The Bloodline System - Chapter 779 - Finding The Headless Corpse

Chapter 779 - Finding The Headless Corpse

Chapter 779 - Finding The Headless Corpse

He sped through the pa.s.sageway he had created and turned right before arriving at the entrance area.

He quickly brought out some pieces of green-colored rocks from the bag with him as he came out of the pa.s.sageway. Gustav quickly placed his hand on the side of the hole he created while activating Atomic Manipulation.

At this point, he could already sense some aircraft approaching this area from far above the surface after spreading his perception to the peak.

Gustav hurriedly covered up the entrance of this place using Atomic Manipulation and the green rocks he brought out.

The ground wall and the small green rocks merged as the entrance closed up but a few cracks could still be seen on them.

Gustav put the bag he brought with him in the storage device and began operating the dimensional bracelet on his wrist.

"s.h.i.+t," He could sense Miss Aimee's presence just in front of the hole at this point just as he tapped on the coordinates.




Fortunately, before any more movement was made, he was teleported out of there.

Appearing back in the underground tunnelway underneath the Burning Sands, Gustav sighed in relief.

Meanwhile, everything that had happened so far was after Gustav disappeared from the underground s.p.a.ce.


"Goodness, there's a corpse in here," One of the MBO officers voiced out after they arrived in the hidden s.p.a.ce that the tunnelway led to.

They could see a headless corpse hung up, impaled by multiple spikes protruding from the wall with dried blood stains all over.

"It looks like it's been here for weeks," Commander Linstrunt stated as he looked around the shabby s.p.a.ce that had cracks all-over along with spikes shooting out of the wall.

"Let's get this back to the forensic team," The other officer with a red face voiced out.

"Since Gustav is not here I a.s.sume the intelligence you received was wrong," Miss Aimee voiced out from the side.

"It... It would seem so," Commander Linstrunt responded with a defeated expression.

Miss Aimee turned around to leave at this point.

"Waste of time... I hope for their sakes you find something useful out of this headless corpse," Miss Aimee voiced out with a threatening tone before leaving.

The two high-ranking officers stared at themselves with disturbing expressions before staring back at the corpse.

"Get tested instantly so we know who it is and how it is helpful to the investigation. We need to have answers for the young Miss," Commander Linstrunt voiced out as they took the headless corpse away.


Hours later Miss Aimee was back in the apartment with Vera and Rhilia.

"So according to them, this group from the MBO acted on their own to try and catch Gustav so they're terming them as rogue MBO officers?" Rhilia asked with a look of contemplation.

"Yes," Miss Aimee responded while crossing her leg on the sofa as she sat elegantly.

"It's obvious they only did that and rounded those involved up to pacify me and prevent me from turning the entire MBO upside down," Miss Aimee added.

"What? Do they take you for a fool?" Rhilia voiced out with a chuckle wondering how the MBO could think they had fooled Miss Aimee with this.

"It doesn't matter anyway, Vera is safe and they were unable to catch him," Miss Aimee muttered.

The whole abduction scenario was blamed on the city's senator, Harry.

He had planned for Vera to be abducted so he could use that opportunity to ask Miss Aimee to apologize to the city for bringing fear upon them on the day of her arrival.

The city was still in fear of what had happened on that day seeing as they had almost been crushed and no explanations whatsoever were given to them about what had happened.

Miss Aimee wouldn't bother herself doing such anyways and Senator Harry was mad at the fact that the MBO couldn't really keep Miss Aimee on a leash so he tried to take matters into his own hands.

After finding out she reacted that way because of her student who was the same person responsible for putting his city in a sorry state, he got even madder.

Thinking Vera was also one of her precious students, he felt she would do the job of getting Miss Aimee to apologize for her entry after he abducted her.

He contacted the people to get the job done after Miss Aimee left the city with the others. Unfortunately for him, the MBO intercepted his plans and decided to use this situation to their advantage.

They sent some agents who pretended to be the hired abductors and brought Vera to the said location before revealing to Senator Harry that they were MBO agents.

They made a deal with him that he would be allowed to do whatever he wanted to do initially without getting in trouble with them after they had finished extracting information from Vera.

Of course, they had to keep their ident.i.ty hidden since Vera was also a part of the MBO and would most likely be able to fish them out afterward.

They had her abducted for two days, where they were trying to get more information out of her other than the fact that Gustav was currently in the city.

Despite Vera's abilities not being completely sealed, it was close to impossible to escape considering they were more powerful and she needed a catalyst of sorts because she would be able to do anything.

The resolve to escape became fiercer after finding out their plan to get Gustav which eventually led to everything that happened in the location where she was restrained.

Senator Harry would have taken all the blame for abduction if the undercover agents managed to extract information and left but they hadn't expected Miss Aimee to have another person on the lookout for Vera while she was away.


"Why does it sound like you managed to prevent them from getting him," Rhilia asked with a suspicious look.

"Hnm, because I did," Miss Aimee's response caused both Vera and Rhilia to stare at her with intrigued looks.