The Bloodline System - Chapter 783 - Traitor Revealed

Chapter 783 - Traitor Revealed

Chapter 783 - Traitor Revealed

According to some of the records doc.u.mented within the storage device of Ring Lord Vanisher, a man-made virus to which only them had the cure was to be released in the city.

They would then capitalize on the fact that only they could make the cure.

The locations that had been destroyed were simply places the virus was being replicated and some other locations had also been rigged with them according to the records.

Even though Gustav's statement had not been taken yet since he hadn't fallen into the hands of the authorities, everything pointed to the fact that all these locations were destroyed for the preservation of the city.

Initial statements of some of the witnesses mentioned he was fighting off a group and even saved them so there were speculations that Gustav already found out about this ploy a long time ago and they tried to silence him.

The city still remembered the situation with Boss Danzo being charged several felonies, one of which came from Ring Lord Vanisher, and then Gustav released a statement about an illegal underground arena belonging to him.

They recalled that the city descended into chaos on that same day and Gustav was being attacked with Boss Danzo at a place they were settling down in on that same day.

The media had also helped in outlining these connections, stating that they couldn't just be coincidences which was why a hearing for Gustav was being conducted this early.

The speculations and news were blowing out of proportion worldwide as Gustav was now believed by the people to have saved the city. The methods however of doing so seemed to be a problem, which was why he hadn't been cleared as a suspect yet.

Now that Gustav thought about it, he would have to be present during the hearing to give his own statement and answer questions they might have for him to make the whole situation tally even more in his favor.

"So tomorrow by noon," Gustav voiced out as he saw the timing of the hearing.

"Yes," Sir ZiL nodded in response.

"I'll be there," Gustav decided.

"Good, this whole thing can finally end once and for all," Sir ZiL was genuinely glad as he voiced out.

After all, Gustav had been wanted and in hiding for over a month already. He felt it was really too much for a nineteen-year-old kid to be going through such especially when he was not really to blame for the whole situation.

The corrupt ways of the government and letting people with wealth act as though the law doesn't restrict them was what led to this anyways. Now they had met their Waterloo losing so much from the destruction caused by Gustav.

Sir ZiL didn't see anything wrong with Gustav changing the narrative to pin the blame for the whole situation on the Ring Lords since this incident which was clearly not his fault would have buried him.

There was nothing wrong with tricking the world since they didn't root out the evil ones in the first place. It was well-deserved after everything he had gone through.


Meanwhile, within the apartment, Miss Aimee stayed in with Angy and the others a situation was currently playing out.

In the living room, everyone formed a circle around the green-skinned girl with a brown colored tail.

They all had looks of disgust as they stared at her. While Miss Aimee behind shook her head with an expression of disappointment displayed on her face.

"What do you have to say for yourself... Glade," Miss Aimee voiced out with a cold tone from behind.

Glade who was encircled by Angy, E.E, Aildris, and the others, had a look of guilt racked up on her face as she tried to speak repeatedly but couldn't form words.

"So it turned out it was this green b.i.t.c.h, eh?" Rhilia voiced out from Miss Aimee's side.

"Having a different look sometimes is something to watch out for," She added while clicking her tongue.

E.E's eyes widened a little as he heard that and turned to look at her with a suspicious gaze as he recalled he looked especially different from the others.

"I guess in this case it wouldn't be discrimination against color in this situation so I'll let that slide," He muttered and turned back around to face the situation at hand.

"I trusted you Glade... You were my best friend, how could you do this?" Angy voiced out with a betrayed expression.

"I... I... It's... You can't blame me, I had to watch out for myself," Glade finally voiced out.

"You had to watch out for yourself? Which is why you were giving out information on a friend?" Angy voiced out while giving Glade a ridiculing glare.

"I... I don't really consider him a friend. I'm only here because of you," Glade stated while looking down.

"Thanks for choosing to betray me then... So all this time, you acted like a friend and kept giving out information on our doings here. You told them everything they needed to catch him and they almost did. I remember you would ask questions about Gustav from me and tell me to stay away. Sometimes you acted like you despised him... Does that mean this has been going on for long?" Angy voiced out with a look of realisation.

"I... I... No... Yes... I didn't mean to okay? I just ha..." Angy interrupted her before she could complete her sentence.

"You've been doing this even in camp? Who have you been feeding information to and what do they want with Gustav?" Angy voiced out with a threatening tone as she moved closer to Glade.

"I can't say... I'm not allowed to," Glade responded while shaking her head.

The others stared at Glade with an expression of disgust and disappointment.

"How could you even do such and stay with us? Were all those times we shared a lie?" E.E voiced out.

"No, I was only looking out for myself, you can't blame me... You all would do the same too if you were in my posit...."