The Bloodline System - Chapter 785 - Angy Runs Mad

Chapter 785 - Angy Runs Mad

Chapter 785 - Angy Runs Mad

"One minute left," Miss Aimee said while slowly strolling towards the hole in the kitchen wall.


Minutes earlier, Miss Aimee had gathered everyone to the living room, saying she had an announcement.

Before this, Miss Aimee had brought everyone besides Vera who remained in the city, back to Burning Sands city.

After the stunt Gustav pulled before he disappeared once more she figured there was no reason to leave the cadets watching other cities.

As things began to unfold after Gustav planted the headless corpse and the narrative began to change for him, Miss Aimee was even more convinced to bring the cadets back to the city.

She had a feeling she'd be seeing Gustav real soon now so there was no need to try and fish him out.

Her prior discussion with Vera in the presence of Rhilia as well led her to plant a technologically advanced and very impossible item to acquire, call the transmission tapper.

Only a handful of these technology devices were created worldwide and with her special privileges, Miss Aimee was able to acquire one.

After successfully planting it in the apartment all she had to do was wait. It was called a transmission tapper because of its ability to snoop in on any call happening with any communication device no matter how encrypted the device may be.

It would record the conversation between both parties and transmit it back to the person that installed it within the desired environment.

Glade happened to use a mind communication device to engage in frequent discussions with the person who she fed information on Gustav.

Even though words weren't said out loud, the transmission tapper still infiltrated the mind communication frequency and saved a recording of their discussion.

It only happened once throughout the entire week but it was enough information for Miss Aimee to figure out that Glade was the traitor in their midst.

The moment everyone arrived for the gathering, Miss Aimee revealed a recording of Glade's discussion with the mystery person within the MBO causing everyone in the room to turn to her with looks of disbelief and disappointment.

Angy especially couldn't believe her ears and kept questioning Glade telling her to say it was a lie but Glade knew very well that there was no way she could lie her way out of this one. Especially when Miss Aimee herself was the one who had initiated the whole thing.


In the present time, Angy and Glade were still blasting across the city. According to Miss Aimee, there was still one minute left before she would interfere but one minute was a lot of time for a mixedblood that could move faster than the speed of sound regularly.

The moment Angy arrived at the conjunction street with Glade in her grasp several figures appeared from different directions in that same area.

Traffic was delayed as Angy angrily slammed Glade into a hovercar, causing it to flip repeatedly in the air as it headed in the direction of a building up ahead.


A purplish vortex opened up behind it in mid-air, swallowing the vehicle up which reappeared on another street without a scratch.

Angy was about to turn to the side to speed away again when E.E who appeared above a rooftop swung his hand forward causing multiple vortex rings to open up.

Shrrruui~ Shrrruui~ Shrruuuui~

The gravitational force of the environment instantly changed as Angy felt a pull from every direction decreasing her speed.

Ria gave a warning to the others before causing the road in the vicinity to turn soft with a stomp of his feet.


Angy's feet began to sink into the ground like it was full of mud. Elevora arrived on the scene too at this point and was swooping down from mid-air in a bid to grab Glade from Angy's clutches while Aildris was aiming to pin Angy down as he dropped from the top of a skysc.r.a.per in the vicinity.

Teemee and Matilda blocked the areas of escape Angy could possibly use as they activated their bloodlines ready to stop her while Vera was the only one who distanced herself from the others like she was only here to spectate.

The citizens in the vicinity were struck with fear as they watched the scene of these Mixedbloods displaying powerful abilities on the streets.

Many of them had already abandoned their vehicles and run into the buildings by the side for cover.

As Angy's feet sunk into the ground, she could see Elevora closing in on her from above with speed that rivaled her current one and Aildris descending from the other side as well.

Her face squeezed up with anger...

"So you are all traitors as well? No one will stop me from killing this b.i.t.c.h today!" Angy voiced out as a third horn began protruding from her forehead.


The moment Elevora grabbed hold of Glade's shoulder and pulled her away from Angy's grasp she suddenly felt the build-up of fierce energy.

Turning to the side she saw Angy's figure was already covered with a silver light.

Aildris's eyes widened as he was only a few inches away from making contact with Angy as well.

In the next instant...

Thrrrruiihhhhh~ Boom~

A discharge of silver-colored energy blasted from Angy's being, spreading across a radius of more than a thousand meters.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Multiple sounds of collision rang out as the energy slammed into everyone and everything within its range, vehicles included.

Cars flipped repeated in mid-air and crashed into the structures in the vicinity while everyone watching from far could see the figures gathered around the silver streak getting blasted halfway across the street.

The ground cracked open and a crater was blasted into the ground as tremors spread across the place.

Even Elevora was affected for a moment as the energy had hit her more violently due to being the closest to Angy.

She slammed through a building by the side while Glade was released from her grip.

As Glade's body flew across the air, Angy sped forward and jumped up while stretching out her feet.