The Bloodline System - Chapter 793 - I Want My First Time To Be You

Chapter 793 - I Want My First Time To Be You

Chapter 793 - I Want My First Time To Be You

(Warning! R-18 scenes! You can choose to skip to the next chapter.)


"...Uhmm Gus...tav...Hmm..." Her sensual moans echoed across the room while she held onto Gustav's head as he switched from one t.i.t to the other firmly grabbing onto them with his palms.

In a few more moments, they were both stark naked with Gustav above Angy's body.

"Are you sure you want us to do this?"

Gustav asked her as she panted heavily while staring at his thick rod, which was currently pointing at her nether regions.

"Hnm... I want my first time to be you, Gustav," She voiced out with a low tone.

Gustav's eyes widened slightly as he heard that, 'First time?' He thought internally as his heart began beating even more rapidly than before.

Angy reached out and grabbed hold of his erect and thick-looking rod before guiding it towards her entrance.

"Ugh," Gustav grunted as he felt his rod rubbing against Angy's entrance which was dripping with wetness at this point.

It felt so stimulating which had him wondering if this was how it was supposed to feel.

"Hmmm..." Angy's moan sounded like a mixture of both pleasure and pain as Gustav pushed his hips forward a little.

Half a centimeter of the tip of his rod penetrated her entrance but Gustav paused to make sure he wasn't hurting her.

Angy was still breathing in and out heavily at this point, while her face was turned towards the left as her eyes remained closed.

Gustav pushed his hips forward even more causing his rod to slowly slide in causing Angy to hiss in pain as she felt her tight cave stretching to accommodate Gustav's length.

Gustav could see the pain on her face and wanted to stop but she wrapped her legs around his waist tightly and pulled him forward to kiss him.

Flesh merging sounds rang out as Gustav's full length slid into Angy completely, causing her to moan in his mouth.

Sweat dribbled down Gustav's forehead as he tried to control the amount of stimulation he felt in that particular part of his body being wrapped by Angy's wet and tight cave walls.

It was so pleasurable, he could feel his brain going numb as his rod throbbed repeatedly within her.

'So this is how it feels... It's amazing,'

Gustav began to thrust back and forth as he had seen in some videos. He also recalled the times he had witnessed some of these acts in reality with G.o.d Eyes.

"Ugh... Mhnm... Gus...tav..." Angy began to feel the pain subside as Gustav began thrusting back and forth repeatedly.

Pleasure began to hit her like waves as she moaned even more loudly, pulling Gustav into her embrace.

Pah! Pah! Pah! Pah!

Slow flesh slapping sounds reverberated across the place along with Angy's moans of ecstasy and Gustav's low grunts.

Gustav could feel something trying to spill out and he knew he wouldn't be able to hold it in for too long, but he was enjoying this too much to stop now.

"...Hmm... I... love you, Gus...tav... Uhh... Hmmm..." Angy moaned in his left ear as he kept moving his waist.

Hearing this, Gustav couldn't hold on any longer and e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.ed inside of Angy.

Angy could feel the warm liquid filling her up within and held Gustav's waist even tighter with her legs.

They both panted heavily with their bodies still merged together even after Gustav had released s.e.m.e.n into her.

"...I love you too... Angy," Gustav whispered in her ear causing Angy's body to quiver as her eyes widened slightly.

Gustav felt warm water on his shoulder area and pushed himself up to stare at Angy's face.

"...Why are you crying?" He asked.

"...They are tears of joy..." A radiant smile appeared on Angy's face as she responded while tears slid down her cheeks.

"I've been waiting for so long to hear those words," She added.

"We.ll... don't expect to hear them often," Gustav's face had turned a little red again after hearing that.

Angy pulled him down and they began kissing again. Angy whispered something in Gustav's ears after their lips separated and he proceeded to lift her up.

He carried Angy in his arms with her legs around his spin area while they moved towards the bathroom.

A small bloodstain could be seen on the mattress where both of them had just moved from.

That night, Gustav and Angy engaged in three more rounds of pa.s.sionate love-making sessions and ended up sleeping around three in the morning.

It was both their first time having s.e.x but they were mixedbloods so their energy could not be compared to Slarkovs. This was also the reason why Angy felt pain for a very brief period.

Gustav felt he could keep going even after e.j.a.c.u.l.a.t.i.n.g. a couple of times but he didn't want to tire Angy out and her moans were so loud, he was sure the entire household must have heard them.

They slept happily in each other arms till daybreak.


Tum! Tum! Tum!

The sounds of two footsteps climbing down the stairs reverberated across the living room and everyone turned towards the staircase area to stare at the two who were just coming down.

They were all seated on the sofas in the living room engaging in chats initially and having breakfast but the moment they heard the sound of the footsteps they paused what they were doing.

Gustav and Angy arrived downstairs and saw the strange glares everyone was giving them.

"...Good morning everyone..." Angy voiced out with a wry smile as she felt shy from all the knowing glances being sent their way.

"What?" Gustav voiced out with a slightly hostile tone as he glared back at everyone.

"Oh nothing Gustav, just that the walls have ears," E.E voiced out with a mischievous grin on his face.

"Good morning Angy, good morning Gustav," Aildris proceeded to greet them with a smile.

"Good morning Angy... I'm sure you had a wonderful night," Matilda voiced out with a smile as well as a tone that depicted hidden meanings.

"Oh the night must have been wonderful for sure," E.E voiced out once more.


Aildris slapped the back of his head while giving him a stare that said, 'Keep your mouth shut,'