The Bloodline System - Chapter 798 - The Situation Of The Infected

Chapter 798 - The Situation Of The Infected

Chapter 798 - The Situation Of The Infected

His popularity peaked across the world around a year ago too. He had to face issues like this but when he got out of camp for his mission, he wasn't as recognized as back then.

The whole popularity saga was coming to an end and he was returning to being unnoticed by the world, but this happened again, a year later and now, it would definitely take time for the world to start forgetting about him once more.

On the bright side, he would be returning to camp soon enough, so all this would die down while he was in camp. He just hoped that a year later he wouldn't be put in the spotlight by another event.

Little did he know...

"Where did you go earlier?" Angy asked.

"Just had to deal with one or two things, nothing major," Gustav responded while recalling the image of burning skulls in his mind.

A look of gratification appeared on his face, 'I guess it pays to have the most powerful female mixedblood as your teacher,' He thought internally.

"Where did Miss Aimee go?" Gustav asked after noticing that she hadn't been in sight since he arrived back.

"She told us to inform you that she had reports to take care of," Aildris responded.

This made Gustav recall that Miss Aimee was indeed on a particular mission before she came here. The whole Jabal situation from his first MBO mission.

He figured she probably hadn't finished handling it before she came over to find him after discovering what happened. A warm fuzzy feeling arose in him as he smiled.

What Gustav didn't know was Miss Aimee had already finished dealing with the situation and even managed to save an entire city, larger than twice the size of Burning Sands.

Unlike his current turn of events which was a sham, Miss Aimee actually saved a whole city from an outbreak that could potentially harm the world.

Even as she had done this, only the MBO and a few world powers were aware of this feat that had been added to her collection of feats. Miss Aimee was able to hide from the spotlight.

She successfully completed a ten-star mission, which could have graduated to a higher star if Miss Aimee hadn't dealt with it instantly. Regardless of her efforts, she wasn't getting praised by the world because she instantly disappeared from the scene the moment she completed the mission.

This was Miss Aimee's way of doing things and Gustav would have to learn how to be similar in the future if he wanted to stay out of the spotlight.


Within an underwater facility, over ten thousand feet underneath the ocean a masked man in a red jacket could be seen standing in front of a gla.s.s wall where a few people with weird-looking skin colors were kept.

"Some citizens were affected by it," Red Shadow voiced out through a communication device with a sigh.

-"Hmm, have they all been rounded up?" A solemn feminine voice could be heard from the other end of the communication.

"So far we've rounded up the ones that showed symptoms and the tech guys here are creating something we could use to easily figure out the affected ones so we can round them up before it escalates," Red Shadow said while staring at the ash-colored little girl on the other end of the gla.s.s.

The girl had ashy skin like the others and small fingers were growing out of different parts of her body. She looked scared as she stared at Red Shadow before looking around her as well.

Every other person isolated behind the gla.s.s walls had different symptoms but all had ashy colored skin.

It was unknown if Red Shadow had a look of pity underneath his mask or not, but it was obvious he that this situation generated an unsettling feeling for him.

-"So, it wasn't noticed until now?" Miss Aimee voiced out from the other side.

"Yes, it would seem it takes about two weeks for symptoms to manifest, for some it might take longer since it attacks D.N.A," Red Shadow responded.

-"Has it been determined trans.m.u.table through touch or any other means?" She questioned once again.

"It is... Trans.m.u.table," Red Shadow confirmed Miss Aimee's worries.

-"Then we have to get to work on finding the affected ones, immediately," Miss Aimee voiced out but before she could end the communication Red Shadow spoke.

"Miss, I'd advise you to come for a check-up too since you were the closest to the fog storm," He proposed.

-"I'm fine," Miss Aimee answered with an uninterested tone.

"Miss, with what I've seen here this thing is not an ordinary infection... Even with your strength and wading it back, it still managed to infect some people after we all thought it had been completely dealt it... At least that was how it looked like after you were done..." Red Shadow paused at this point before continuing.

"Go for a check-up to make sure you're okay first," Red Shadow insisted.

"...Fine," Miss Aimee responded before ending the call.

Red Shadow observed the people on the other end of the gla.s.s before walking away.


In a flash, a few days had gone by and it was now time for Gustav to say goodbye to Burning Sands city.

He hoped he'd never have to return here again even though it held a lot of memories for him, especially with this being the last place he was able to see and talk to Boss Danzo before his death.

He was heading to Plankton City with Mara to give Boss Danzo a proper burial rite before heading back to MBO camp. He would only be in Plankton City for a day or two.

The gang had to spilt up here once more even though they were just seeing Gustav again after six months.

They felt like they hadn't really played a hand in helping Gustav even though they were deployed here for their first mission but Gustav was glad to have them here.

Everyone besides Gustav was being sent to one of the MBO bases for new missions, while Miss Aimee had said she was leaving once more to handle a situation.

With this Gustav parted ways with everyone, hoping they'd get to see each other again in six months or less.