The Bloodline System - Chapter 803 - I Already Accepted

Chapter 803 - I Already Accepted

Chapter 803 - I Already Accepted

"Looks like I might be able to use more strength compared to my spars with Ada," Gustav voiced out loud.

He proceeded to pick yes to all of the challenges, wanting to test his strength level properly before he left the MBO camp next month.

He noticed that the date of two of these issued challenges fell on the same day while another two fell on the same week, and the only earliest one was on a different week and day compared to the others.

"Next week, huh," Gustav said with a contemplative expression.

He didn't mind the dates being like this at all. Even if two fights were on the same day, Gustav still wouldn't mind battling them. This wasn't because he was being conceited or too It was because he'd been aching for a good fight.

If Elevora was around, he'd have sparred with her instead. She was the only peer whose growth Gustav considered almost on par with his, and he also acknowledged her to be quite powerful.

Kom! Kom! Kom! Kom!

Gustav heard a knock on his door in the next instant. He heaved a low sigh as he moved towards the door.


The door slid towards the side, and two male cadets stood in front.

These two had really powerful energy oozing from them, and one could tell instantly that they were strong.

The one on the left had puffy brown hair in front of him, and the other to his right had white shoulder-length hair.

"The great Gustav Crimson himself, the one who sees himself to be above everyone... The one everyone is comparing to final year cadets... The one who doesn't know his place and dares to look down on even his seniors!" The male with white hair voiced out with a tone of annoyance.

"Accept the challenge, Crimson, or maybe you don't really have the b.a.l.l.s to fight me," The one in front of Gustav said with a condescending tone as his eyes turned into slits.

"He really doesn't ha..."

"I already accepted," Gustav voiced out before the one on the right could complete his sentence.



The door got shut in their faces as Gustav returned inside.

The two stood there staring at each other with dumbfounded expressions for a few seconds before they finally decided to leave.

Gustav shook his head as he returned to his bed area.

'Was there really any need for that?' Gustav was disappointed that these final-year cadets thought he would refuse the challenge and even decided to come here themselves to force him to accept.

It would seem they were desperate in wanting to defeat Gustav and show the whole of the MBO camp that they were still better than Gustav despite his rising popularity.

For the stunt they had just tried to pull, Gustav made a decision in his mind, not only to enjoy the battle but also to humiliate them before winning.


In an unknown wilderness in a part of the earth, a silver blur raced across the yellow sands as blasts rang out all across the place.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

She was fast enough to outrun all these explosions as she kept darting across the place in a zig-zag fas.h.i.+on.

This place was literally in the middle of nowhere, but battle troops could be seen scattered all over the place.

Some mechanical moving weapons shot all kinds of artillery across the place as troops in MBO uniforms clashed with a group clad in black sky blue and black outfits.

There were over two hundred of them currently battling. Abilities were unleashed all over the place, causing blasts to ring out.

The MBO troops outmatched the gang they were presently battling with, but the gang had their gigantic weapons stationed in different spots of the battlefield, which were powerful enough to go against the Mixedblood officers.

A lot of them had gotten injured from blasts that were powerful enough to bring down a whole mountain.

The silver streak speeding across this battlefield that seemed to be in the middle of nowhere picked up the injured MBO officers laid across the place and kept running in the opposite direction.


A wall of sand was created behind the streak as it disappeared into the distance, escaping from the range of the battlefield.

In a few moments, the streak arrived at an area with ma.s.sive tents and moved towards the one in the middle.

Plop! Plop! Plop!

The instant she dropped the three injured officers she had carried, a group of MBO officers in white outfits, which depicted they were the medical team, came out to treat the injured officers.

"Good job officer Angy," One of them voiced out with a nod.

"Hnm, I'm going back to help some more," Angy voiced out before speeding off once more.

"Be careful," One of them voiced out, but she was already gone.

Wind blasted across the place a few moments after she disappeared into the distance.


On a fortress situated above a high hill surrounded by snow and ice, two figures covered in hairy sweater outfits could be seen standing atop the roof of this fortress.

They had black helmets covering their faces as well.

One of them squatted on this rooftop with both hands placed on it while the second one stood behind, seemingly waiting.

"It's done, we have to leave now," The one squatting voiced out to the one behind.

"Let's go," He voiced out while stretching his hand forward.


A purplish vortex opened up, and they proceeded to jump in.


Within another location where a facility in the midst of an unknown forest, a squad of MBO officers gathered around this threshold.

A family of three was being escorted out of the facility, while seven bulky men could be seen in restraints at a particular side of the facility.

"Yeah, we're done here," One of them voiced through a communication device, and three aircraft showed up a few seconds later.