The Bloodline System - Chapter 797 - You Harmed My Father!

Chapter 797 - You Harmed My Father!

Chapter 797 - You Harmed My Father!

All across the city cheers could be heard as people clapped their hands in joy after hearing the verdict. The courthouse too was loud at this moment as the people in support of Gustav cheered and began to chant his name.

There were still a few unsatisfied people after hearing the verdict but a majority of the people in the city and those watching the broadcast across the world were glad Gustav was now free.

After all, if such an outbreak occurred, who knows what would have happened to the world.

All this was made up by Gustav after all but no one, except for Miss Aimee, Sir ZiL, Charisas, Marshall, and the rest of his friends knew about the real story.

Gustav had made himself come out a hero, overturning the entire situation for the better.

He walked out of the light confines afterward and gave the judges eye contact before a smirk appeared on his face and he turned around.

The cheers in the vicinity were still loud as Gustav walked through the aisle towards the exit while E.E, Angy, and the others also stood to their feet and surrounded him like bodyguards once more.

The same situation that had played out upon their entry into the court happened once more.

The press was trying to get statements from him, but Gustav chose to remain silent as he moved towards the aircraft parked up ahead. He had already said everything he wanted to say about the case within the court and wanted to put this whole case behind him as soon as possible.

Miss Aimee appeared outside a few moments later and met Gustav standing outside the aircraft with the others.

"I'm guessing my t.i.tle as an MBO officer has been reinstated," Gustav said to Miss Aimee.

"The case is concluded now so yes," Miss Aimee responded.

"Good, I need to take this aircraft to an MBO hold," Gustav voiced out while putting his arms in his pocket.

"Take it," Miss Aimee said with an unbothered expression.

Gustav nodded and jumped into the craft. Angy, E.E, Aildris had confused expressions on their faces like they could tell something was off.

Angy was about to step onto the stairway of the aircraft when Gustav pressed a b.u.t.ton by the side, causing the door to begin closing up.

"I need to take care of something real quick guys. I'll meet you back at the apartment," He voiced out as the door closed up completely, leaving all of them on the outside.

"I wonder where he's going," Matilda stated with a suspicious look.

"Like he said, he needs to take care of something," Miss Aimee said before walking away from the scene.


The aircraft engine lit up and in the next few moments, it lifted up into the sky and disappeared into the distance.

"When did Gustav learn how to pilot an aircraft? What did we miss?" E.E voiced out.

"It's probably on autopilot. If the distance from here to his desired location is not too much, autopilot can handle the flight," Aildris explained.

"Oh I guess that makes sense," E.E responded with a wry chuckle.

"What is he up to now?" Angy said while pouting lightly in dissatisfaction.

"Definitely nothing nice, knowing Gustav," Aildris responded as he stared in the direction the aircraft disappeared in.

Minutes later within a dark cell, Gustav squatted in front of a man with a long brown ponytail and slanted eyes who was currently backed against the wall with a look of fright.

This man was detective Borsh who was the leader of the three who had brutally tortured Boss Danzo during his time in the precinct.

"Ple-ase spare me... I was un-der strict com-mands," He stuttered slightly as he spat out.

"If I had a nickel for every time a villain told me these same words 'Spare me' I'd have made millions by now," Gustav voiced out as he stretched out his hand to cover the face of the detective.

The detective's eyes widened with immense fear as he felt the tight grip on his face and tried to free himself but to no avail.

"I am not a hero... Pretty far from that if I do say so myself. I only do things for my own benefits, but it never includes harming innocents for the sport of it... Y'all are not just villains, you are," Gustav voiced out.

" that don't deserve to be in existence... Haha, I'm a sc.u.m too but..." Gustav's face suddenly turned extremely serious and cold at this instant.

"You harmed my father!"


His right palm suddenly lit up with blue flames after voicing this out.


A loud scream was heard from the cell as Detective Borsh's head was set ablaze. Gustav let go of him at this point and Borsh stood to his feet and began running about the small s.p.a.ce in pain.

"Kiiiiarrrrrhhhhhhh! Arrrrrghhhhhh! It huuurrrttss!!!! Put it out!!!! Kiarrrrhhh! Myy eyeesss!! My earsss! Please!!" He screamed out in agony as his head remained ablaze even after das.h.i.+ng across the place repeatedly.


He slammed into the cell gates by mistake since he was unable to see anything and fell on his back, writhing on the floor, rolling from side to side as the skin on his face burnt off completely along with his long hair.

Gustav watched this scene without a shred of pity in his eyes as Borsh voice kept turning hoa.r.s.e as he pleaded.

"There's still two of your subordinates left..." Gustav voiced out as he walked towards the cell gate.

"Maybe in your next life you'll choose the better option of not harming innocents," Gustav said as he walked out of the cell still ignoring the screams.


Hours later Gustav was back in the apartment with Angy and the others.

"I literally can't go anywhere without people trying to take pictures. I need to leave this city soon," Gustav voiced out with a tired expression.

"You're a celebrity hero now. Learn how to live with the game," E.E stated.

"This reminds me of the entrance exams last year... Is this going to be a yearly thing?" Gustav wondered out loud.