The Bloodline System - Chapter 79 - Monthly Quest Completed

Chapter 79 - Monthly Quest Completed

Chapter 79 - Monthly Quest Completed

'Does this mean I might be able to extract this bloodline without it being reduced in grade?' Gustav wondered.

He felt this was probably going to be the case and was eager to confirm it.

"Yes," He muttered with an intrigued look.

[Host has decided to acquire this bloodline]

[Bloodline extraction will now begin]

Gustav saw the bar start to move after the notification appeared.

He waited for about five minutes before notifications started popping up in his line of sight.


[Congratulations! Host has acquired Gravitational Charge Bloodline]

[Monthly Quest, acquire a C-grade bloodline has been completed]


<All stats +2>

<New attribute has been unlocked: Defense>

<200,000 exp>

[Host has leveled up]

[Host has leveled up]

[Host has leveled up]


Notifications rang out repeatedly in his head.

Originally he would be feeling headache from hearing the sound of numerous notifications but right now it was like music to his ears.

He stared at the notifications and smirked.

"Now those are what I call rewards," Gustav voiced out in excitement.

He brought out two pills from his pocket and placed them in Charles's mouth before tying him up and gagging him like Gordon.

After Gustav was done he looked around the bathroom and noticed it was in a messy state.

He would have choked Charles like he did with Gordon but it would only prolong the fight.

If Charles were to activate his bloodline while Gustav was making contact with him, Gustav would get numbed temporarily.

He already suspected that even with all the squeezing or whatever he decided to try Charles would still be able to activate his bloodline regardless so he decided to go with a heavy beating.

Gustav brought out a small black bottle and opened it.

He moved around the scene and poured out the content in different spots.

A blueish powdery substance poured out and spread across the surroundings.

There was no difference between the state of the room earlier and now. Only Gustav knew the purpose of the powder since it didn't change anything in the atmosphere.

After doing that Gustav washed his hands at the faucet and put his looks in order before leaving the bathroom.

He walked out of the room and arrived at the corridor that led to the stairs.

His expression right now was that of a haughty young master. Exactly how Gordon acted.

While walking across the corridor, the guard that followed them here was coming from the opposite direction.

He saw Gustav coming from the other side and bowed slightly.

Gustav stared at him with disgust before speaking, "Don't disturb Charles, he's busy right now,"

"Young master I can't do that, it's already late, his father will be expecting him," The guard answered.

"Alright then go! I wonder how Charles will deal with you after you disturb his pleasure time!" Gustav said and kept walking forward.

The guard's face paled as he heard that.

"Young master, what about you? Why are you not joining him?" The guard turned around and asked.

"Because I'm done, you big oaf... I'm going to wait in the car, you better don't disturb him until he's done," Gustav said without turning around.

He walked towards the stairways ahead and walked down the stairs.

The guard kept staring in the direction where Gustav headed for a few seconds before gulping down spit and walking towards the room where everything went down.

He got to the front of the door and reached out for the button that controlled the opening and shutting of the door.

He stopped himself when his finger was only a few centimeters from touching the button.

"Let me wait for a few more minutes," He said and moved to the side of the entrance to stand.

Gustav who had already gotten to the elevator that led down sighed in relief.

A drop of sweat had already appeared on his forehead.

'That was an expert that is on the same level with the person who abducted me,' Gustav cleaned the drop of sweat on his head as the elevator descended.

Gustav wondered where Gordon and Charles got the guts to speak to him anyhow they willed.

The way he spoke to the guard earlier was similar to Gordon's method of speaking.

Disrespect, haughtiness, and lack of regard.

'Does this mean background matters more than power or does power matter more?' Gustav couldn't see someone as powerful as miss Aimee bowing to some group of brats as they trash-talked her.

He knew the guard wasn't as powerful but even with that, he didn't expect that someone at that level of strength would just choose to be a lackey.

He couldn't wrap his head around it no matter how much he tried.

He placed that behind him as the elevator reached the ground floor.

The ground floor was always crowded due to it being accessible to everyone regardless of their status.

Immediately Gustav walked amidst the crowd of people he transformed into a random person and left through the exit.


An hour later Gustav was in his bedroom reminiscing about today's event.

It went just as planned but it could have gone really bad, had that guard decided to enter the room.

"I wonder if they'll this attend school after all this... Probably not, those bastards can't take the shame after all but it doesn't change the fact that they'll be seen as trash as from now on," Gustav muttered with a look of gratification.

He felt shapeshifting was really convenient for getting a lot of sneaky deeds done.

His mind went back to how he started planning all this last week.

Last week he asked Boss Danzo about a recipe he could add to any meal that would cause severe diarrhea.

Originally this illness was something that could be fixed by downing a single healing pill but Gustav asked Boss Danzo for specific recipes that would cause the illness to remain even after downing a bottle of healing pills.

Boss Danzo asked what he needed that for but Gustav answered that it was only for research.

Boss Danzo gave him some concoctions that could be mixed to achieve that effect.

After getting how to mixed the concoctions, Gustav used them to prepare an odorless and tasteless oil.

This morning he used that oil to cook a separate meal.

Gustav had been able to access the second floor of the Highschool cafeteria since he started training with miss Aimee.

There were times he would assist the chefs in serving food to the mixed-bloods.

He decided to do that again today and made use of the opportunity to serve Gordon that special food.