The Bloodline System - Chapter 802 - Final Year Challengers

Chapter 802 - Final Year Challengers

Chapter 802 - Final Year Challengers

Also, looking on the bright side, his Yarki was now even more powerful than before after it was unsealed. His Yarki had evolved.

Not only was he able to use its initial ability on a larger scale but even a new ability had been added to it.

Gustav closed the panel after some time and checked his progress on the five-year quests.




[Progress: 24.80/100%]





[Time Elapsed]

<1.5 Years>



The first quest's progress still hadn't changed since he got the research material from Sir ZiL back in Burning Sands city. He had managed to acquire two-quarters of Sir ZiL's research compilation on the disappearance of Humbad, which boosted his progress.

This is proof that he was on the right path but right now Gustav was actually trying to check his progress on becoming the most powerful Mixedblood on earth.

"Hmm, just how powerful is this person... I know the most powerful is either Miss Aimee or the famed Jack s.h.i.+rwin... Even with all my training progress, coupled with the boost of the system I haven't even managed to reach 30% of their strength," Gustav was a bit disappointed as he saw this.

In the next six months, only three years would be left for him to complete these quests and he felt his progress was really staggering.

The higher a mixedblood climbed in strength, the harder it was to get to the next level which was what made Gustav worry the most.

He could only decide to put more effort into training and hope it would be enough.

Gustav hadn't forgotten the one-year quest he was issued six months back.



[Time Elapsed]



This was a quest he would need to plan intelligently before he could complete it. There was not nearly enough time to do so after his situation in Burning Sands city months back.

He had to return to Plankton City to give Boss Danzo proper burial rites. He stayed there for about a day more, spending time in the neighborhood which had turned peaceful. He also has Angy's family.

After spending some time in Plankton City, he traveled to Brihuman City to get the second quarter of Sir ZiL's research, which he then brought back to camp.

There was no time to try and complete the one-year quest, so he already decided he would handle it when next he was given the chance to come out of the MBO camp.

He also had to make plans because he would literally be committing a criminal act in one of the most secure locations in the world. He didn't have any intention of messing things up or letting something similar to what had happened in Burning Sands City repeat itself.

"My next mission should be issued a month from now," Gustav thought out loud.

This was his current focus as of now. The instant he was issued a mission and managed to complete it, he would embark on this research mission before the one-year duration was up.

He would only need one day to complete the mission after all since it would be infiltration and extraction but he had to plan longer than that so the quest could be completed without a hitch.

Gustav was also itching to leave camp and test out all the new abilities he had acquired and those he had upgraded in the real world.

It had been over five months since he engaged in any serious combat, but he had a feeling that would be changing soon enough.

Kom! Kom!

He heard a knock on the door which brought him out of his reverie. Closing the system interface, Gustav moved towards the door to open it.

He saw two boxes in front of his door. One white and the other blue. Gustav already knew whoever knocked earlier only came to deliver this, so he picked them up and moved back in.

The white box was a familiar one he was already used to but Gustav's eyebrows were furrowed as he stared at it. Even though he didn't open it, he already knew that the box was empty.

"Looks like no one issued a challenge this time," Gustav voiced out as he kept the box by the side.

The white box was usually delivered by every month's end and this was also where cadets of the same years would issue challenges to special cla.s.s cadets for a chance to take their spot.

A lot of second years had returned months back from their first mission and resumed training normally with Gustav. Most of them were normal cadets and only a few were special cla.s.s.

Gustav would still occasionally get challenges from one or two persons but now it would seem everyone from his set had accepted the fact that he was unbeatable, so n.o.body bothered issuing a challenge this time.

Angy, E.E, Aildris, Falco, Elevora, Matilda, and the others still hadn't returned to camp yet. Gustav suspected that they were either issued a very difficult and time-consuming mission or they were given another mission after completing their second.

Either way, he was sure, all of them would most likely be returning soon before he left camp once again on his next mission.

Gustav proceeded to check the blue box which was where personalized challenges not relating to the monthly challenge were placed.

Five small round devices could be seen inside which meant Gustav was issued personal challenges by five different people.

He proceeded to check them one after the other, causing rays of light to shoot into the air, forming holographic projections, which pa.s.sed across the challenge as well as the challenger's information.

After checking through all five issued challenges, Gustav had a slight look of excitement on his face.

"Interesting... All five of them are final year cadets and they seem pretty high up on the rankings," Gustav voiced out with a look of intrigue.

"Looks like I might be able to use more strength compared to my spars with Ada,"