in all of history, even currently surpa.s.sing Miss Aimee's speed.

Miss Aimee was already beyond Gustav's current bloodline rank at the time she was a second year, but she got into MBO camp when she was already at a rank higher than Gilberk, unlike Gustav.

Also, Miss Aimee had been going through vigorous training since her childhood days, unlike Gustav, who just started about two years ago. Not everyone knew this information, but those who did were still astonished as to how Gustav was pulling this off.

Gustav didn't care for the debate going on all across camp about the upcoming duels. Whether or not he was on the level of the final year cadets, he wouldn't back down.

None of the final year cadets had gone beyond Echo rank as well. The highest was still said to be a peak Echo rank, and Gustav was currently at the second step.

Some final-year cadets were even below the second step, and some hadn't even achieved Echo rank yet, so it was normal that Gustav was being compared to them all this time. After all, most of his second-year peers still hadn't even achieved the Falcon rank.

This was one of the reasons it was too much for them when he was grouped against some of them in training sessions.

Gustav decided to channel his bloodline in the meantime since his first battle would occur the next day. He was a little excited and hoping he'd be able to use more strength.


Hours into channeling his bloodline, Gustav suddenly opened his eyes as he sensed something.


His perception spread across the building, towards the surrounding buildings, and then across the entire residential area.

He could sense a strange outburst of bloodline energies.

A smirk appeared on his face as he moved towards his room door and opened it. At the exact same time he did so, a vortex opened up right in front of his door with two people walking out of it.

"You guys," Gustav voiced out as he stared at the two who had just arrived.

One was a dark-skinned handsome-looking male with afro-styled hair and a six-foot-tall frame. The other was a beautiful-looking male with a height of at least 7'2 with silver-colored long hair that reached his lower back, and his eyes just happened to be closed.

"We're back," Aildris and E.E voiced out at the same time.

"Took you guys long enough," Gustav voiced out while exchanging fist b.u.mps and secret handshakes with E.E and Aildris.

They moved into Gustav's room together while laughing.

"You guys look a bit different. Must have been one h.e.l.l of a mission," Gustav voiced out while scrutinizing the both of them.

Aildris had gotten taller and his presence even stronger, while E.E's hair had become even bus.h.i.+er than before. His presence was calm and refined, which depicted a kind of progress.

"Oh, my missions were nothing grand, but they were quite interesting. I got to try a lot of things out," Aildris stated.

"You're one to talk. Look at you and it's only been five months," E.E said while scrutinizing Gustav's long dirty blonde hair from behind.

"You've decided to grow out your hair?" Aildris asked.

"Haha no, I'll definitely cut it back to it's initial look before I leave here for my next mission. I'm just leaving it be for now," Gustav responded.

"It really doesn't look bad this way," Aildris voiced out.

"I kind of dig the look too... Braiding it wouldn't be bad as well, hehe and adding a bit of makeup, I'm sure the guys would love you," E.E stated from the side with a burst of sketchy laughter.

"Hey, what the h.e.l.l? haha," Gustav elbowed E.E from the side as he burst into laughter.

Gustav proceeded to ask about the others as well and when they'd be returning. E.E and Aildris said they made contact with everyone before returning, and they'd probably all be arriving back in camp this week.

Gustav was glad to hear this. Everyone seemed to have completed their missions just fine, without accidents.