The Bloodline System - Chapter 781 - Complicated Family Relationship

Chapter 781 - Complicated Family Relationship

Chapter 781 - Complicated Family Relations.h.i.+p

"She would have wiped us off the face of the earth too if her mother's last wishes weren't to leave us be," Rhilia added.

"That's... I'm surprised you'd still want to be around her," Vera stated.

"I always admired her even though I am close to fifteen years older than she is... She is the definition of pure talent. Unrelenting, Unforgiving, Determined... She was the type who never stopped reaching," Rhilia voiced out.

"I used to be known as the main star of the entire household till she came along. Even though we're both Alpha ranked Mixedbloods, she would easily toss me around like a rag doll if I ever decided to go against her," Rhilia revealed.

Vera had an astounded look on her face as she heard this. Turned out Miss Aimee was way more powerful than everyone realized seeing as even her own cousin that was one of the most powerful Mixedbloods on the planet admitted that she would easily be taken care of by her.

"Also, I think she's fond of me even though she hates our family... She did save my life once after all," Rhilia chuckled lightly as memories flooded her mind.

"Just how powerful is she? If she decided to go all out what would be the outcome?" Vera was curious and decided to ask.

"Honestly... no one knows. It's just like Jack, the most powerful Mixedblood, no one knows the full extent of their capabilities since there was never a reason for them to unleash all of it..." Rhilia explained.

"However... There is no guarantee the earth would still be in one piece if she decided to turn rogue one day. So long as she is within earth's atmosphere and decides to unleash her full capabilities, earth might not remain in s.p.a.ce anymore..."


In a flash, over a week had already gone by and Gustav had remained within the underground tunnelway this whole time.

It had been a month since the incident with Boss Danzo and even though he hadn't solved the situation yet, Gustav still grieved every single day.

The pain of losing Boss Danzo was still as sharp till this day and whenever he thought about how he could have done things differently tears would flow down his face once more.

The system had told him over and over to stop beating himself up about it but such happenings were involuntary.

Emotions couldn't be controlled after all and Gustav had never borne the pain of losing someone he considered very important before so he didn't expect it to hurt this bad.

He still wondered how he was going to face Mara to tell her Boss Danzo died because of him.

In the last few days, his energy had completely recovered as well as the energy within the dimensional bracelet.

He had also spent a lot of time channeling his bloodlines. He could tell that his Yarki would be free of the restraints in the next few hours because he had checked it some time ago and witnessed the bandaids like restraints slowly falling apart.

"Because of Miss Aimee and the interference of the others, there is no need for the last step of the plan. They must have found the corpse already," Gustav muttered with a look of contemplation.

He still wondered what they were all doing on the surface and how everyone suddenly arrived. This had been on his mind since he arrived back here.

It made him wonder if a tracker was placed on him but Gustav was sure they would have found a way to get down here if that was the case.

Gustav couldn't call what had happened a coincidence but he hoped they never knew he was there because knowing of his presence would ruin everything.

"Was Miss Aimee there to help me?" Gustav thought as he recalled Miss Aimee standing in front of the hole without jumping in for the few seconds his dimensional bracelet was activating.

"She's really going to kill me after all this has died down," Gustav sighed as he voiced out.

This made him feel glad in a type of way.

Even though he had lost Boss Danzo, he was happy for the fact that Miss Aimee was still around and he hoped he never had to lose her.

A light smile appeared on his face as he thought about their experiences together before standing to his feet.

"It's time to move," He voiced out as he began operating the dimensional bracelet.



In the next few seconds, Gustav disappeared amidst a flash of bright blue light.


He reappeared in Sir ZiL's office causing a small wind to scatter across the place.

Sir ZiL who was seated on one of his sofas was startled for a moment before spotting that it was Gustav.

"Gustav, you're back," Sir Zil voiced out with a smile.

"Hnmm, how is Charisas?" Gustav asked.

"She's fine and prepared to give the presentation by tomorrow with Marshall," Sir ZiL responded.

"By tomorrow?" Gustav voiced out in confusion.

"Yes by tomorrow. We had to take the steps you asked us to earlier because your plan has already begun working and the authorities are currently re-evaluating your case," Sir ZiL voiced out with a smile of victory.

"Hold on hold on," Gustav couldn't believe his ears as he thought this would take longer.

"Are you saying they have found all the clues that I planted, the corpse included?" Gustav asked.

"Not only found, but an unknown individual also helped broadcast the results of the investigations that had conducted in the past week from the clues you dropped leading the narrative in the direction you wanted. The press had broadcasted it and now the whole world is questioning the government themselves instead of you based on everything that had been found so far," Sir ZiL explained.

"Interesting... So is this why they are presenting tomorrow?" Gustav asked.

"Yes, there is a hearing tomorrow and seeing as you hadn't been available all this time, I took the liberty of preparing them for the presentation for them to appear in tomorrow's hearing.. We couldn't miss the opportunity," Sir Zil added.