The Bloodline System - Chapter 776 - Manipulating A Structure, Atom By Atom

Chapter 776 - Manipulating A Structure, Atom By Atom

Chapter 776 - Manipulating A Structure, Atom By Atom

"Why would he want to come here when he's wanted? By any chance did you guys spot him?" The male cop asked.

"We have long received intelligent information about Gustav's Crimson planning to return to one of the crime scenes and no we didn't spot him. We're only acting based on instinct now and what just happened," The MBO officer stated.

"Besides, it's Gustav Crimson. He caused so much destruction in a big city like this, evading the pursuit of multiple officers of high rank. Underestimating his capabilities at this point would be sheer stupidity," He added.

Both cops had looks of contemplation on their faces as they heard that realising that the MBO officer was making a lot of sense.

"Join us in searching the area for him. I have alerted the other MBO officers... some of them will be arriving soon to join us," The MBO officer voiced out before proceeding to move along with the other MBO officers.


Meanwhile, Gustav had already deactivated Ultimate Combination Form the moment he dropped into the hole.

The hole extended as deep as a thousand feet due to having multiple underground structures built within.

As Gustav landed at the bottom, he could see that unlike the last time he was here the place had been cleared to a certain extent.

He had caused the underground platforms to collapse on the day he caused so much chaos in the city. He was destroying everything in sight so this place was pretty much packed up with debris and collapsed pieces of solid materials.

There were still some of these in the vicinity but it mostly had been cleared and Gustav guessed it was probably due to the officials coming down here to investigate.

They must have found corpses here as well since some of the Ring Lord Underlings were in the environment when Gustav was destroying this place.

Gustav moved towards the far end of this dark underground s.p.a.ce, avoiding the piles of debris and construction materials in place.

Even though it was so dark, G.o.d Eyes gave him the ability to see everything within a one-mile radius. His perception was also spread across the place so he knew there was no one down here.

In about a minute of walking across the place, Gustav finally arrived at a dead-end where the ground walls were in front of him.

The underground s.p.a.ce didn't extend any further than this, in the particular direction Gustav headed.

Gustav made use of G.o.d Eyes to see beyond the ground wall and found out that there was no hidden structure or whatever beyond the wall.

It was just sand and dirt precisely like how things looked beneath the ground surface.

He proceeded to drop the bag in his hand as his palm lit up with milky-colored light.

[Atomic Manipulation Has Been Activated]

He placed his palm on the wall in the next instant.


The milky-colored light spread from his palm across the wall as he poured more energy into it.


A wide hole began forming on the wall that was ma.s.sive enough to contain two people walking side by side as Gustav walked in with his hands still placed on the wall while pus.h.i.+ng forward.

The more he moved forward, the deeper the hole became. It looked like he was pus.h.i.+ng the wall farther with his palms placed on it and at this point, the entire place was covered in milky-colored energy.

Atomic Manipulation was not just a bloodline that could disintegrate atoms but it could also manipulate them.

Gustav was currently making use of another ability related to Atomic Manipulation besides disintegration. He was practically changing the structure of this place from a subatomic level without having to cause any destruction.

He was creating a new place underground, manipulating the atoms.


On the surface a thousand feet high up, the place was already crawling with MBO agents who moved across the ma.s.sive crater.

The crater was up to a hundred feet lower than the normal level ground so the moment they jumped in, seeing the surrounding parts of the crater became impossible.

The cleared s.p.a.ce on the surface of the crater covered up to a hundred miles so it was a lot of s.p.a.ce to cover.

The MBO agents spread out and covered different corners while giving reports of whether or not the area they had checked was empty.

The cops joined them as well to search the area and more MBO agents dressed in casual outfits were arriving on the scene.

Gustav hadn't noticed these people when he was about to embark on this objective because they had disguised as normal citizens.

While making use of G.o.d Eyes, he was supposed to be able to tell when he noticed powerful mixedbloods in the vicinity but they were well disguised that even their bloodline energy was concealed.

Besides being able to tell that there were Mixedbloods in the vicinity, their levels were lowered so he just felt the ones he spotted were normal mixedblood citizens.

They had come well prepared to hide from Gustav spotting them. From the looks of things they even knew about G.o.d Eyes.

"Squad leader, I can't find anyone anything around here except for the hole," One of the MBO officers voiced out through the communication device.

-"The hole to the underground area?"

"Yes. Requesting permission to check it out,"

-"Hold on, I'm heading over to your position with the others,"

In a few, about ten MBO agents had gathered around the hole Gustav went through earlier.

"Everywhere else has been checked except this place," The leader voiced out while pointing at the hole.

"You know what to do once we get down there. Prepare to attack just in case," He added while taking a step forward.

Just as he wanted to jump in...

Fwwwhiii~ Bam!

A figure suddenly descended from the sky with speed and landed behind him.


The other MBO officers in the vicinity were blasted across the place from the force of the descent.