The Bloodline System - Chapter 77 - Extreme Confusion

Chapter 77 - Extreme Confusion

Chapter 77 - Extreme Confusion

Charles was in extreme pain and confusion as his head was pinned to the broken mirror on the wall.

Gordon pulled him away from the wall and lifted him before slamming his head onto the toilet seat.


The seat broke into several small pieces and water squirted out of the hole.

Gordon picked Charles up again and lifted him before slamming his knee into his jaw.


His upper and lower teeth were forcefully gnashed against one another causing pieces of teeth to fly out of his mouth along with blood.

He felt his skull vibrate due to the Intense force from the kick.

Charles hadn't even been given the chance to react to any of the attacks, they were all too sudden and fast for him to try and counter.

He couldn't even understand what was happening. The runny stomach, the look of pain, Where was all that now?

Another thought that came to his mind was, when did Gordon become strong enough to beat him in such a manner that he wouldn't be able to fight back.

'I need to activate my bloodline,' This was the only way Charles felt he could escape from these chains of attacks.


He slammed into the wall on the other side.

Gordon dashed forward and threw out his fist towards Charles's chest.

Just as his fist was close to making contact with Charles's chest, red electric snakes suddenly started appearing around Charles.

These red electric snakes swam around his body.

Gordon's fist was stopped several centimeters from touching Charles by a strange and invisible force.

His fist couldn't move any closer.

"Wh-at ar-e yo-u do-ing Gor-don? I'll kill you!" Charles shouted out with a look of anguish on his blood-soaked face.

He proceeded to throw out a fist coated with red electricity.

Even with his injuries, he was still as quick as ever but to his surprise, Gordon swerved and dodged his fist with ease.

"This time is not gonna be like the last time," Gordon voiced out as he threw out his palm towards Charles's chest.

Charles wasn't even given the chance to process Gordon's statement before the palm tore through the invisible force protecting him and slammed into his chest with force.

Bang! Krryycchh!

The sound of bones breaking could be heard as Charles's chest caved in and his back slammed into the wall more.

Charles's eyes widened in shock and confusion as he spat out a mouthful of blood.

That wasn't the end of it.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

One after the other, Gordon's palms kept slamming into Charles's chest.

He interchanged it between left and right repeatedly and due to the speed, Charles's body remained pinned to the wall as he couldn't do anything but watch the attacks rain down brutally upon his body.


The final palm strike caused his ribcage to collapse entirely as blood jetted out of his nose, eyes, and mouth.

"Wh-y?" He managed to mutter this question before his eyes closed up and he passed out.


His body fell to the floor limply.

"For revenge and also... because I want your bloodline," Since Charles had passed out, he was unable to see the evil smirk on Gordon's face as well as his reply to him.

Gordon turned around and walked towards the door.


He locked it and walked back towards the body of Charles.

He slowly squatted in front of him and placed his hand on Charles's neck.

"You will suffer the same fate as your friend... Didn't you both enjoy bullying and torturing me back then..?" Gordon's voice had changed into that of another person.

This voice sounded smooth and light masculine voice. Neither thick nor thin, more like soothing.

Gordon's fingernails extended in length and pierced into Charles's neck causing blood to drip towards the floor again.


Hours ago when school ended for the day. Gordon and Charles left the training hall together but Gordon had a running stomach so he asked Charles to wait while he went to use the toilet in the training hall.


Gordon ran across the hall corridor with a sweat-filled face until he finally got to the bathroom located at the end.

What he didn't notice was, there was a sign that said the bathroom was being cleaned up.

He didn't notice this due to the way he was feeling extremely pressed.

He entered the male's bathroom and walked towards one of the cubicles ahead.

He also didn't notice that immediately he entered through the bathroom's door a shadow streaked through the entrance before the door closed up.

He arrived in front of the cubicle unbeknownst to him that there was someone following behind him.

This person's footsteps were silent so he didn't notice.

Just as he pushed the door open a hand grabbed onto him and pulled him backward.


He moaned out in discomfort but his voice was cut off by the palm that forcefully covered his mouth.

"Ummhhhhh!" He grabbed the hand and tried removing it from his mouth but it would seem the assailant was way stronger than he was.

The palm pressed more against his mouth as he felt an arm wrapping around his neck.

"Ghhrrhhh!" The arm tightened strongly around his neck forcefully depriving him of oxygen.

He kicked and clawed intensely in pain. He even tried using his elbows to hit the person in the guts but it was like the person couldn't feel any pain.

'W-h-o i-s th-is? H-ow ar..e th-ey s-o str-on..g,'

No matter how much he hit the person behind him they didn't stop choking him.

Tears were already spilling from his eyes as he felt his throat being crushed.

He tried activating his bloodline ability but he couldn't focus with his brain short-circuiting due to lack of oxygen.

After a few more seconds his eyes rolled to the back and he passed out.

The person who was holding onto him kept squeezing for a few more seconds before letting go of him.


Gordon's body fell to the floor without any signs of movement.

"Hmm, not much of a hassle to defeat the likes of you," A thin masculine voice was heard after the body fell to the floor.