The Bloodline System - Chapter 780 - There's A Traitor In Our Midst

Chapter 780 - There's A Traitor In Our Midst

Chapter 780 - There's A Traitor In Our Midst

Vera had long sensed Gustav's presence disappeared from the city before Miss Aimee arrived back at the apartment.

Now with Miss Aimee's words, it seemed like she made contact with Gustav.

"He was in the hole. I stalled them long enough for him to finish up what he was doing and leave," Miss Aimee added.

Both of them had looks of astonishment after hearing that.

So it turned out Miss Aimee could sense Gustav's presence down there; she was only making a scene to prevent anyone from going down there before he was finished with whatever he was doing down there.

She knew what Gustav was up to was definitely related to the body that was found in the underground s.p.a.ce which was why she had made a threat before leaving.

The threat she made would make them give her updates about whatever they found out after examining the corpse and she could keep an eye out to know what Gustav was truly up to.

"So you didn't meet him then?" Rhilia inquired.

"If I had, they also would. The best decision was making sure they had no suspicions whatsoever on Gustav's presence within the hole. After all none of them witnessed him go in, neither is there any proof that he did," Miss Aimee stated.

She knew Gustav could tell that she was there because she sensed a gaze on her from below.

She felt a little disappointed within that she didn't get to meet him since she wanted to give the stubborn idiot a piece of her mind but she was sure she'd be seeing him soon after today's incident died out and the results from the lab were released for the corpse.

"So, it turns out you weren't lying about being able to sense him, Vera," Miss Aimee said to Vera.

"I'm just glad he's okay. Maybe he'll come back to the city soon again," Vera voiced out with a smile.

"Oh, he will come back for sure. I'll smack that hard head of his..." Miss Aimee muttered.

"Something is disturbing about this whole thing," Rhilia voiced out.

Miss Aimee's eyes squinted as she felt Rhilia was about to mention something that was bothering her as well.

"How is it known to them that Vera can sense Gustav's presence. Looks like they already knew about it since their aim was to get her in particular," Rhilia stated.

"Yeah, I have the same worry," Miss Aimee responded with a look of suspiciousness.

"...And they also knew to check the crime scenes like they knew that was going to be Gustav's next move. This was something that was only discussed by our group since we know Gustav well enough to understand what he would try to do," Vera voiced out as well recalling everything the abductors had said to her.

"Hmm... This can only mean there's someone revealing information about Gustav within this circle," Miss Aimee voiced out while standing to her feet.

"Interesting... I wonder how he would feel after figuring out he was making the wrong choice in picking friends. His trust issues would definitely get worse,"

Miss Aimee didn't have to say his name before the twocould understand that she was referring to Gustav.

Vera knew how bad Gustav was at trusting others, so she understood Miss Aimee's words even better. Now would they keep this secret from him after he was back or would they reveal it.

Vera couldn't place her thumb on which one was a better option since both would have some form of consequence.

"Keep our discussion here private and don't tell anyone about your abduction either," Miss Aimee said to Vera.

Vera nodded in response.

"I'll find out who it is soon enough," Miss Aimee said before moving out of the house.

Now that Miss Aimee had pointed it out, Vera couldn't help but wonder who it could be seeing as none of them here had given any impression of being against Gustav.

Elevora, Aildris, Ria, Teemee, and herself were the only people who Miss Aimee had mentioned she couldn't trust earlier due to never setting her eyes on them earlier.

This led Vera to believe that they were amongst the friends that had come to later know Gustav. She was out of the suspicion list for obvious reasons.

Only her was abducted and they really tried to extract information from her but were still unable to do so. She was more of a victim.

Even the others who Miss Aimee claimed not to trust on the day of arrival, didn't seem like they'd ever try such a thing.

It was crazy how she couldn't put her suspicion on anyone in particular since none of them seemed like it with the relations.h.i.+p they shared with Gustav but it remained a fact that one of them was a traitor.

This made Vera s.h.i.+ver a little, 'Having friends is truly scary,'

This made Vera feel the need to shut people out of her life even more.

"It's nice to see Lil sis show emotions other than disgust once in a while," Rhilia stated while relaxing on the sofa.

"She's showing emotions this way?" Vera asked with a little bit of confusion on her face.

"Oh, yes she is," Rhilia responded.

'Then how does she look when she isn't showing any emotions?' Vera wondered within herself.

"That Gustav kid must have really penetrated her cold heart... She's even tolerating my presence," Rhilia voiced out with a slight look of jealousy.

"You keep calling her Lil sis... Are you two truly sisters?" Vera questioned.

"We are from the same main family, so she is in fact my cousin and we are related by blood. I choose to call her Lil sis because I'm older," Rhilia replied.

"If so, why wouldn't she tolerate your presence then," Vera was a bit confused by the initial statement.

"Oh that... haha, she really hates our family and every single person related to her by blood... It's.... complicated," Rhilia had a slightly crestfallen look on her face as she voiced out.