The Bloodline System - Chapter 800 - Six Hours Underwater

Chapter 800 - Six Hours Underwater

Chapter 800 - Six Hours Underwater

Although twenty-nine other cadets had also cleared this course, it was spectacular not just because cadets in their final years were numbered in the thousands but this meant that every other cadet that had completed it was a final year cadet.

A final year cadet was two above the second years and yet a second year had managed to finish a course that many other seniors hadn't completed.

"Are you sure?" One of them had to ask again.

"That's why his name was skipped on the list. I could show you footage of his time here if you want to see," The training officer voiced out before moving to make some settings.

In a few moments, different footage were being displayed on the holographic screen and all three inspectors watched with awe-stricken faces.

"How is he improving at such a quick pace?" The female inspector could not hide her astonishment.

"This is in no way normal... He seems to be displaying strength beyond the Echo rank,"

"Frightening progress has been noted. This needs to be brought to the attention of the higher-ups,"

The other two inspectors voiced out as well as they took note.

Meanwhile, underwater, a charming figure with floating dirty blonde hair sat at the bottom of a river.

His legs were crossed as he sat at the bottom of the river with his eyes closed and his upper body bare. His glistening smooth skin and his muscular frame were quite visible under the river even though it was dimly lit.

His hands were clasped together as he stayed silently in the same position for a long time without moving an inch and breathing in or out.

It almost looked like he was a statue dumped in the water but his glistening skin and his floating long dirty blonde hair depicted otherwise.

After what seemed like hours, his eyelids finally twitched and he slowly opened his eyes.

A golden glow appeared in his eyeb.a.l.l.s for a moment before disappearing. He slowly stood to his feet and began to walk underwater.

His movement was sluggish and carefree but it radiated with mightiness and pride. In a few seconds of walking, his head poked out from the surface of the river, and his figure was revealed bit as bit the further he walked.

The rays of light coming from the sun shone on his drenched figure as his hair which was initially floating underwater dropped down to his shoulders.

He looked so G.o.dly as he walked out of the river with just his white pants. Well-chiseled abs were displayed with his broad and muscular chest as he arrived at the sh.o.r.e.

[Daily Task Completed (3/3): Stay underwater for six hours without breathing ]

He stared at the system notification for a few seconds before letting it clear from his line of sight.

'Why not make it twelve hours next time, so I'll be unable to attend any of the camp drills?' Gustav said internally with obvious rhetorical hints.

("I don't generate the tasks... I mean I do... But I don't, it's hard to explain and your puny brain would be unable to comprehend,") The system voiced out in his head.

'Sure sure... Just say you lack control,' Gustav said internally with a light chuckle.


'Who's the puny one now?' Gustav said with a tone of ridicule.

("I live inside you... I could cause both your kidneys and your liver to fail right now,") The system reminded him.

'Why attack my liver now? Aren't my kidneys enough for you?'

("You'd still be alive if both kidneys were gone but if I was to add your liver to the fray now, hehe...") The cute girly voice of the system echoed in his mind along with her evil laughter.

'Fine you win this round,' Gustav said internally as he arrived in front of a tree up ahead.

Currently, Gustav was looking like he had grown a little bit above six feet and his body had become broader. His skin glistened like that of a baby's.

His hair had grown so long, it was covering his nape.

It looked like the five months that went by were spent doing a lot of training as Gustav's presence radiated pressure, subconsciously.


His body temperature suddenly rose immensely, causing all the water on his body to dry up.


His upper MBO outfit appeared in his hand as he prepared to put it on.

"How long do you intend to watch?" Gustav suddenly voiced out as he wore the top of his uniform.

"d.a.m.n, you noticed me?" A feminine voice was heard from up ahead but no one could be seen in the vicinity.

"Just because you became very tiny doesn't mean you'll be able to escape my range of perception," Gustav said while staring at a part of the tree.

Within the cracks on the barks, a small dot that was barely visible suddenly flew out, pa.s.sing Gustav's left shoulder area.


A bright light shone behind Gustav and a dark beauty appeared in place.

"Sheesh, you were looking hot as f.u.c.k when coming out from the river, you sure you ain't a reincarnation of some ancient G.o.d or sumn?" She voiced out while staring at Gustav with a look of adorable.

Gustav turned around with a nonchalant look and stared at her, "G.o.ds do not exist... Can't you guys let go of that fairytale? It's been thousands of years already," He voiced out.

"Haha, everyone is ent.i.tled to their beliefs, Gustav," She said while moving her face closer to his, trying to inspect it.

"Angy sure is one lucky girl," She said while slightly tilting her face.

Gustav placed his right hand on her face and pushed her backward.

"Your spittle is flying," He voiced out while proceeding to turn around.

"Haha that was a good burn, you're so cruel I'll be sure to get you back," The dark beauty voiced out as Gustav walked away.

Gustav couldn't be bothered to answer as he kept walking away.

This dark beauty began walking forward at a quick pace as she tried catching up with Gustav.