The Bloodline System - Chapter 788 - You Knew?

Chapter 788 - You Knew?

Chapter 788 - You Knew?

"Oh come on now," Gustav grumbled in dissatisfaction as Miss Aimee flew towards the apartment while still holding him.

Rhilia snapped her finger from above and everyone else on the ground level disappeared from the spot. She disappeared as well an instant later, arriving back in the apartment the same time Miss Aimee arrived.


"You really wanted to leave uh?"

"After that dramatic entrance... Man, you wanted to waste all that?"

Falco and E.E voiced out as they stared at Gustav who was restricted in the middle of the living room.

His body was currently floating in mid-air with purplish energy surrounding him.

"I wasn't even... You guys were not supposed to see me till tomorrow. Y'all were causing too much havoc in the city, so I had to take a look," Gustav responded while rolling his eyes.

"Still, you can't just jump in on us and leave just like that," Matilda voiced out with a slightly annoyed tone.

"Come on you guys were gonna see me tomorrow anyway," Gustav replied.

"Now that my rival is back our battle shall be..."

"Not now Ria!"

Everyone shouted out at the same time before Ria could complete his sentence.

His mouth hung open as he paused his sentence and slowly lowered his hand that was raised up before sitting down in silence.

"Are you not even concerned about what happened... With Glade," Teemee finally addressed the elephant in the room.

Everywhere turned silent at this point and everyone turned to stare at Angy and then back at Gustav.

Gustav was truly curious about what had brought about the battle and why Angy was on the verge of murdering Glade before he arrived on the scene.

Angy looked down at this point afraid to meet Gustav's eyes because of two reasons.

The first being, she felt Gustav would be hurt the moment he found out that one of his friends was selling out information on him. The second was, she was scared to tell Gustav she lost control and really had it in mind to kill Glade because he might start seeing her as a monster. Another problem was, this wasn't the first time it was happening as she almost killed Gustav's little brother in the past as well.

"I have a feeling that it might be something upsetting... I prefer dealing with one thing at a time and I haven't finished dealing with my current predicament," Gustav voiced out.

Everyone had a look of understanding as they heard that.

"That being said since I'm here... Clearly against my will... But I am here... Angy, why did you want to kill Glade?" Gustav asked.

Angy eyes remained locked on the floor after Gustav poised the question.

"I..." Just as she wanted to answer Miss Aimee arrived back in the living room.

"The damage you lots caused is being taken care of," She announced as she moved towards one of the sofas and sat down.

"Thanks, Miss Aimee," Everyone voiced out in appreciation knowing it would have been too much for them to handle if Miss Aimee wasn't here.

"Hey, get me out of this thing," Gustav said to Miss Aimee.

"No, you stay there. That's punishment for hiding away all this time," Miss Aimee responded with an unbothered expression.

"You know I could get out of this if I wanted to right?" Gustav voiced out with a mischievous grin.

"Oh? Get out of it then," An evil smirk appeared on Miss Aimee's face as she replied.

"You villainess," A defeated smile appeared on Gustav's face as he voiced out.

Miss Aimee was the only person that could easily put Gustav in his place without remorse and she was still the one who doted on him the most.

"You should be glad I chose a small punishment like this... I initially had something more difficult in mind," Miss Aimee said while crossing her legs.

The tense atmosphere had eased up a little after Gustav and Miss Aimee's dialogue.

'He expresses more emotions with people he's closer to,' Elevora thought from the side after witnessing the banter between Gustav and Miss Aimee.

She could see so many similarities between them as people who never showed emotions. Now they had teased each other a little and even smiled which was something that never happened.

'Looks like there are more sides to him that he reveals... I wonder how he will take Glade's betrayal,' Elevora thought with an intrigued expression.

"Now is anyone going to answer me about why Angy was close to murdering Glade?" Gustav questioned once more.

Angy had steeled herself at this point and was about to spill the whole truth to Gustav when Miss Aimee spoke.

"Angy was doing you a favor. Too bad you stopped her from ending Glade's life," Miss Aimee stated.

"How would ending Glade's life do me a favor? What did she do?" Gustav could already tell that Glade must have done something.

"She's a traitor," Miss Aimee voiced out bluntly.

"She has been giving someone within the MBO information about you this whole time," Aildris added when he noticed the slight look of confusion on Gustav's face.

"Since back in the MBO camp, she has been in contact with this mystery person... And even here, the reason you were almost caught at the location you initially destroyed was because of her," Teemee voiced out as well.

"Oh? So that's what it was haha," Gustav laughed lightly as he spoke.

Everything made sense to him now. Everyone was a bit surprised by his reaction as they had expected a different one.

"The dots connect... Yeah, I knew," Gustav voiced out.

"You knew?" E.E asked with a doubtful gaze.

"I began suspecting her since I was still in camp. Why do you think I made sure she was absent in most of our meetings?"

Aildris, E.E, and Falco's eyes widened in realization as they thought about it.

"I would have reconciled with Angy long ago if I wasn't suspicious of Glade... Staying away from Angy was a good way to keep her away too since I wasn't hundred percent sure that Glade was spying on me," Gustav added.