The Bloodline System - Chapter 794 - The Hearing

Chapter 794 - The Hearing

Chapter 794 - The Hearing

"Hey come on," E.E yelled out with a tone of injustice.

'They know!' Angy screamed internally as she saw the looks on everyone's faces.

The others like Elevora and Vera chose to pretend like they knew nothing about what was going on, but E.E, Falco, and Matilda were giving subtle hints that they were aware of everything that had transpired during the night.

E.E hints weren't so subtle compared to the others. Angy's face was already a shade of red at this point as she felt embarra.s.sed while walking towards one of the sofas to sit.

'Everybody knows we had s.e.x,' She was screaming in her head as the stares felt like they were poking through her.


"Kiiaarrhhh," She screamed out with a spooked tone Matilda tapped on her shoulder from the side...

Thumbs up!

Matilda raised her right thumb with a smile on her face. Angy felt like the ground should open and swallow her up right now.

"Hmph," Gustav made a low hmph as he walked towards the kitchen area.

"There's food over there," Mara said while pointing at the dining area.

"You call this food? How do y'all manage to put this in your mouth?" Gustav said with a tone of ridicule.

"Boss Danzo wouldn't approve," He said with a low tone and then a smile before going through the kitchen door.

Mara smiled after hearing that, 'Looks like he's slowly beginning to let go of the guilt he feels,' She was glad about this because she saw Gustav as a big brother that she never had and would never want him to feel guilty about something he didn't have control over.

Sure they were both sad over the loss but she knew even her grandfather would not be able to rest in peace if Gustav went on every day blaming himself for what happened.

"All of a sudden I feel like I shouldn't have eaten," Falco voiced out.

"Me too,"

"Me too,"

Teemee and E.E voiced out as well.

"My rival is about to cook some good meal. I think I'll wait for that," Ria stated with a delighted tone.

"None of you are getting any!"

Gustav's loud voice drifted out from the kitchen.

They all had wry looks on their faces after hearing this. Everyone knew how good Gustav's cooking was. Even though the meal they were being served was good, they knew it was nothing compared to Gustav's meals.

This made them wonder just how good Boss Danzo's meals were. They knew about the story of him being responsible for teaching Gustav all he knew about cooking.

Hours later Miss Aimee who was dealing with making some reports to the MBO at the earlier hours of the day, returned back to the apartment.

At this point, everyone was prepared to leave for the hearing. Gustav had called Sir ZiL who was initially worried when Gustav didn't return yesterday.

Everything was ready on his ends as well and he mentioned, he'd be bringing Charisas over to the courthouse with him in a few while Marshall would be attending the hearing with his parents.

Initially, Marshall's parents didn't want to have anything to do with this, but Gustav threatened them that he would reveal their shady business deals with the Ring Lords to the public if they prevented Marshall from attending.

Gustav needed as many eyewitness testimonies as he could get and it was already proven that Marshall and Charisas were present at the first scene of destruction so they would be a big help in today's hearing.

"Are you ready to go clear your name?" Miss Aimee asked.

"I am," Gustav answered with a decisive look.

It was finally time to bring this whole thing to an end.

Even though his desired result of wanting to come here and save Boss Danzo wasn't actualized, he was glad he put a lot of rotten people in the dirt. There would not be underlying crimes or secret illegal acts being committed around these parts for a long time.

Gustav had already struck fear in everyone's hearts about the possibility of them being uncovered so those with power trod softly.

Gustav and the others headed to the courthouse together in an MBO aircraft which arrived at the desired location in less than one minute.

According to Miss Aimee, for the cadets to have completed their first mission, Gustav had to arrive at the courthouse with them.

This would prove that they actually managed to get Gustav in the end, completing their five-star mission.

It was quite crazy that they were also sent on a five-star mission on their first mission just like Gustav and they would be completing it as well.

The only difference was their mission was literally Gustav.

The press and media people with flying cameras could be seen stationed around the ma.s.sive white courthouse the instant they landed.

The courthouse had a pentagon shape from above with the statue of a sword attached to the top.

Lots of people had come to witness this. Gustav was the only one dressed in a casual outfit, while the rest of his friends, E.E and the likes were clad in their cadet uniform.

They looked like they were Gustav's escorts as they surrounded him while heading into the courthouse.

"Gustav Gustav, what do you have to say about the hearing?"

"Do you think you will be proven innocent today,"

"What would happen to you if the court decides to proclaim you guilty,"

"Did you truly murder all those people?"

"Why did you place their heads in different parts of the city? Was that supposed to be a warning?"

"Why didn't you turn yourself in earlier?"

The press asked all sorts of questions trying to get past the ten surrounding Gustav but they acted like they were Gustav's bodyguards and truly made sure to keep the press and other people gathered in the vicinity from touching him.

Gustav maintained his nonchalant looks as he walked in their midst towards the courthouse entrance.

Miss Aimee followed from behind, using the pressure spreading from her to make them shrink back in fear.