The Bloodline System - Chapter 791 - Meeting Vera In The Middle Of The Night

Chapter 791 - Meeting Vera In The Middle Of The Night

Chapter 791 - Meeting Vera In The Middle Of The Night

Gustav had lied to them that he consumed a drug specially created to raise the potential of a Mixedblood for a brief period but it came with side effects which were what led to the destructions that happened within the city.

He told them, he lost control to rage and murdered every single person involved in Boss Danzo's death and destroyed the homes and business facilities owned by the three Ring Lords as well.

They now understood what happened but they had no idea that Gustav lied to them that it was borrowed power.

Decimation wasn't a skill he could activate on a whim anyway, so it was more like a borrowed power.

Mara hugged Gustav once more on the seat in a comforting manner. It turned out that she had arrived with the others almost two weeks back when they were sent here.

She came to recover Boss Danzo's body and give him a proper burial. Of course, they asked her several questions about Gustav and even said he might be responsible for Boss Danzo's death, but she told the authorities that Gustav would never harm Boss Danzo.

She could have taken his body back to Plankton City earlier, but she was waiting for Gustav to be found before she left. The instant she was informed of his return by Rhilia, she came over.

Everyone was aware that the next day was Gustav's hearing so they were prepared to visit the main courthouse in the city.

Gustav told Mara he would leave the city after his name had been cleared, so they could go back to Plankton City together to give Boss Danzo a proper farewell.

She agreed to wait till all this was done before leaving.

The apartment given to Miss Aimee here was large enough with over ten bedrooms so Gustav was forced to stay here and Mara was also given a room.

Originally, since Mara was in the science and technology division of the MBO camp, they would not be allowed to leave till after the second year, but this was an emergency since a close family member had pa.s.sed away so she was given the opportunity.

Hours later it was night time and everyone had settled in. Gustav was in his room alone, drafting different kinds of plans and ideas in his head when he thought of something.

'Oh, this might be a much better way to control the situation... Why didn't I think of this earlier?' He sat up with a look of contemplation.

'This will work,' A devious smirk appeared on his face as he stood to his feet and approached his door.

Currently, it was late; around ten pm in the night so the apartment was silent with everyone staying in their rooms.

The gang was all here which meant the silence would have been weird but everyone was giving Gustav s.p.a.ce at the moment, knowing he was dealing with grief.

They had already tried consoling him as much as they could earlier on, so right now they were just making sure he had enough time to himself.

Gustav came out of his room and walked across the pa.s.sageway. His eyes darted from side to side as he moved forward till he got to the fourth door on the left.

Kom! Kom!

"Vera, are you awake?" He whispered after knocking twice gently.


The door opened up in the next instant as Vera appeared on the other end, clad in white and flowery pattern pajamas.

"Gus...tav," She voiced out in surprise.

"Can I come in?" Gustav asked.

"Hnm," She nodded as blood rushed to her face and she moved aside.

Gustav moved into her room and sat on the left side of her bed. Vera sat a few inches away from him and stared at his face.

"Have you mastered how to inject a parasitic strain into someone through handshake?" Gustav asked.

"...I can't do it instantly but yes I can make it happen," She responded with a contemplative expression.

"How long do you have to remain in contact with the person," Gustav asked.

"For about twenty seconds... It's harder to inject when I can't use the same method I used for you," Vera stated.

Gustav understood to this point but twenty seconds of a handshake was a little too long.

"Hnm, we'll work with that then," Gustav voiced out in response.

"How long will it take to put a living person under your control now?" He asked.

"About two to three weeks now... The parasites have become stronger in taking over a host's body," Vera replied.

"Good... I want you to infect a person with your parasitic strain. I want this person to be totally submissive to my commands," Gustav said with a low but strong tone as a dangerous glint appeared in his eyes.

"Vera is at your command... Just tell me who you want this to be done to," Vera replied submissively.


Minutes later Gustav could be seen coming out of Vera's room.

The same moment he walked out the door a person could be seen coming out of their room a few feet up ahead.

Both of them turned and made eye contact.



They voiced out at the same time and began walking towards each other.

Angy had a look of curiosity as she prepped her head to the side trying to see the room Gustav had just come out from.

"You seem busy," She said with a tone of suspiciousness.

"It's been a long day, just needed to finally complete one last task," Gustav said with a look of gratification.

Hearing Gustav's response she decided not to press any further.

"Why are you still up?" Gustav asked her.

"I was just going to get some water, I'm parched," She replied.

"Alright then, I guess I'll see you tomorrow," Gustav said and began to walk forward.

"You too, have a good night's rest," Angy said before moving along as well.

Gustav got back into his room a few seconds later and lay on his bed. Of course, he wasn't going to sleep yet as thoughts began to drift into his head once more.