The Bloodline System - Chapter 801 - Very Noticeable Progress

Chapter 801 - Very Noticeable Progress

Chapter 801 - Very Noticeable Progress

This dark beauty began walking forward at a quick pace as she tried catching up with Gustav.

She was 5'9, with puffy curly hair and glamorous dark skin. Presently, her face was an epitome of beauty mixed with an expression of goofiness. She had a curvy figure and ma.s.sive body a.s.sets behind and in front of her, making her shape look incredibly alluring.

Her full lips which had a mixture of pink and chocolate color curved at the edges, depicting just how jovial she was as she ran circles around Gustav.

"Ada, stop following me," Gustav voiced out.

"I thought we were gonna spar today," She said while bouncing around the place.

"We sparred yesterday," Gustav reminded her.

"Yes, I lost... I want a rematch," Ada responded while still jumping around.

"You said that yesterday... And the day before... And the day before... And the day Before..." Gustav voiced out as his eyes dropped.

"Tehehe it's not my fault, you didn't go easy on me," She said while raising her shoulders up shamelessly.

"And you're supposed to be a final year," Gustav felt like bas.h.i.+ng his head against the tree right now.

"Oi, come on now we are not all ridiculously strong like you... Besides you still haven't defeated Greg or Anthony or Priya or Hhidlnar..." Ada kept voicing out different names.

"But I have defeated you... I'm good with that," Gustav said while walking forward.

"Meh, you defeated one of the weakest... To be a big shot you have to defeat the strongest ones," Ada didn't even seem to mind that she was defeated by Gustav and kept tutting away shamelessly.

Gustav sighed internally knowing he'd never be able to get rid of this chatterbox unless he headed back to his room.

"See you later Ada," Gustav voiced out as he arrived at the intersection on which the left led back to his room area.

"Wait Gustav, you didn't show up at the simulation training center today, did you forget that the inspectors were around?" She asked before Gustav could runoff.

"Oh. that? Nah, I didn't forget. Since I already completed all the levels of the simulation training course, there was no point in being there," Gustav voiced out with an unbothered expression.

"You already did?" Ada's eyes widened slightly as she heard that.

"It would be a waste of time for me... What would I do? Spectate the others?" Gustav added before resuming moving forward.

"...But the others that have also completed it were in attendance..." A gust of wind was the response Ada got after saying this because Gustav had already disappeared from the spot.


Minutes later Gustav was in his room sitting on his bed with a look of contemplation.


[Host Attributes]

-Name: Gustav Crimson

-Level: 70

-Cla.s.s: Metamorphic Sub Parallel Being

-Exp: 9,235,000/27,800,000

-Hp: 52,000/52,000

-Energy: 27,500/27,500


Strength: 305

Perception: 302

Mental Fort.i.tude: 306

Agility: 311

Speed: 307

Bravery: 310

Intelligence: 305

Charm: 107

Defence: 302

Vitality: 304

Endurance: 309

{Attributes points: 121}


He was staring at the data of his current attributes. During these last five months, he had focused on training a lot and completed every single side quest he had received from the system, giving him a lot of boosts.

The system had been providing him with different kinds of tasks daily and even regular side quests and emergency quests which he had to complete within the camp.

It would seem most of this was done to appropriate Gustav with a lot of points and rewards so he could improve in strength even faster than before.

Besides all these, Gustav had also focused on training his bloodline abilities and spent hours channelling his bloodline each day. He had even stayed days channeling his bloodline before when he was on the verge of breaking through to Echo rank.

Even though he missed the camp drills for those few days of absence he wasn't disturbed because in year two everyone was licensed with a few days absence to training each month.

Currently, Gustav was at the second step of Echo rank but his strength far outmatched that of an Echo rank which always put looks of astonishment on everyone's faces.

Gustav proceeded to check his skills and Abilities panel.


[Skills and Abilities]

Dash (Level max)

Sprint (Level max)

Chop (Level 14)

Slash (Level 16)

G.o.d Eyes (Level 11)

Hover (Level 7)

Combination (Level 5)

Super Jump (Level 13)

Strength boost (Level 2)

Bloodline Acquisition (Level max)

Bloodline hold (Level 2)

Bloodline Transfer (Level 2)



Gustav's skills and abilities had about seven panels and he had managed to unlock the Abilities in four panels already, there were still three panels left.

All of the Abilities and Skills here were system-related, so they had to be raised level by level.

The only way to do that was by consistently making use of the specific abilities or getting rewards from the system that leveled up every ability. He had never made use of some of them but they had moved up a level because of this.

Gustav was currently conflicted because he had maxed out Dash and Sprint levels a long time ago.

His speed was still increasing due to the points he added to his speed attribute points daily and his continuous growth in bloodline rank which would get boosted even further whenever he activated Sprint and Dash.

However, he didn't want this to be the limit for them even though there was still a combination available to surpa.s.s that limit. But even with his thoughts and desires, there still had been no change in any of them even after repeated usage over the last five months.

He even used his credits to get some information about breaking limits from the system's shop yet the information was unable to help him with this. It cost him a lot of credits even though the information did not serve its desired purpose, Gustav had made use of it to train his other abilities which aided in his speedy growth over the past few months.