The Bloodline System - Chapter 799 - All Levels Scaled

Chapter 799 - All Levels Scaled

Chapter 799 - All Levels Scaled

-Five Months Later

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Mountains on the sides of a canyon exploded into smithereens as a figure sped across the surface of the stream in the middle of this insanely long canyon.

The mountains crumbled down, falling towards the silhouette das.h.i.+ng across the water.

Fwwiii~ Fwhiii~

The figure leaped multiple times and flipped across the air dodging some of the mountain pieces which had been turned into projectiles.

Trrrroooiinn~ Trrroooinn~

Two flying mechanical humanoid bots appeared on both sides of mountains along the canyon.

Circular head-sized flying machines appeared on both sides as well and began shooting out blue pencil-sized beams towards the figure running across the stream.

The figure performed lots of moves dodging the multiple beams being shot across the place skillfully while still charging across the surface of the stream.

At this point, the figure was closing in on the end of the canyon even though the entire vicinity was clouded by beams flying around with immense speed.

The two ma.s.sive mechs flying shot out two circular beams towards the front which slammed into each other connected together and started increasing in size.

Trrrrhiiiiihh~ Trrhha~ Krrrrhh~

It crackled with electricity immensely as it expanded, making contact with the water as a dangerous electromagnetic field was created.


The figure kept charging towards the field of electricity like they couldn't see it.



A jet of water was blasted across the air from behind as the figure suddenly accelerated with a speed that caused them to become almost invisible.


The figure appeared over a thousand feet away in an instant, arriving at the end of the canyon.


The whole vicinity suddenly began to glitch and dematerialize after he arrived at the end of the cannon. The mountains began to disappear along with the streams and the sky with the sun.

The environment s.h.i.+rnked down and in a few more seconds, the place had transformed into a dark s.p.a.ce lit up with several floating gems.


An automated AI voice rang out across the vicinity as the ground below the figure began to move.

It moved him, forward allowing him to arrive at the entrance of this dark s.p.a.ce.

Up ahead a gla.s.s wall could be seen and three people in MBO outfits were standing on the other side.

"Good job clearing level 47, only about thirteen more levels left for you to complete this course," The one with a black buzz cut in the midst of the three voiced out.

"Cadet Vul Brown, we'll be recommending you for a four-star mission soon which will help your ranking if you manage to perform well enough," The lady on the left with teal green tied hair voiced out.

"Thank you," The figure which happened to be a 5'11 male voiced out in appreciation.

"Make sure to put in your best efforts," The second male with a face full of purple tentacles voiced out.

"I will," He said with a light smile while bowing slightly before walking towards the exit.

The three stood in place, waiting for him to leave completely.

"Next candidate is Gustav Crimson," The one in the middle voiced out as he stared at the holographic projection in front of them that showed them a list.

"The Gustav Crimson? Hero kid?" The female officer by the left voiced out with a slightly astonished look.

"Hmm, he is the one," The male officer with the buzz cut voiced out once more.

"Interesting, it would be nice to see his progress, he should be graduating in the next six months, yeah?" The tentacled face officer said with an intrigued expression.

"Hmm he should, but that would only be determined by how he performs in his upcoming missions which would most likely be issued in the coming months," The male officer with a buzz cut answered.

"He should be cla.s.sified a year three now since he has spent one and a half year being a cadet," The male officer with a buzz cut added.

"Then where is he? Why hasn't he come in yet?" The female officer voiced out with a look of confusion.

"That is odd, he should be in by now," The tentacled face man voiced out.


The holographic screen in front of them suddenly moved the highlight to the next name on the list.

"Why was his name skipped? Did he decide to miss this evaluation when knowing we inspectors will be here today?" The female officer voiced out with a tone of annoyance as she stared at the screen.


The door behind them slid open and an MBO training officer walked in.

"Where is Cadet Gustav?" The female office with the teal green hair voiced out.

"Officer Crimson already completed this course some time ago. The AI was just following the program since a completed course cannot be redone," The MBO training officer voiced out.

It would seem every other person that had arrived here to scale one level or the other were only trying out the levels they had stopped initially and were unable to go beyond. If a cadet had already pa.s.sed all the levels they would be unable to partic.i.p.ate in this course anymore.

"What did you say?"

"He completed all the levels already?"

"Aren't there sixty levels in this course?"

The inspectors voiced out in disbelief.

"Yes there are sixty levels and he cleared the last one a few days prior to your arrival," The training officer responded.

"The last cadet that had just cleared level 47..." The inspector with a tentacle-like face stated.

"Cadet Vul Brown?" The training officer voiced out.

"Yes... Isn't he in his final year?" The inspector inquired.

The training officer understood their looks of disbelief and smiled as he responded,

"Yes, he is... Officer Crimson is quite spectacular being amongst the first thirty cadets to complete all sixty levels of this course and being the first and only cadet to complete this course amongst his fellow second years,"

The inspectors stared at each other in shock.

'Unbelievable,' This was the thought circulating through their minds.