The Bloodline System - Chapter 795 - Revealing More Corruption

Chapter 795 - Revealing More Corruption

Chapter 795 - Revealing More Corruption

Many of the city's citizens had come today to witness the hearing as well. Almost all of them were in support of Gustav. The courthouse was full in no time and many people had to wait outside. Some had placards in their grasp which said, "Gustav is a hero!"

Multiple screens all across the city displayed the happenings within the courthouse and those who had gathered outside were able to watch how it was going.

Three people dressed in white robes customized with the modern-day emblem that defined law and justice could be seen seated on an exalted platform up ahead. They had condescending looks on their faces which depicted they were the judges for today's hearing.

They sized Gustav up as he came in and moved towards a particular small light structured cubicle.

The aura of superiority and gaze of pride that could be seen on their faces lowered the moment they spotted Miss Aimee's entry.

Her majestic aura instantly filled the entire courthouse and even though the three judges sat on an exalted platform, they didn't feel anyway superior to her. How could they? Higher-ups in various positions of power knew very well who Miss Aimee was.

The normal citizens all across the earth were only familiar with Jack being the strongest Mixedblood in the world and even though they had heard about Miss Aimee since she didn't like to be in the public eye, a lot of people wouldn't be able to recognize her if they came across her.

"Let the hearing for Mr. Gustav Crimson begin!" One of them voiced out after everyone within the courthouse had settled down.

A man clad in a business suit moved towards the middle and began to direct the flow of the hearing, first mentioning the whole crime situation and what role Gustav played in it.

While the hearing was ongoing, Gustav's eyes darted around the place and he spotted Sir ZiL sitting somewhere with Damien, Ciri, and Charisas.

He then looked around more and spotted the Rel main family with their son, Marshall seated at a particular corner as well. Gustav was glad internally that they were here as planned.

All the questions poised at him one after the other was answered intelligently. Gustav made use of the story he had formulated about his initial reason for coming here and the key parts of the story had Boss Danzo's name inputted.

The underground battle facility was mentioned as well as how Gustav Infiltrated the place to save Boss Danzo and gather more information about all the hidden illegal activities that had been committed by the Ring Lords.

He mentioned that Boss Danzo was being forced to fight against his will and he didn't have any means of getting out of their hands.

Occasionally, Gustav would chip in narrations on how the authorities of this city had failed in executing their basic task, which involves keeping people safe. The cops in the vicinity had wry looks on their faces anytime he mentioned this.

Concurrently, Charisas was called out to give her first testimony in which she mentioned her abduction wasn't at the hands of anyone, but the Ring Lords who wanted her to fight in the underground battle arena.

The entire crowd erupted in gasps as they heard this story. Charisas had emitted the part about the Rel family being involved as Gustav had managed to settle with them and made sure they would never bother her again.

Now all the blame was falling on the Ring Lords just as Gustav planned.

He felt even though they were already dead they would still take the fall for everything he did since they were to blame in the first place.

The lawyers through cross-examinations, asked a variety of questions, including why he didn't try to tell anyone else about what he knew, why he didn't report to the authorities, and ask for backup from his fellow MBO officers in Burning Sands City.

Gustav went on to mention how even the so-called authorities were corrupt and pa.s.sed on a set of data to the judges, which included all the authorities the Ring Lords have been in cahoots with.

No one knew where Gustav had gotten this new set of data from, but it accurately listed out these people in positions of authority who had dealings with the Ring Lords and let them bend the law anyhow they willed.

As these set of people were revealed for the world to see, some of them included were councilmen of the city, cops in positions of power, and even those who were a little down in the chain of authority, including some lawyers.

No MBO officer was included on this list because the MBO didn't have a lot of power in this city before the incident with Gustav and the Ring Lords happened.

The police force was seen as a higher authoritative organization than the MBO, so it seemed like the Ring Lords did not try to buy anyone from there.

As these people were being revealed, MBO agents swooped out at once and began to gather them before they could try to escape the city.

Some of these people were Humans and Slarkovs, but that didn't stop the MBO from going after them since this was a Mixedblood related incident, causing the destruction of a quarter of the city. Everything was connected, so they were going to be involved in this case all the way.

The officers who had been in charge of torturing Boss Danzo for information on Gustav's whereabouts were revealed as well and caught.

They didn't want to confess to following Ring Lord Vanisher's command in torturing Boss Danzo and then inputting a tracker within a part of his body. However, to their dismay, a footage, showing that particular scene was found.

An hour into the hearing session, this footage was delivered to the courthouse and played for everyone to watch.

It turned out Gustav had no idea that this happened. He had only gotten information on every authoritative figure the Ring Lords worked with, so he didn't know that such atrocities were committed when Boss Danzo was arrested.