The Bloodline System - Chapter 784 - One Minute Left

Chapter 784 - One Minute Left

Chapter 784 - One Minute Left

"I'd never betray a friend for any offer no matter how good, but you have made it clear that you are no friend, Glade," Aildris's tone was laced with immense disappointment as he voiced out.

"Who have you been feeding information to, Glade, and what did you tell them, you treacherous b.i.t.c.h!?" Angy's voiced out in a hate-filled tone.

"I can't... tell you..." Glade said with a crestfallen expression.

"I guess this is what trusting someone gets you... Gustav was always right," Angy anger was building up the more she stared at Glade.

"Yo chill Angy, we're still here," E.E said trying to calm her down.

"This is how being nice to others brings betrayal and suffering... First, Endric, and now you, Glade! You..." Angy arrived in front of Glade at this point while pointing her index finger at Glade's forehead.

"Angy I only did what I had to... It's not be..." Before Glade could complete her sentence Angy's hand swiped an arc across the air.


A loud crispy slap reverberated across the vicinity as Glade was sent tumbling towards the side from the collision of Angy's palm on her face.

"You b.i.t.c.h! Who were you selling information to!" Angy screamed out after sending Glade flying with a slap.

"Hey, Angy, calm down!" E.E voiced out as everyone moved to restrain Angy.

Angy had a murderous gaze in her eyes as everyone in the vicinity turned slow in her line of sight.


Before anyone could lay hands on her she had blasted forward across the living room and picked Glade up before she could move an inch after colliding with the wall.


The wall of the living room was blasted through as Angy pushed Glade's head through it.


By the time everyone realized what was happening, Angy had already disappeared from the vicinity with Glade.

Two ma.s.sive holes could be seen in the walls ahead.

One led to the kitchen area and the other one within the kitchen led outside the apartment and they happened to be many floors above the surface of the ground so the wind blew in through the hole up ahead.

They could see the small view of the city from the hole in the kitchen.

"Angy!" Everyone screamed out but they were already long gone.

They could hear distant sounds of a blast which proved that Angy was not taking it easy on Glade.

"Miss Aimee you have to stop Angy," E.E shouted out as he recalled what happened during the time Endric injected her with that poison.

If they weren't there the second time around Endric would most likely have been snuffed from existence.

Miss Aimee folded her hands from behind while checking the time, "Hmm, not yet," Miss Aimee voiced out.

Everyone's jaws hung open as they heard that. It was always an adult's job to separate fights between youngsters. This was a fight that Miss Aimee could easily separate but she looked like she wasn't interested in doing that.

In fact, they could swear they spotted a glint in Miss Aimee's eyes that proved the situation was favorable.

"Come on, we have to stop them before they kill each other," Aildris voiced out while opening his eyes.


The color in the vicinity instantly disappeared turning everyone around him to black and white.

Everyone, except Miss Aimee. In this world of white and black, Miss Aimee was the only one who retained color, which frankly shocked Aildris a little but then he remembered who she was and wasn't so surprised anymore.


He disappeared from the spot and the color of the top of a building several hundred meters away began to warp before he appeared right atop it. Turning the vicinity to the same black and white color.

E.E conjured a vortex and jumped through, arriving several thousand meters above the city.


His body fell through the air as he looked at the city from this height.

"I see them... They're headed for the James street conjunction, let's intercept them and surround Angy from all directions," E.E voiced out as he spotted the silver streak cutting through the city streets at immense speed.

The reason Angy didn't seem to be moving as fast was that she kept moving in a zig-zag format across the street repeatedly bas.h.i.+ng Glade's body into every structure she could find.

The cars, the buildings by the side, the metallic poles, the ground... Practically everything.

Glade freed herself at one point in time and even tried to fight back but Angy was just too quick and moving with immense anger so she didn't hold back in dealing blows to Glade.

One could see Glade being tossed across the place with slaps, kicks, and punches from Angy, disabling her before she could even properly use the three feet reddish glowing sickles she conjured.

Angy proceeded to grab hold of her neck again and sped across the place while bas.h.i.+ng her across multiple buildings' windowpanes.

Elevora flew across the air, not restricting her abilities as she headed for the interception point E.E mentioned.

The others didn't stay put as well and also moved fast across the city, jumping from rooftop to rooftop as they headed in the direction Angy stormed off in.

Miss Aimee and Rhilia stayed back, staring at the hole in the walls with unbothered expressions.

"You're not gonna stop them?" Rhilia asked.

"Nope... She has two minutes left," Miss Aimee responded causing Rhilia's face to lit up in confusion.

"If she can't kill her within this time frame then we'll have to let it go," Miss Aimee's words hinted that she would only interfere after the timer she set for Angy to deal with Glade was up.

"You will interfere after two minutes?" Rhilia asked.

"It would be seen as bullying if I was to take matters into my own hands, so it's better this way," Miss Aimee added.

A chill crawled down Rhilia's spine as she heard these words. It was literally giving Angy the go-ahead to commit murder since Miss Aimee couldn't do it herself.

"One minute left," Miss Aimee said while slowly strolling towards the hole in the kitchen wall.