The Bloodline System - Chapter 787 - Reunion

Chapter 787 - Reunion

Chapter 787 - Reunion

"I was..." Before she could reply three aircraft suddenly arrived on the scene.

"Cease every form of movement and get on your knees!" A loud announcement was heard from the aircraft in the middle as MBO officers began descending from them.

Everyone turned around to look upwards at the agents descending except for Gustav who remained in the same position with the hoodie covering half of his face.

Miss Aimee finally decided to intervene at this point.


She suddenly appeared in front of Angy and behind Gustav as the MBO officers that had just descended marched towards them with the intent of wanting to detain them.

The MBO officers paused their movements as they spotted Miss Aimee.

"Young miss?" One of them in front voiced out with a surprised expression.

"This was a test conducted under my jurisdiction... I will take care of the damages since there was no loss of life," Miss Aimee voiced out.

"But young Miss, according to protocols we're to bring them in till the damage and level of disturbance to the environment is accessed so judgment can be pa.s.sed," The MBO officer voiced out again.

"I said, this is on me... Are you going to take me in?" Miss Aimee asked with a cold look.

"...I... No... Young miss... We will leave this to you then..." The MBO officer had cold sweat rolling down his back as he saw the glare.

"Good, just get a medical team over here to take care of the injured," Miss Aimee voiced out next.

The MBO officer in charge did as he was told and communicated with a nearby medical center who responded that they would be on their way to the scene immediately.

'Who is that person? CCTV didn't capture him earlier when we got the alert. He must have just arrived,' The officer spotted the person in a red hoodie behind Miss Aimee with his back facing their direction.

He was intrigued but he knew he would be risking his life if he decided to remain here so he turned around at this point and gestured at the other officers to turn back.

They all turned around and headed back to the aircraft which descended by the roadsides.

In a few minutes, the aircraft that appeared earlier had lifted off into the skies and were currently out of sight.

Meanwhile, a flying ambulance had arrived on the scene to take Glade away from there.

Gustav could feel everyone's eyes on him even though he hid his face properly with the hoodie.

They all had a myriad of expressions on their faces ranging from, excitement to confusion to happiness and for Angy guilt was mixed in with all that as well.

"Gustav," She voiced out and leaped into his embrace.

"Angy," a smile appeared on Gustav's face as he wrapped his arms around Angy's small waist pulling her closer to himself.

Angy inhaled his scent with a feeling of ecstasy rising from deep within her. He felt so warm that being in his embrace made her forget her worries. Being in his arms, she felt like she was in an entirely different dimension and she didn't want to leave.

Gustav felt Angy's soft body press against his and rested his chin on her hair, in-between her horns.

Her sweet fragrance drifted into his nostrils, awakening the hidden desires within, making him realize how much he longed to share such a moment with Angy for a long time.

Their intimate embrace lasted for many seconds, making everyone else feel weird as they thought Gustav and Angy may have forgotten their present situation.

"Let's go," Miss Aimee said to Gustav and Angy as well as the others who were standing not too far away.

"Y'all can tell me about what happened later, bye guys," Gustav voiced out as he separated from Angy before suddenly speeding off.

[Sprint Has Been Activated]

The wind blew across the place as Angy's hair blew backward while her face lit up in confusion.

'He didn't just leave after all that,' She thought.

The others also had confused looks on their faces as Gustav sped off.

In only a few moments, he had disappeared from their line of sight.

Miss Aimee stood in place and folded her arms with a nonchalant look.

"Rhilia," She voiced out.

Rhilia who was standing atop the skysc.r.a.per opposite their position snapped her fingers.


In the next instant, Gustav appeared back on the spot he was initially standing in.

"What?" Gustav voiced out in confusion knowing he had gotten quite a distance from here.

He sensed the other presence above the rooftop and could instantly guess they were responsible for this since E.E would have to open a vortex before he could teleport anyone or anything.


Miss Aimee grabbed onto the chest area of Gustav's hoodie and raised him.

"Where did you think you were going? We have a lot to catching up to do, don't you think?" Miss Aimee voiced out while staring into his eyes.

A wry smile appeared on Gustav's face, "I was just going to check on my uhm... You know... pet mixedblood fish... He needs very special grooming," He voiced out.

"You have a pet mixedblood fish?" Falco voiced out from behind.

Everyone rolled their eyes as they heard that.

"You really couldn't come up with a better excuse?" E.E voiced out.

Gustav shrugged while still being lifted above the ground.

"Do you mind putting me down now?" Gustav asked.

Miss Aimee's eyes squinted as she heard that.

"I can't run off, your friend up there would just teleport me back here wouldn't she?" Gustav was starting to feel embarra.s.sed being lifted in mid-air like a weightless piece of paper among his friends.

Everyone was still amazed at how Gustav spoke so casually with Miss Aimee who was feared worldwide. This made them realize even more how close these two were.

Their relations.h.i.+p definitely seemed tighter than student and teacher especially seeing the lengths Miss Aimee would go to make sure Gustav was okay.


In the next Instant, Miss Aimee darted off into the skies with Gustav in her grasp.