The Bloodline System - Chapter 796 - Hearing Comes To An End

Chapter 796 - Hearing Comes To An End

Chapter 796 - Hearing Comes To An End

Gustav's eyes radiated with bloodl.u.s.t as he watched the three beating Boss Danzo up occasionally and tearing his flesh in different parts.

Then a part where Boss Danzo responded sa.s.sily when they asked who he was made him nearly tear up as he chuckled.


"It was just a good Samaritan, I don't know who he is," Boss Danzo responded.

"Cut the c.r.a.p. A good Samaritan my a.r.s.e. Reveal who he is now before you lose more blood," The slanted eyes man with the ponytail voiced out with a threatening glare.

"He must be Santa, he came bearing Christmas gifts early," Boss Danzo chuckled in response.


The whole city watched the part where Boss Danzo was later tortured till he pa.s.sed out but still didn't reveal Gustav.

It turned out that the tracker they placed in Boss Danzo's body mimicked his internal organs so even when Gustav scanned Boss Danzo for injuries after he was released, he didn't find anything out of the ordinary.

He was even glad that Boss Danzo was unharmed not knowing that he had been given high-grade recovery pills to make sure no traces of injuries remained on his body. Boss Danzo also acted like nothing happened and didn't tell Gustav a thing because he knew Gustav would seek blood if what had happened was revealed to him.

'This is death deserving...' Gustav said internally as he noted the looks of the three who had done the deed.

The hearing continued afterward and other footage was displayed.

Gustav revealed that when they found out he knew about their plans and how he was trying to stop them, they sent mercenaries after him and Boss Danzo after he was granted bail.

He narrated from his point of view how he tried to stop the mercenaries from destroying not just him but also evidence of themselves ever being there, which included killing everyone within a two hundred story tall building.

As acclaimed that they were stronger than he was, he failed to protect a lot of people.

This was where the witnesses who had been in the building at the time, came out to give their testimonies.

Around thirty of them had survived and over twenty of them were present in the courthouse today.

There was no doubt that all these people were present at the first scene of destruction on that day as news outlets had covered them and displayed every one of them in that location on the news.

All of them kept mentioning how Gustav was the hero who had saved them on that day.

Marshall and Charisas came out to give a testimony of how Gustav had protected them as well since they were on scene at the time.

The short footage gotten from Boss Danzo's brain was the only one that could be found of when the incident was going down.

Everyone was able to watch how much destruction was being wreaked upon the place by the three mercenaries who had attacked and how much Gustav tried his best to hold them off and was failing.

It got to the point where he was flung forward and managed to hit Gustav out of the way before the golden beam of light penetrated him.

Charisas and Marshall had explained that they had in it since this was requested by Boss Danzo himself. It was also well-proven through the footage that this was so and Boss Danzo had managed to save Gustav by giving his own life.

Everyone saw Boss Danzo as a hero at this point and every bad thought they had of him in the past vanished.

Gustav narrated the rest of the story on how he had taken care of the culprits by using an enhancement drug that caused side effects on his bloodline, causing him to fall asleep for a long time which was why he didn't turn himself in all this time.

He also admitted to causing the destruction in all the locations where the supposed viruses had been distributed to keep the rest of the city and the world as a whole safe.

There were different footage of him being in the reddish-black form that flew above the city so it was now it was confirmed, that it was Gustav using an enhancement drug to boost his power.

The witnesses in the first scene of destruction who got saved mentioned that if Gustav had been trying to cause a senseless ma.s.sacre he would have killed them afterward instead of killing the three mercenaries and leaving the location to destroy the locations where the virus was being distributed.

After everyone that had one thing or the other to say had said their piece and Gustav had answered every question that needed to be answered, it was now time for the judges to pa.s.s down their verdict.

"Gustav Crimson has committed manslaughter and destruction of both public and private properties worth hundreds of millions..." The judge in the middle paused as he got to this part.

He could sense someone giving him a death glare from the corner of his eye but he tried to remain calm as he continued.

"...On the premise of preserving the lives of many others within this city and the world as well..." He paused once more upon getting to this point.

"...Originally, such an offense would result in getting sentenced to a maximum Mixedblood prison but as we have seen today, Mr. Gustav Crimson had displayed a heroic deed by causing a little destruction to preserve what would have caused an outbreak that could potentially wipe out a million more people than the ones deceased..." The middle judge once more made a brief pause.

At this point, tension was being spread across the city and everyone watching was intrigued, waiting for the sentence to be pa.s.sed.

"...And so, this court drops all charges placed on Mr. Gustav Crimson and declares him innocent... He is granted the t.i.tle, 'Hero of Burning Sands City',"

Cheers! Cheers! Cheers!

All across the city cheers could be heard as the people clapped their hands in joy after hearing the verdict. The courthouse too was loud at this moment as the people in support of Gustav cheered and began to chant his name.