The Bloodline System - Chapter 792 - Turning Into A Love Making Session

Chapter 792 - Turning Into A Love Making Session

Chapter 792 - Turning Into A Love Making Session

Author's Note: R-18 scenes from the middle of the chapter to the end.


("Idiot you missed your chance,") The system suddenly voiced out in his head.

'Missed my chance how?' Gustav asked.

("I know you're mopping around right now feeling sorry for yourself, but Angy really wanted to use that opportunity to spend time with you...") The system responded with a disappointed tone.

'Oh? She did?' Gustav sounded like he had no idea.

("It's so sad that you can only read facial expressions and body language when it's related to crime, d.a.m.ned virgin,") The system insulted him without restraint.

'Hey hey, that doesn't mean...' Before Gustav could complete his sentence the system interrupted.

("Looks like you still have a chance, use it wisely,") It suddenly voiced out.

'Still have a chance to do what?'

Kom! Kom!

A knock was heard at the door the moment Gustav poised this question in his mind.

He hadn't been concentrating since he started talking with the system internally which was why he didn't sense the figure approaching his room door.

Even before he stood up to open the door, he already knew who was there. He walked over and proceeded to slide open his room door.

"Angy," He voiced out as he spotted her standing in front with a tray in her grasp and a gla.s.s of juice with some biscuits on them.

"I figured you were probably not going to sleep yet so I brought some snacks," A beautiful smile appeared on her face as she voiced out.

"Thank you," Gustav voiced as he moved to the side for her to come in.

Angy walked in and placed the tray on a small table positioned beside the bed. She sat by the bedside and tapped on the s.p.a.ce beside her twice gesturing at Gustav to sit beside her

Gustav moved towards the bed after closing the door up and sat beside Angy.

Angy proceeded to pick one of the snacks up and tried to feed Gustav.

"I can feed myself," Gustav chuckled lightly as he held her wrist.

"Let me," She said with a smile while staring at Gustav in the eyes.

Gustav subconsciously let go of her wrist and slightly opened his mouth. Angy began feeding the snack to Gustav and pa.s.sed him the gla.s.s of juice after some time.

Her smile radiated so much cuteness and gentleness, charming him as she continued to feed him.

After some time he told her he was satisfied and she put the snacks aside before pulling his head to lay on her lap.

"Angy..." Gustav was a bit surprised as he didn't expect her to suddenly pull him to lay his head on her lap.

"Are you okay?" She asked while gently rubbing Gustav's hair backward.

"I'm fine, you don't have to treat me like this because of what happened," Gustav responded.

"Hnm, I'm glad you say you're fine but still, let me," Angy said while still maintaining the smile on her face with her hand on Gustav's head.

Gustav wanted to say something again but his jaw just hung loose for some time before he decided to swallow the words down.

As his head rested on Angy's soft laps, her scent drifted into his nostrils making him feel an inexplicable emotion.

Currently, Angy was clad in a blue tank top and black shorts, leaving a lot of her glistening smooth skin exposed which made her look mesmerizing.

"There's some here," She voiced out while using her fingers to clean the side of Gustav's lips.

She brought her fingers to her lips and licked the crumbs of biscuits she cleared off the side of Gustav's lips.

"You... What did you just do..?" Gustav voiced out as his face turned a shade of red.

"Hehe, it tasted good," Angy said playfully.

Gustav wanted to speak again but she placed her hands on his lips once more, "Let me clean the rest off,"

Gustav grabbed her wrist at this point and sat up, " I can do it myself,"

He voiced out and tried to clean the sides of his lips but noticed that there was nothing there anymore.

"You little..."


Angy chuckled lightly as Gustav realized she was just teasing him the second time around.

He pushed her down onto the bed and held both her hands by the sides, locking her in place.

Angy was still laughing at this point but then they suddenly made eye contact and then the atmosphere became a bit serious as Gustav's face descended closer to hers.

Sparks of desire were ignited as Angy stared dreamily into his eyes while his face stopped a few centimeters from hers.

Seeing as Gustav wasn't moving any further she raised her face a little and that was it...

Their lips met...

They slowly sucked on each other lips as kissing sounds echoed across the room.

Enjoying the taste of each other lips for several seconds, Gustav didn't know when he found his body completely above Angy's.

Their bodies merged as Gustav grabbed onto her waist while she wrapped her legs around his waist.

Their kisses turned even more pa.s.sionate as seconds went by without them separating from each other.

"Gus...tav," Angy moaned with a tone of breathlessness as Gustav separated his lips from hers and began leaving a trail of kisses down her neck.

She tightened her eyes and her face radiated with an expression of ecstasy as she felt Gustav's lips on her neck.

She opened her eyes after some time and began pulling Gustav's top off. Gustav let her and proceeded to grab onto the hem of her tank top before pulling it off as well.

What appeared in his line of sight was a black laced bra with smooth perky looking cleavages.

Angy wasted no time in pulling her bra off as well, revealing a smooth pair of t.i.ts. Gustav stared at them with a look of fascination for a while as this was his first time seeing fully revealed t.i.ts in close proximity.

They were fairly large, bigger than his palm at the very least, and quite perky as well.

With an expression of immense desire, Gustav pushed her to the bed once more and began smooching her lips intensely.

She could feel Gustav's throbbing erection pressing against her belly through his shorts as he lay atop her while they kissed.

Gustav moved down and grabbed her t.i.tties before sucking on her left nipple pa.s.sionately, causing Angy loud moans to fill the room.

"...Uhmm Gus...tav...Hmm..." Her melodic moans echoed across the room while she held onto Gustav's head as he switched from one t.i.t to the other firmly grabbing onto them with his palms.