The Bloodline System - Chapter 786 - Interruption From An Unknown Figure

Chapter 786 - Interruption From An Unknown Figure

Chapter 786 - Interruption From An Unknown Figure


Her feet crashed into Glade's chest with intensity as both of them blasted through a business building.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Glade's back kept cras.h.i.+ng into multiple walls within the building, destroying offices while Angy's feet were still stamped on her chest pus.h.i.+ng her forward with the leftover force she had acc.u.mulated from the small sprint she did earlier.


They slammed through the last wall on the end of the building and fell from the one hundred and eightieth floor down to the next street below.

Glade conjured two sickles in her hand as they fell through the air and swung them towards Angy.

Angy bent her body backward in the mid-air, easily dodging the attack, and proceeded to grab both Glade's hands.


The instant she did that, she pinned Glade's body in a way that left them falling through the air with Glade's back facing the ground.


Traffic was once again disturbed as Glade landed on her back while Angy landed her feet on Glade's chest causing the sounds of ribs shattering to ring out across the air.


Glade vomited out blood profusely as her vision turned blurry and she felt immense pain from within.

Angy proceeded to pick Glade up once more and slammed her into a wall by the side before raining barrages of punches on her face, chest, and stomach region.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Angy's anger kept rising as she recalled all the things she had done with Glade and all the times they spent together.

"You treacherous b.i.t.c.h! I trusted you!" Angy screamed out with a thunderous tone of annoyance as she kept raining immensely fast punches on Glade's body leaving her without the ability to fight back.

E.E and the others on the other end of the street began picking themselves up after being sent flying across the place due to Angy's sudden discharge.

They knew she was capable of performing such a feat initially but besides the time when she was infected by whatever Endric poisoned her with, they knew she could only build up enough charge to do that by running first.

The time she used it without doing that was understandable due to what was happening to her.

Also, the third horn had to have protruded from her forehead initially before she could do this but none of that happened. She just suddenly made use of it which was something none of them expected.

They could hear the distant sounds of collisions as they slowly picked themselves up. Almost all of them had sustained some kind of injury from that except Elevora.

But even though Elevora was unharmed she was still affected in some kind of form as she felt her body was a bit more sluggish than before.

Everyone quickly rushed towards the source of the collision, hoping to get there before Angy killed Glade.

Back in the apartment Miss Aimee stood in front of the hole within the kitchen area and counted down silently.




"I think the MBO might interfere soon since they're wrecking up the city," Rhilia voiced out from behind.

"None of them will be able to appear before the timer is up," Miss Aimee voiced out as she could already predict everything that was going to happen.

Her senses were spread across the city so she could already tell that the MBO was on their way but she knew before they could arrive the timer would be up and Glade might already be gone at the time.

"Hmm?" She suddenly stopped counting as she sensed something.

"It already ended?" Rhilia seemed to have sensed that the battle stopped as well.

"...Someone interrupted," Miss Aimee said while squinting her eyes.

"But you said..." Miss Aimee interrupted before Rhilia could complete her sentence.

"It's not the MBO," The Instant she said this, she charged forward.


His figure created an arc across the air in the city as she travelled several miles in an instant.

Rhilia teleported after her and in the next few moments, they both arrived above the spot where Angy was punching the living daylights out of Glade.

Even though they were farther, they had arrived before E.E, Aildris and the others could.

They both stood on the rooftop of a skysc.r.a.per opposite the one Glade and Angy had just fallen from and stared at the scene happening on the ground level.

Glade was buried into a wall beneath and Angy who had obviously been pounding her mercilessly deeper into the wall stood in place with her right hand held up and tightened in a fist only a few inches away from Glade's body.

A person in a red hoodie stood right beside her, holding onto her right hand tightly, preventing it from moving forward.

Their eyes squinted in suspicion as they stared at the back of this person who had a hoodie disguising their face.

At this point, the others arrived as well to witness the same scene.

"Let go of me!" Angy said with a fierce tone without looking back as she prepared to discharge the silver energy building up around her again.

"What are you doing..?"

Everyone's eyes widened in disbelief as they heard a familiar voice come from the person in the red hoodie.


Angy's eyes which were glowing with silver light began to die down as her eyes also widened in shock.

"It can't be..." She slowly turned around to stare at the face underneath the hoodie with a look of disbelief.

"G... Gustav?" Angy voiced out with a trembling tone as the third horn protruding from her forehead began to sink back into it.

Miss Aimee, E.E, Aildris, and the others all heard Angy's previous word which confirmed their suspicions.

'It's him,' They all thought at the same time.

"What are you doing?" Gustav asked again with a look of confusion as he stared at Angy and then at Glade who was already at the jaws of death with a battered-looking body within the hole on the wall.

"I was..." Before she could reply three aircraft suddenly arrived on the scene.