The Bloodline System - Chapter 790 - Emotional Rollercoaster

Chapter 790 - Emotional Rollercoaster

Chapter 790 - Emotional Rollercoaster

"How are... Oh, it's because of that..." Gustav came to a realization before he could pose the question.

"You never did tell me the connection wasn't cut off," Gustav said to her.

"I...I... Wanted to but I thought you might find it creepy," Vera's cheeks burned red as she responded.

"You've done something even worse in the past so, nah, I wouldn't find this creepy. It's actually not entirely bad since Miss Aimee was able to find and offer me a.s.sistance but at the same time not entirely good..." Gustav felt he wouldn't be able to hide if others wanted to find him using Vera.

But it was still okay since it had a proximity range. He just hoped the proximity wouldn't increase in the future.

This connection came about when Vera tried to turn Gustav into a puppet in the past. Gustav still counted himself lucky that Vera decided to deactivate the parasitic strains she planted in him because the system had sensed it late.

If he eventually had to make the system get rid of it before she did, he would have found a way to kill her because that would mean Vera was overly insane and useless. But the fact that she decided that it wasn't the right way to acquire Gustav's love and decided to get rid of the parasitic strains made Gustav find usefulness in her.

Even though she got rid of the parasitic strains before Gustav's consciousness was taken over, the connection between her and Gustav wasn't cut off.

She had the same situation with Endric. She was able to sense if he was within city-wide proximity to herself because she also planted the parasitic strains in him back then but she never revealed that this was a side effect.

Everyone was at a loss as to what Gustav and Vera were referring to, but they could guess that this was another secret between the both of them that wouldn't be revealed to others.

At the very least, this confirmed that Vera was able to sense Gustav and they could use her next time Gustav ever went missing.

"What truly happened, Gustav? Why did you rain chaos upon the city?" Aildris asked the main question that everyone was dying to know.

They knew about Boss Danzo but they wanted to know the whole story.

Gustav's mood changed a bit as he heard that and they could sense it. The place was silent for a long time.

As Gustav finally wanted to say something there was a knock on the main door and a holographic image appeared in the living room, displaying who had just arrived.

Miss Aimee finally released Gustav from the purplish energy binding as the person at the door was let in.

It was a beautiful-looking girl with an oval-shaped face, a slim figure around the same height as Angy, and dark red hair.

"Mara," Gustav voiced out as he spotted her entering the living room area.

He was both surprised and feeling ashamed at the same time. She shared a stare with him that radiated with both sadness and understanding.

"Gustav," She voiced out as she arrived in front of him and proceeded to wrap her hands around him.

She was almost two heads shorter than him so her arms were wrapped around his waist as she buried the side of her face into his lower chest area.

Gustav stood in place for a while at loss at whether to embrace her back or not. He slowly raised his right hand and placed it on her head before stroking her hair backward repeatedly.

"I'm sorry I couldn't protect him," His eyes narrowed as whispered with a guilt-filled tone.

Mara pulled back from his embrace after hearing this.

"It's not your fault. I'm sure you did what you could," Mara said with a comforting tone.

"I do not blame you and I'm sure he wouldn't want you to blame yourself either," She added while holding onto Gustav's hands.

Gustav heaved a heavy sigh as he heard that.

"I was there... I watched it happen right before my very eyes... I should have saved him but instead, he saved me..." Gustav mumbled as tears threatened to spill from his eyes.

This was the first time everyone was seeing Gustav get so emotional and it shook them to their very core. It was close to impossible to put Gustav and emotions in the same sentence so this made them realize Boss Danzo must have been a significant figure in his life.

Only Miss Aimee truly understood this along with Angy.

"Stop it... I don't want you blaming yourself but I want to know everything that happened," Mara voiced out once more.

More than anyone here, Mara was the one who truly deserved a full narration since she was Boss Danzo's granddaughter.

Gustav now decided to tell the full story of how he came here almost three months back.

Everyone paid attention to him as he explained his purpose for coming to Burning Sands city in the first place and his experience after getting here.

How he discovered the illegal underground arena, the Ring Lords, and how they engaged in other illegal activities within the city to how he saved Boss Danzo and Charisas.

Of course, he omitted some parts, not wanting to reveal a lot of his abilities and how he managed to pull some things off but it was impossible to miss the sadness in his voice whenever he mentioned Boss Danzo.

It took over two hours before he got to the part where the Ring Lords sent Kilo ranked mercenaries after them and at this point, everyone had looks of astonishment listening to Gustav narrate this part.

In about thirty minutes more he was done and they all had looks of amazement and disbelief on their faces.

'He fought off Kilo ranked Mixedbloods and not only won but destroyed all of them?' Everyone couldn't process this revelation without looks of astonishment.

Gustav had lied to them that he consumed a drug specially created to raise the potential of a Mixedblood for a brief period but it came with side effects which were what led to the destructions that happened within the city.