The Bloodline System - Chapter 78 - 99.9% Compatibility Rate

Chapter 78 - 99.9% Compatibility Rate

Chapter 78 - 99.9% Compatibility Rate

"Hmm, not much of a hassle to defeat the likes of you," A thin masculine voice was heard after the body fell to the floor.

It was a man in black pants, a red T-shirt and a blue jacket. The man had an oblong-shaped face with long brown hair reaching his back.

He stared at the body below as his fingernails extended to three inches in length.

He squatted before the body of Gordon and grabbed onto his neck before lifting his head slightly off the ground.

"Let's get started then," The man had a huge grin on his face as his fingernails dug into Gordon's neck.

[Requirement for Bloodline acquisition has been met]

[Analysing Host compatibility with 'Energy transmutation Bloodline' 0%/100%...]

[Analysis complete: 27%/100%]

[Host compatibility with 'energy transmutation bloodline is 27%]

[Host compatibility with this bloodline is lower than average]

[Does host still desire to acquire this bloodline: Yes/No]

'Hmm? This is a first,' The man muttered inwardly.

This man was Gustav. He had changed his appearance into that of a teacher in the school which was why he was looking this way.

'What happens if I acquire this bloodline the way it is?' Gustav wondered as he stared at the notifications.

("Acquiring a bloodline that is lower than 50% compatibility rate ends up being less than F-grade after successful extraction!")

Gustav stared at the new notification that popped up with a look of understanding.

'I'm guessing this is why the bloodline grades decrease when I acquire them... If the compatibility is a hundred percent, I should be able to extract it successfully into my body without it decreasing in grade,' Gustav analyzed.

He was so amazed by this revelation that he only that the system just replied to him after a few seconds had gone by.

"Wait... You answered me?" Gustav voiced out with a look of surprise.


He noticed the message that popped up earlier disappear and get replaced with that. Which meant speechlessness.

"It's been three months already," Gustav added with a contemplative look after remembering that the system didn't communicate with him for that long.

("What does the host expect? A good morning and night greeting every day?")

It was Gustav's turn to be speechless; "..."

("Host should return to his activities after all your hands are full at the moment,")

These words appeared after that for a few seconds then disappeared.

"Hey, what exactly are you?" Gustav questioned.

There was no reply this time.


No reply again.

Gustav called out several more times but the system didn't reply to his call.

'Hmm,' Gustav knew it would be foolish to keep calling out to it so he decided to continue what he was doing previously.

'It doesn't matter if the compatibility is low, so long as I can extract it, I will have another bloodline added to my collection which would give me more options when making use of recreation,' This was Guatav's thought process as he decided to accept the bloodline.

"Yes," Gustav stated.

[Host has decided to acquire this bloodline]

[Bloodline extraction will now begin]

Bright glowing crimson-colored veins appeared on the neck of Gordon who was laying on the ground.

The veins extended deep down his neck, down his chest area, and kept going inwards.

The bright glowing crimson veins transported that same color of blood upwards, towards Gustav's fingertips that were dug into his neck.

The crimson glowing blood started flowing into Gustav's fingernails towards his wrists, straight upwards.

His veins also glowed up with the same color.

[Bloodline extraction process: 50%/100%]

Gustav had thought it would take longer to acquire the bloodline but to his surprise, it took a shorter time than he expected.

[Congratulations! Host has acquired Energy Transmutation Bloodline]

In five more minutes, he saw the notification appear in his line of sight.

Gustav withdrew his fingernails from the neck of Gordon which was dripping blood.

He waved his hand, causing the blood on his fingernails to splatter across the floor.

His fingernails retracted, going back to their previous length as he brought out a healing medical pill from his storage device and placed it in Gordon's mouth.

"You don't get to die on me yet... You must also go through the humiliation of being called trash," Gustav voiced with a smirk as he brought out a rope and some other items.

He tied Gordon up and also gagged him before placing him beside the wall.

'Now that he has lost his bloodline, he won't be able to escape from here until someone sees him but by then it will be too late and I'll be done with Charles,' Gustav said internally as his body slowly transformed into that of Gordon's.

Hair color, eyes size, skin tone, height, hair length, everything about Gordon looks were perfectly copied.

Gustav pulled off his clothes and changed into Gordon's school uniform.

Since Gordon was taller and bigger than he was, wearing his regular school uniform wasn't an option.

After Gustav was done, he walked out of the bathroom and placed the cleaning sign properly in front of the door.


Those past events led to this moment where Gustav was about to take Charles's Bloodline.

From when Charles brought him to the bathroom he already activated dash and used his speed to throw Charles out of balance.

He used palm strike repeatedly earlier to break through the gravitational force surrounding Charles's body upon activating his bloodline.

Charles's downfall was already certain from when he was fooled by Gordon's appearance which was actually Gustav.

Gustav had taken him by surprise from the first attack dealt a lot of damage.

This wasn't like the training session in school so he wasn't going to hold back when fighting Charles this time.

Charles was pretty much stronger than the rest of the Zulu-ranked mixed-bloods he had fought until now but he still fell short of Gustav's prowess when he used his full strength.

Gustav was still squatting at this moment. His nails still dug into Charles's neck.

[Requirement for Bloodline acquisition has been met]

[Analysing Host compatibility with 'Gravitational Charge Bloodline' 0%/100%...]

[Analysis complete: 99.9%/100%]

[Host compatibility with 'Gravitational Charge bloodline' is 99.9%]

[Does host desire to acquire this bloodline: Yes/No]

Gustav stared at the notification with a look of amazement.