The Bloodline System - Chapter 789 - Indirectly Making A Threat

Chapter 789 - Indirectly Making A Threat

Chapter 789 - Indirectly Making A Threat

"I would have reconciled with Angy long ago if I wasn't suspicious of Glade... Staying away from Angy was a good way to keep her away too since I wasn't hundred percent sure that Glade was spying on me," Gustav added.

"I did spot her a couple of times following me around camp, but I acted like I didn't see anything," Gustav said with a reminiscing expression.

"Well d.a.m.n, why didn't you mention anything?" E.E asked.

"No proof... I am a hundred percent sure you guys would have said I was just being insecure or mistrustful like always," Gustav replied.

They couldn't deny that Gustav was correct with this. If he had mentioned it they would have tried to talk him out of suspecting her since she managed to fool them all.

"I even tried to convince myself that there was nothing, but the moment I have suspicions about a person, the feeling never goes away...

It all makes sense now, but still, she must have given the other party a lot of info since she was probably able to get one or two things from you guys,"

"Well... We... She asked me questions about you sometimes and I gave her answers," Falco revealed.

"I swear I had no idea she was..." Falco quickly tried to explain as he sensed everyone's gaze on him.

"I'm not blaming you, Falco... If I had mentioned it, I'm sure you guys would have given her reason to covertly seek information and hide her intentions better because you all suck at acting," Gustav felt he was the only one with good acting skills among all of them except for Glade.

But he felt even Glade wasn't as good as acting as he was because he could remember she had visibly displayed hostility towards him and even acted suspiciously a few times to his notice.

He never showed any signs that he was suspicious of her, but he felt the others would have if they were told.

"I'm sorry Gustav," Angy voiced out.

"Sorry? Why?" He asked.

"All this time I placed a lot of trust in her and told her a lot... I feel like a fool. You were always right when you said I was too trusting," Angy stated with a crestfallen expression.

"It's not your fault. She was really good, now I feel bad for not letting you finish the job," Gustav voiced out.

"Yeah, you really stopped her from doing you a favor," Miss Aimee stated.

"I think I would have very much preferred it if everyone had kept acting like we knew nothing after finding this out... Would be nice to use her to feed the MBO wrong information about me since they're so interested in me," Gustav liked the idea of keeping Glade unaware that they knew about her betrayal, so they could fool the MBO but what was done was done. It's not like they could reverse the circ.u.mstance.

"There will be lots of opportunities for an accident to happen to her in the future, nothing to worry about," Gustav said with a casual tone but everyone understood exactly what he meant.

Angy might have failed to kill Glade today, but Gustav would definitely end her in the future.

"It's really interesting that the MBO feels the only way to get to me is by using the people in my inner circle. I just hope they know they'll be sending others to their death if they ever decide to try something like this in the future," Gustav said with a playful but also sounded serious tone.

"I don't mind sending anyone here to their early graves,"

Gustav didn't need to be direct before everyone here understood that he was voicing out a threat this way. There was a little bit of silence for a few seconds before Miss Aimee finally spoke.

"Where were you the whole time the world we were searching for you?" She asked.

"Oh that... I hid underneath the burning sands surrounding the city," Gustav revealed.

Miss Aimee's eyes squinted as she heard that while the others reacted by furrowing their eyebrows in contemplation or slightly opening their mouths.

"I guess that explains why we were unable to find you," Miss Aimee stated.

"How did you do that?" Falco asked from the side.

Gustav proceeded to narrate his experience with the MBO in the past one month after Boss Danzo's death. Everyone knew by now about Boss Danzo and they sympathized with Gustav but they hadn't mentioned it yet since they were just reuniting with Gustav.

Gustav also hadn't mentioned it to them, he was just explaining how he had been moving within the last one month and the plans he put in place to turn the whole narrative around.

Everyone was amazed, hearing the things Gustav came up with and how he evaded the MBO quite a number of times.

They still had a hard time believing, Gustav outran multiple squads of MBO officers that included even Kilo ranked Mixedbloods. But it was Gustav, every feat he performed despite still being a first-year cadet, was nothing short of fascinating.

His improvement within the last six months that he was away from camp really shocked the others and had Elevora wondering if she could still spar with him and manage to win.

"So that is why your presence kept appearing and vanis.h.i.+ng," E.E voiced out.

Everyone had connected the dots from Gustav's narration and understood that Vera had truly been able to sense Gustav just as she said. Miss Aimee already confirmed it, but Gustav's narration painted a clearer picture to them.

"Now that I remember, how did you manage to find me, Miss Aimee?" Gustav asked.

He knew that them almost meeting at the location where he planted the headless corpse was no coincidence.

"Vera could sense your presence anytime you appeared in the city," Miss Aimee answered.

"Vera... Is able to sense my presence within a specified proximity?" Gustav voiced out with a slightly confused tone as he turned his face towards Vera's direction.

"Yes, I am..." She said with a slightly shy expression glad internally that Gustav finally gave her some attention.